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Curing all cancer

12 April 2015
Hippocrates, the Greek Physician realise that nobody in would wish to use an medic who applied defective medicine for their own financial gain.  He has every registered medic takes us on oath ‘best medicine irrespective of finance’.
As slimming the best medicine would generate financial finance.  The warning signals started appearing in the 20th century: medics applied biochemical treatments, which resulted in the patients agonising death usually within two years for cancer.
At the same time people spontaneously got better from cancer!  And irrespective of what ever the GP prescribed.  The GP has prescribed fantastically expensive drugs.  Which they are replaced every 25 years, with more expensive new drug.  From the year 2000 these new drunks were no more effective.
So the world started buying compatible drugs: the old drunks, and a patent protection.  But still killing the patient within two years.
In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre publisher hundred patient double blind trial on high intensity ultrasound clearing cancer.  The year after I suggested the use of high power ultrasound to restrict cancer growth.
I was doing a chemical injuring PH D, and we are to incredulity that low power ultrasound causes cancers to emit X rays.  There is no chemical source of X rays!  Italy three years to figure out.
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
I realized that ultrasound were setting off nuclear fusion in the hydrogen ions are the pressurise cell.  The late professor Argent turned this molecular nuclear fusion.
Medics have stumbled across a way he to do nuclear fusion.  In 1860.  They had uses science to detect cancer cells ever since.  But during cancer surgery relied on touch to detect the Harding cancer cells.
Surgeons amputated massive amounts of healthy organ.
The Moffitt use High Intensity UltraSound.  Italy six months to figure out what HIUS was.  I have worked in metallurgical ultrasound in the 1980s, and realise higher power ultrasound cause white finger.
The beauty people have licensed ultrasound massage devices.  At 150 Watts 40 kHz.  Which is HIUS!  ½ minute of external application will cure all hard body cancers.  I also are applying a minute’s HIUS to the liver.  The ½ minute to the local lymph nodes.
Every registered medical on earth has promised to evaluate and apply best medicine.  They did not promised to apply medically proved medicine, they promised to evaluate it.  And HIUS is totally benign to body cells.  The ultrasound massage device comes with her medical licence.
For unsupervised human use.  He is totally fatal to cancers! (I will deal with the other diseases of age below).  Cancer is experience cell content boiling.
The Moffitt had found a way for endogenous X ray emission in cancer cells.  It transpires the molecular nuclear fusion heater the cell contents past 60° C.  At which stage the cell is biologically dead.
At 120oC the cell fragments explosively.  And is cleared by the inactive immune system!  The solution damages so the body cells.  The B cells make an action the specific human antibody to the cancer.
Clearing the cancer cell type throughout the body.  We are destroyed the primarily with ultrasound.  The immune system clears secondaries.  For all 200 cancers out there.
By 2003 G P’s will have evaluated the efficacy of HIUS-even using a massively overpriced ultrasound emitter falls from the Moffitt.  He deleted their paper on HIUS, as they realized 2010 that an ultrasonic massage device was as affective, and only cost £46.00.  They now have cost 22.
So from 2003 the rational oath dictates he the every medic on earth should use HIUS.  Non did!  Hippocrates must have been spinning on supersonic speed in his grave.
Medics continue biochemical treatments.  Massively overpriced.  Unpleasant and fatal.  Everything is specifically excluded by the Hippocratic oath.  If you have done all cancers now, in 1.5 minutes the ultrasound massage device will cure you have cancer.
I buy my devices like you, of the Internet!  From Googol, Amazon or Ebay.  I have no financial interest here.  Company is have contacted me, but I have referred to keep my impartiality.  As the Hippocratic oath demands.
So I have a of the Hippocratic oath!  G P’s are singularly don’t.
Appling HIUS to the chest, throat and nose for just ½ minutes will clear all infections.  Without any need to see a GP.  Any organ that experience is a virus, can be cleared of the infection with the ultrasound device.
This will stop all cancers!  That is a lasting medics want.  Their big cash cow are to be cured, as home with no medical involvement.
Cancers share six enzymes with infectious disease.  They are not random.  They are caused by the amalgamation of genome left behind from person’s infective past.  Cancers devise in a viral sort away!  Which is why they have to be overinflated.  No body cell is.
Coronary heart disease is caused by a bacterial plaque, a part bacteria left behind from fall infection.  They are also are over inflated!  In order to grow in the human body.
Medics published the use of HIUS, to the top left the chest and the kidneys, in 2012 to clear coronary heart disease.  Other heart disease is cleared by HIUS to the heart body.  Angina and the like.
2013 I have personally demonstrated that HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all types of diabetes.  Some rare varieties of diabetes also require HIUS to the kidneys.
American diabetics for only tell me they now have an ultrasound device.  And I never hear from them again!  They are totally cured.  In just ½ minute.  No continues application is required.
These three diseases account for 98.5% of the economic activity of hospitals, hell centres and doctors.
Every Dr. On earth has prescribed a biochemical treatment for these diseases.  Which warrants immediate striking off other medics involved.  Each avoidable death wanting 25 years in jail, and the 10,000,000 UK pound fine.
The fine shared by the health centre, hospital and drug company.  The NHS in the UK has a big problem.  It is just lost its big cash cow!  Paryes is now lost 100% of its doctors and consultants.  And fossils can only function with doctors!  There nurses can do some minor prescription work.
But no biochemical treatment can ever be air thickly be prescribed again.  The three major diseases of age are all cleared by ½ minute of external application of HIUS.
I now use a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device.  Bought over the Internet again.  As my first device broke.  And I wanted to evaluate 1 MHZ ultrasound.
It’s only eight passes 10 centimetres through body tissue.  Twice the width of the human body!  So it penetrates enough.  And he is so the times cheaper to apply.  But 150 W ultrasound is 100% effective.  There clearing the diseases Bio chemistry can’t!
So no register Dr. Can prescribe biochemical treatments since 2002.  There prescriptions have avoidable he killed 400 million patients.  The biggest psychopathic killing in history.
For the doctors financial gain!  Just one biochemical prescription was immediate exclusion of the GP from Health Services for life.  From their freely taken Hippocratic oath.
Medics tried to back off the oath.  Sorry.  You promised!  Best medicine irrespective of plants.  You can’t go back on that.
Which means you have already excluding yourself from the Health Service.  100% of G P’s and consultants in the NHS can no longer practicing medicine.  The NHS now has no doctors.
And patients are curing all their infections at home using an ultrasound massage device.  The NHS and other Health Services around the world, has just imploded!
But now cancer, heart disease and diabetes are cures-we all get to live.  Even the doctors.  Only to cure it is a millennia in jail.  But still alive!  And light the patients the deliberately executed.

Jonathan Thomason

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