Monday, 9 March 2015

Non drug cure to cancer and nuclear fusion on earth

9 March 2015
                There is nothing in the constitution of Cancer Research that says they must only research Bio chemistry.  Though the biochemical drug industry does pay them to do biochemical research.
                Then in 2002 and three professors of medicine at the Moffitt cancer centre published a total cure to prostate cancer using High Intensity UltraSound.  They have stumbled across biological molecular nuclear fusion.
                I was taught about physical molecular nuclear fusion at Sheffield University in the 1980s, though I do not realise until my PH D in 2000.  I started talking about nuclear fusion, and my PH D got suddenly ended!  And the host of uranium fission-present nuclear power.
                Let us examine how ultrasound applied to water does nuclear fusion. (this is my molecular nuclear fusion)
1              H2O+US+T ->He+O+E2+L+Xray
                This procduces tissue burns at ultrasound power levels above 180 Watts 40 kHz (see below for working definitions of HIUS).  Physiotherapists have used higher power ultrasound to clear limb damage for 30 years.
They utilised ultrasound below this power threshold.  At which so stated cells only experience cell content boiling and fragment: as they do molecular nuclear fusion.  The more placid body cells are not affected.  The beauty people have licensed such devices to clear wrinkles and the way called off of age.
Coincidentally it also removes the structures causing cancer, heart disease and diabetes: this took me six months to figure out.  There is no chemical source of X ray radiation.  So medics have been happily doing nuclear fusion since the 1860s.  To detect cancer (and the rest).
ess happens quite happily at 2000 kW.  Apply it to a flask of hydrogen gas we get an atomic nuclear fusion
2              H2+US ->He+electromagnetic radiation+E3
                Parts of this later magnetic radiation is high energy.  So in the Corona of radiant stars, the electro magnetic radiation produced by nuclear fusion, initiates other nuclear fusion.  The process self capitalises.  We can easily export this system is in a glass tube in the laboratory.  Be warned began to get in 24 MW/m.  So we need to do experiments using a 10cm glass tube.
                A steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion.  Which are only liberates 5.8 megawatts/m.  So 8 2 metrex2cm steam plasma tubes will happily run 100 MW power station continuously.  He each nuclear fusion releases 6 MW.
                Life using atoms only 10-12m in size.  So a thimble full of regular water will drive our power station for a decade.  Burning no fossil fuels.  Doing no hyper toxic uranium nuclear fission.  Producing no hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                Present nuclear power surface of trouble core meltdown every 25 years.  Spraying toxic radioactive isotopes over a continent.  Leading to 20,000,000 additional cancer deaths in the next two decades.
                Fukushima is going to experience his cancer strike, as the Japanese economy is bankrupted by the $100,000,000,000 cost of the nuclear incident in Tokeyo.
                In a steam plasma hydrogen ions bond with free electrons
3              H++e- ->n0
                These bond with other ions, making them radioactive.  The oxygen ions a shown repeatedly into hydrogen.
4              16O+s n0 ->161H++24n0  eight neutrons are converted into energy.  Making each nuclear fission exothermic.
                I mean energy release is from hydrogen fission: each nuclear fission of heavier elements also contributes some energy.
5              1H++r n0 ->E3+L+Xray
                I have to work these equations out.  They are familiar to every university physicists on the planet.  He is fully aware that hydrogen fission is the largest energy source in the universe.
                And he clear where the man made climate change is spurious nuclear fiction!  Photosynthesis prevents mankind having any impact on the medic carbon dioxide circulating the environment.
                Extra carbon dioxide ends up as extra life!  The Jurassic there was 65% more active life on earth.  The fossil fuels formed at the mass extinction at the end of the Jurassic age.  All unansw and deep coal deposits from the cretaceous.
                So our steam plasma acts in nearly as exothermic away as a hydrogen plasma.  But we do not need to worry about storing and supplying hydrogen gas.  We use regular water.  Importing it through a short length of hypodermic needle.
                Which boils off the water, into a frighteningly minuscule amount of steam.  So the plasma converts all the mass of the water into neutrons the main energy.  A 100% energy conversion.
                In contrast uranium fission converts eight neutrons from into mass of 263 into energy.  Approximately 1/64th.
                So uranium fission is energy deficient system.  That produces intermittent continental toxic death.  An inevitable consequence of uranium fission.  A toxic process, and must be globally prohibited them for a white said more life on earth.
                We can replace all the uranium oxide fission tubes, with a steam plasma tube at four atmospheres.  Once started, the plasma will self sustain.  Turning regular water into energy.  So much energy!
                Only eight 2mx2cm steam plasma tubes will drive a present power station.  Generating our 100 MW.  Which leaves us with a problem of the massive radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                A steam plasma tube produces no waste!  The X rays are contained by six millimetres of concrete.  The only end products is steam and so energy!
                Is clean free limitless power.  Utilising no scarce commodity.  Burning oil and gas is just stupid!  A steam plasma tube is two 0.5 million times as efficient at turning mass into energy.
                I started working on molecular nuclear fusion 2001 at Sheffield University: my all supervisor for last mazon should not publish his name.  The eight professors are mile department no longer exist!
                So nature has no trouble doing nuclear fusion on earth.  The most exothermic variety is a lightening strike.  Which use the steam plasma.  Set up by heavy rain.
                Whose turbulence converts water molecules in the rain into helium and oxygen gas-with massive heat, light and X rays.
                Every year nature gets 1040 Watts of energy by doing molecular nuclear fusion on earth.  Direct sun light only provides 1060.  If we exclude nuclear weapons, mankind has only ever generated 1024 Watts of energy.
                The N bomb explodes a nuclear device in a water tank.  So mankind first started doing molecular nuclear fusion on earth in the 1950s.
                Own bombs had taken over from H bombs.  Just so much energy.  Every sun shines to to the hydrogen fission going on in San coronas.
                Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission.  Neither should we!
Jonathan Thomason

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