Thursday, 16 April 2015

Clearing MD

                This idea clears muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, at present incurable conditions.  It uses my ideas for HIV and Ebola.
                A minutes of 5 W 1 MHz (=HIUS –high intensity ultrasound) to the chest clears all week viruses.  Which have to have an overinflated cell structure, in order to divide and grow.  And not be cleared from our blood system within a mont theh.
                Physicists have documented the use of ultrasound to cause boiling of liquid water-a process which skills exponentially.  HIUS applied externally causes viral type cells to experience cell content boiling.  And explosively fragment.
                The B cells of the immune system then make an action the human antibody to clear the virus from the body, no pills required to be given!
                The body makes and actions is so immune signals.
                For NT and CF, both conditions are caused by a week virus.  That otherwise appears benign to the body.  One application of HIUS should clear the condition from the body.
                I advocate three applications.  Then a course of high us to repair existing damage.  Physiotherapists have return medical papers for last three decades about this idea.  Repairing damage to the limbs.
                So we can repair Stephen Hawkins.
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