Monday, 13 April 2015

Bio chemistry globally prohibited

13 April 2015
                Every registered Dr. on earth takes Hippocratic oath as they commence Medical Service.  This prohibits defective medicine.
                Doctors are now applied to research, teach are applying defective medicine.  This also includes prohibiting the writing of books.
                All doctors on earth are required to be aware of new science.  So in 2002 they all read the hundred individual double blind trial on High Intensity Ultrasound clearing cancer.  Ultrasound induces molecular nuclear fusion in pressurise cancer cells.
1              H2O+US –>He+O+E2+Xray
                All cancer cells have to be overinflated, in order to divide and grow in a viral sort of way.  All cancers share six enzymes with infectious disease.  They are not random!  They are they are assembled from the genome left behind by an individuals infective past.
                Medics have used ultrasound to detect cancer cells since 1860.  Since then we have learned about radioactivity.  And there is no chemical source of X rays!  And no source on nuclear fission.  So doing nuclear fusion heart body temperature.
                This is a physical process.  He does not require hundred individual double blind trials.  It is published physical science.  Familiar to every Dr. on earth.
                There are from 2002 no medical school was fermented to research, teach are examined biochemical treatments.  You are not allowed to work on defective medicine.  He each other’s medical schools is no longer permitted to work in the health service.
                And every registered Dr. Is instantly no longer a Dr..  The same argument applies to consultants and research doctors in the Health Service.
                They are no longer permitted to work on biochemical treatments.  To publish papers on biochemistry, history and family excluded from the health sector.  He each and every Dr. Is disbarred for life from working in health.
                Every spurious Medical Paper must be retracted and shreaded.  All money is paid out matzinger returned to the research funder.
                Who now owns a part share in the $10,000,000 fine for every avoidable death.  And Bio chemistry has killed 400 million deaths in last 13 years.  Three times the total economic wealth of the planet!
                So manufacturing and selling biochemical treatments is medically unethical.  And the drug company involved is no longer allowed to continue in business.  Every Dr. Employed by them is no longer a Dr..
                All cancers can be cleared by external application 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from a massage device.  Externally for just ½ minute!  No biochemistry ever required.  For the last 13 years.
                Every graduating Dr. Has had their Hippocratic oath invalidated.  They are family excluded from the health sector.  And share in the legal fine.  And receive 25 year jail terms for every avoidable death.
                And HIUS clears all cancers, disease and diabetes.  For heart disease apply the ultrasound to the top left the chest and the kidneys.  For diabetes there wasn’t right to the chest and the kidneys.
                For asthma are applying for a minute to the chest.  To fully cleared cancer also apply the ultrasound for a minute to the liver, and ½ minute to local lymph glands.
                And every registered Dr. On earth is familiar with this science!  To continue prescribing fatal biochemical treatments is the biggest psychopathic killing in history.  These people do not deserve ever to see sunlight as a free man of woman ever again.
                All hell centres that or prescribe knowingly fatal Bio chemistry or instantly close down.  HIUS applied for ½ minute to either side or the head clears mental health problems.
                It does not interfere with Bio chemistry!  It’s application is totally transparent.  Mental health problems are characterised by hardened white cells in the brain region.  Just like cancer is characterised by hardened white cells in the affected organ.
                HIUS will clear these totally!  In just one application.  Any person maintaining they have all mental health problems without the hardened cells, is malingering.
                No biochemistry ever required.

Jonathan Thomason

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