Sunday, 8 March 2015

Manmade climate change is intellectually stupid!

8 March 2015
                The climate various according to predictable solar cycles.  So we have the warm periods in the middle ages.  At a time when man is burning very little fossil fuels.
                1956 was a horrendously cold winter in the UK.  The post war boom ensured there were loads of carbon emissions.
                1938 was a very warm summer.  But 1930s was characterised by little burning carbon fuels.
                1976 was nearly as warm.  But was in the medal of an economic recession.  When there was little burning of coal and oil around!
                Autumn 1986 saw Chernobyl incident: conclusive proof that uranium fission is the most toxic and undesirable economic process ever.  It is more expensive than burning fossil fuels.
                We are in the middle of the crash in oil and gas prices.  The power companies have not passed on the saving in the generation of electricity.  As burning fossil fuels is are cheaper than hyper toxic uranium fission.
                Nature does nuclear fusion on earth.  Where the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.
1              H2O+T ->He+O+E2+L+Xray
                Nuclear power has gone into shock!  It acknowledged 25 years ago the development of nuclear fusion on earth would destroy the uneconomic process of power generation using nuclear fission from heavy metals.
                Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion: with every heart beat you emit nuclear radiation and heart and arteries.  And you breathe out helium gas!  There there is no chemical source of helium.
                Every animal does biological molecular nuclear fusion, as it’s heart beats
2              CO2+2H2O+T ->CH4+He+O2+2O+E2+L+Xray
                In the 1980s biology is used a fibre optic camera, to cause the light flashes as the heart beat.  But never explained why!  Visible light can only be emitted by nuclear processes, such does nuclear fusion.
                At blood temperature.  No 10,000,000° C: that is a product of atomic nuclear fusion in sun’s coronas.  You breathe out methane, helium and free radical oxygen.  And you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter.  Again the light flashes are on scientific records.
                Plants have their version on molecular nuclear fusion
3              CO2+(r+n)H2O->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+E2+L+Xray)
                The light emitted is a faint blue glow.  Which is swamped and the natural sunlight.  We can eliminate plants and a dark room, using UV light.
                And record and measure the blue lower.  Also using a Geiger counter to measure the X ray radiation.  Of which there is no chemical source.
                The most potent nuclear fusion on earth, is so molecular nuclear fusion set up by heavy rain.
4              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+L+Xray
                So heavy rain gives out light flashes!  Here rain acts as a jaint battery.  Where we get a mention of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike.  Which sets up A partial steam plasma between the cloud tops and the ground.
                When the lightening down strike touches the ground, we get there rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.  Through the steam plasma.  Which releases 2.5x1030 W of energy.  For free.
                This equates to 5.8 MW/m.  So eight 2mx2cm steam plasma tubes will drive our 100 MW power station continuously.  With no production of toxic radioactive waste.  Not even any life enhancing carbon dioxide.
                Photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide into extra life.  Sucking the gas from the air.  Which is why the global average carbon dioxide level in the air is a preindustrial two parts per million.
                Harvard and went on record to record that the global average was a preindustrial (two parts per million).  IA static trace gas affects nothing.
                So global warming was nuclear fiction, designed to detract from the world’s worst accident British people could not eat Scottish sheep for 20 years as a result!  10,008 to cancer deaths happened in the Ukraine.  More deaths around the world.  Most toxic Energy System in existence.
                And economically unsustainable!  Handling its toxic radioactive waste for 100,000 years has never been costed.  And will not be paid for likes of EDF.  Who will file for bankruptcy within a decade.
                A steam plasma tube converts regular water into massive heat.  With no production of toxic radioactive waste.  It will self sustain at four atmospheres.  The pressure of usual boiler rooms in a steam cycle.
                No oil or gas use!  Which explains the recent price crash of fossil fuels.  The water used is totally minuscule.  As the energy density of regular water is 0.5 million times that of burning boiling gas.
                Eight times that of hyper toxic uranium fission.  Even before you take into account decommissioning used plants, and storing the waste.  Sellafield has cost 20 billion UK pounds, and rising.  500 times the original plan construction costs.
                Any new nuclear plant would have to cost for decommissioning and toxic radioactive waste storage.  Which is going to be 8.5 thousand times the total operating profits of the nuclear power plant.
                Any investor will lose it and 1000 times the money they pumped into the plant.  The worst investment in economic history.
                A steam plasma tube will cost 3 UK pounds to make.  And a jolt of electricity at 2000 volts to initiate the plasma.  They converts a totally minuscule volume of water into energy.  With eight times the efficiency of hyper toxic uranium fission.
                The only nuclear plants operating within planning consent in the UK is Sizewell B.  Is is legally unsafe to extend planning consent, using the industry is own engineers.  So every nuclear plant in the UK must be issued with an immediate stop order today.
                Sizewell B carries Insurance of 50,000,000 UK pounds.  Last summer Fukushima was projected to cost Tokyo nuclear power Japanese government 100 billion.  No commercial insurance above one billion is available.
                So Sizewell B is operating outside his planning consent.  It also must be issued an immediate stop order.  We do not need new nuclear power plants.
                We do not need new fossil fuel plants!  We use steam plasma tubes to drive the new generation of nuclear fusion plants.  Clean and safe power.  Are you listening David Cameron?

Jonathan Thomason

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