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The fusion jet
20 March 2015
                Are you listening Sir Richard Branson?  If you have his email, forward this message.
                When we boil off water we do molecular nuclear fusion
1              mH2Ol+Tu->nH2Og+p(He2++O2-+E2)+Xray              Tu= turbulence ..l= liquid  …g gas
                So the turbulence of boiling does nuclear fusion.  As does the burning of fossil fuels
2              CmHn+rO2->(mCO2+sH2O-E1)+t(He2++O32-+E2)
                We know the oxidising the carbon radical, takes in energy.  But the nuclear fusion me do releases a massive excess of energy, and produces ozone.
                In a jet engine we do 1.  So the losey steam turbine out performs the reciprocating engines.  Even this does a little molecular nuclear fusion –via 2 the.
                The way to double the amount of nuclear fusion we are doing, is to titanium plate the cylinder bodies.  This will more than double the power output of the engine.
                Halving I years are the use of aviation fuel.  This idea also works for car engines.  If we titanium plate the inside surfaces of the cylinder head and body will more than double the power of the engine.
                Halving our fuel burn.  Where ever we have a petrol or diesel engine, we can use this idea.  The titanium plate lasting a decade.  Formula one cars will not require refuelling.  And so will win every race.
                In a jet engine we start off by burning aviation fuel.  We do 2.  We titanium plate the surfaces of the combustion chamber.  Two again double the amount of nuclear fusion we are doing.
                We have a porous the exhaust manifold, into which we pump liquid water.  The water boils off into steam at 980° C.  With a bit of helium and oxygen mixed in with the steam.
                We introduce this steam into the combustion chamber, and turn off the aviation fuel.  We want a titanium plated turbine blades: if we have used nickel alloy blades.  Titanium is her an Face Centred Cubic metal.  Nicole is a Body Centred Cubic metal
                Face Centred Cubic metal Ores capitalises molecular nuclear fusion.  Beryllium does not have the required temperature and strength we want.
                No we have massively hot steam passing through the turbine in a turbulent fashion.  We do yet more nuclear fusion via 1.
                Except for start up, we burn no aviation fuel.  We use regular water.  The burning fossil fuels produces a steam plasma.  Which smashes the hydrogen ions and free electrons together, to form neutrons.
                Which enrich the hydrogen isotopes.
3              H++e- ->n0
4              1H++r n0->1+rH+->Er3+Xray             r=2 or 3
(5            16O2-+8n0 ->161H++23e-+E3)
                So we have produced a jet aeroplane, that only burns aviation fuel in the first minute of flight.  It travels at hypersonic speed.  Off regular water.
                Jet travel is a major carbon dioxide contribution today.  But within 5 minutes after the of carbon dioxide has cooled and sunk to ground level, it is converted into plant biomass.  As plants do photosynthesis during the day.
                No builder of this gas in the air is possible.  Harvard noted 2010 that there are still at a Prix industrial two parts per million.  Static trace gases affect nothing!  So burning fossil fuels has restores your organic carbon to life on earth.
                No possible effect on the weather.  The molecular nuclear fusion here, is turning regular water intervals helium and oxygen gases.
                This was all scientifically published in the 1950s.  This is why a jet engine works so well: it is how man first learned to do nuclear fusion on earth.
                Using the jet exhaust to boil off regular water produces the Mad hot steam.  Which generates more heat and thrust as he passes through the turbine, than combustion products would do.
                All we need to do two modifying a present jet engine to the fusion cycle, is to install a small pump and a porous exhaust manifold.
                It is all so obvious, why has it never been done?  Probably because he or oil producing countries, bought off the science.
                A steam plasma tube converts all the water molecule into heat and X rays.  At 5.8 MW/m.  A row of gas or oil burners only generates 25 kW.  Massively energy deficient!
                Any decent engineer can knock up a working steam plasma system in a weekend.  Replacing expensive or oil and gas, with almost free regular water.  Old Mills often have a pond, dating back to when water for an industry.
                A steam plasma tube converts the water molecule into massive energy.  With no toxic radioactive waste.  Using science that dates back to the 1950s.  Totally removing the need to burn fossil fuels.
                And obviously a steam plasma tube does not produce any carbon dioxide.  The oxygen ions bond with neutrons from the plasma.  And undergo nuclear fission into 16 hydrogen ions.  Which there hundred years nuclear fission into energy and X rays.  See 5.

Jonathan Thomason

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