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Ultimate clean power

18 March 2015
In a steam plasma we show the valency electrons of the ions.  So we have
H+ basically a proton bonded to one or more neutrons p+.n0x
O2+ oxygen heats carrying a positive charge!  But we have stripped the valency electrons away
4e- they circulate the plasma in a chaotic fashion.
We get hydrogen ion electron interaction
1 p++e- ->n0 `so we form a massive number of neutrons
So a mixed hydrogen plasma is a massive source are non radioactive neutrons.  No radioactive isotopes required.
In a ammonia plasma we get assume are spread of ions.  You can work it out for yourself!  The neutrons travel around the plasma in a chaotic fashion.  Really we want the turbulence of the plasma to be above 1 W.  The plasma self sustains at four atmospheres.  When we get interactions at above 8 W.
The neutrons enrich other hydrogen ions
2 1H++r n0 ->1+5H+ ->Er3+L+Xray
This science was published in the 1950s.  In undergraduate university level physics.  Professors of physics are a way he writing papers about the weather systems.  Though they have no great insight into the weather, or biology!
As global photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide into extra plant biomass within 5 minutes.  So there is obviously no affect on the weather.  The authors are spurious scientific papers must instantly be sacked.  Carbon dioxide could never affect the weather!
Interestingly enough, carbon dioxide levels rise in natural ice ages.  When there is less global photosynthesis.  So carbon dioxide does obviously not warm the weather!  Academics that maintain it does are enemies of science.  And should not be in education.
Dating back to 1986!  The year Chernobyl incident.  Which are closely demonstrated uranium fission is the least green technology which will ever exist.  Ukraine nuclear started pushing man made global warming.
There was so annoyed in 1995, when the natural weather started cooling-as was the natural 28 year cycle.  The weather will next warm in 2023.  Totally naturally.
The oxygen ions bond with neutrons, to form a fission chain into 16 hydrogen ions
3 16O2-+s n0 ->161H++24e-+E
Eight of the electrons bond with other hydrogen nuclei as 1.  And each atomic nuclear fusion converts a neutron into free energy.  Making every nuclear fission exothermic.
The 16 hydrogen ions then undergo 1, ending up as a massive energy.  For free.  Generating no carbon dioxide.
We could actually use a steam plasma tube, to supply space lighting for a larger area.  As X ray emission is no greater than for natural sunlight.
Usually we want to employ eight 2m steam plasma tubes to drive a heat in a steam turbine boiler room.  He would generate a constant 100 MW, utilising a thimble full of regular water a decade.
No oil or gas burn!  And certainly no hyper toxic uranium fission.  The ions bond with neutrons, and fission into energy and light is on low power X rays.
The free Energy System of nature!  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Converting regular water into helium oxygen gases with massive energy.
4 CO2+3H2O ->CH4+3O+He plants convert the methane ion into carbohydrates.  I have already published the equation.
A steam plasma tube converts the hygiene ions and free electrons into neutrons, and these convert the other ions into Drus the energy, light and X rays.  With twice the exothermic nature of molecular nuclear fusion.
Even uranium fission drives a steam cycle!  And produces too much energy from uranium he utilises.  As the steam cycle is self does molecular nuclear fusion.
We know this, as a conventionally fired steam cycle gives out X ray radiation and produces helium.  As it does physical molecular nuclear fusion.  Just like our steam plasma!  In fact it is exactly like a steam plasma!  As burning fossil fuels produces a steam plasma.
Oxidising carbon fuels would take in energy.  It is only the amount of nuclear fusion me do in the combustion chamber that liberates massive heat.
To double the heat produced by burning a unit of fossil fuels we only have to titanium plate the surfaces of a boiler chamber.  This science was taught to me in 1983 I Sheffield University.
In 2001 they were still trying to make get the case for global warming!  Six years after the natural climate started cooling.  All eight professors no longer work at Sheffield University.  And the department of Engineering Materials no longer exists.  No Ph.D though!  You don’t tend to get a high degree for being correct.
Just by agreeing with your supervisor.  Truth is not in the equation. My PH D supervisor left Sheffield 2004.  He was actually a clever man.  Just funded by nuclear power.
So he wore uranium fission sunglasses.
Uranium fission converts eight neutrons, from had total mass of 263, into energy.  1/64 months to energy conversion.  And uses masterly toxic plutonium or strontium.  Which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
A steam plasma does hydrogen fission.  Converting 2/3 mass into energy.  Without any toxic radioactive solid waste.  Free and nearly limitless power.
So we retube present nuclear power.  Replacing the metal oxide fission tubes.  With a steam plasma at four atmospheres.  We are producing 24 times more energy for the mass we consume.
And we produce no toxic radioactive waste.  No intermittent continental toxic death.  If it core is running away, we use steam hammers to break the glass tubes.  Collapsing the plasma.  Stopping the hydrogen fission.
We utilised no enriched isotopes!  The plasma enriches its own hydrogen isotopes.  So we do not need heavy water.  So he the lack of solid radioactive waste is the big one!
We can never have any core meltdown.  The energy is so close to free is to be incredible.  All plants are already depreciated and paid for.  The power distribution system has already been paid for to.
So we stop the most toxic process that is ever existed.  Replacing it with free limitless electricity.  Using published science from the 1950s.  Uranium fission must instantly be globally prohibited.
Before it kills all life on earth.  To plant should never restart uranium fission.  It shows fire up its nuclear plants the steam plasma tubes.  Safe and free!
And old technology: 5 W have professors of physics been doing for the last 65 years.  All I remember: making money from talking scientific rubbish.  Like most academics.  Only a damn sight more fatal.
 Geothermal water comes up with gold, silver and other heavy metals in.
Jonathan Thomason

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