Saturday, 14 March 2015

The cure for diabetes

14 March 2015
                Academic medics have written papers about high intensity ultrasound curing cancer and coronary heart disease.  So drug companies are not are going to complain that the quantity of drunks they ship were diseases is decreasing.  They don’t want to draw attention to these diseases being curable.
                In my personal experience ½ minute of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound externally to the affected organ, clears all cancers.  This is what medics term High Intensity UltraSound.  They on $10,000 for such a device.  An ultrasound massage device of the correct type costs 22 UK pounds today.  Sourced from Ebay.
                Every registered Dr. on earth has promised to use best medicine.  So must instantly abandoned biochemical treatments-dating back to 2002.  Hence the drug companies do not want to publicise the cure to cancer.
                HIUS applied for ½ minute to the bottom right of the chest cures all types of diabetes.  Though type one takes three days to remit after a single application of HIUS.  Type two clears pretty much instantly.
                So now we are seeing he will cure themselves at home.  Without any recourse to the local GP.  So the amount of diabetes tracks being shipped is decreasing.
                Drug companies protest that people are reverting to all there diabetic medicine.  Interesting.  People of finding no health benefits in newer medicines.
                Water is actually happening is that people are coming off medication totally.  Of as the diabetes is being cured.  The hell centres own 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound device is designed a medically licensed for physiotherapists use.
                Which also acts as high us devicies!  He each application costing only 0.0002 UK pence.  For a one off cure.  Which every registered Dr. Has promised to apply.
                So drug company is have just publicised the total cure to diabetes.  It also is a total cure to all cancers and heart disease.  And drug companies have just told us that it is happening!  Biochemistry is no globally prohibited defective medicine.
                The Hippocratic earth prohibits any register Dr. From prescribing defective Bio chemistry.

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