Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Stop Hinkley Point

3 March 2015
                Hinkley Point’s planning consent expired in the 1990s.  The National Power Plant Regulator has a legal duty to issue an immediate stop order.  British Nuclear realised this, so that years its own engineers to get the planning extension.
                As British nuclear was desperate for Hinkley C.  And the planning regulations when operating plant were lower.  Not requiring a form royal commission.  A 100,000,000, to be refused planning.
                But as of my friends the British Council noted, such activity was legally unsafe.  He planning consent might be have granted, only if none of the engineers have links to a company the deep business with British nuclear.
                Basically no engineer in the UK!  And only engineers can ethically required is a planning extension.  Every component of a nuclear plant is designed to fail at the end of the planning consent.
                The plant can only continue eith every government is replaced.  At which stage a new Royal Commission is required.  As all the plant is basically a new plant!
                The lawyers want to see sufficient insurance.  After Fukushima or such insurance is 100 billion.  But no commercial insurance is available above one billion.  Japanese nuclear is having to get money from the Japanese government: which is now bankrupt!
                There is no way the Japanese nuclear plant will ever restart.  So only if there is no way any new nuclear plant will be granted planning in the UK.
                So every nuclear facility in the UK should have shut down!  As their planning expired.  Continued to operate the plants guarantees planning will never be granted ever again.
                Only Sizewell B is within planning.  Mbody it is conditional on sufficient insurance cover.  We now live in a time of global terrorism.  Nuclear power has declared he will not spend the money to recognise nuclear facilities.
                And in any case or eight rows in sufficient insurance cover.  So there is no nuclear plant operating legally in the UK.  There will never be another nuclear plant ever granted planning consent.
                The Chinese buying British Nuclear from EDF was either stupid commercial decision ever.

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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