Monday, 2 March 2015

Snow in England

2 March 2015
                I think it was 1984 that we had a bad winter in England, until you got to 2010!  This was after global warming was devise.  And snow would for ever the have folk memory since 1986.
                I didn’t live in Salford then.  I just got up March 2 in Salford Quays, to find snow lying on the ground.  And no other areas in Derbyshire have has snow recently.
                This was the first time I have seen snow in Salford quays in March.  There was snow important 1976 in June.  And scientist published articles on the forthcoming ice age for the next 12 years.
                I noticed an academic have published articles from that time, about man made aerosols going to call the climate.  The only aerosol of note is the natural waterfall.  Man is aerosols are purely in comparison.
                The climate has natural 28 year period of cooling and warming.  It will next warm in 2013.  Totally naturally.
                By then they will be no uranium fission power plant operating legally in the UK.  Size will be will have closed the previous year.
                The other nuclear plants are already operating outside their planning consent.  Every year of illegal operation in care is a fine of 10,000,000 UK pounds (1984 currency markets) and 10 years in jail for the plant managers.  All of the nuclear plant managers.  Best place for them!

Jonathan Thomason

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