Friday, 27 March 2015

Hinkley B

27 March 2015
                I last met the power station regulator in 1984: I did a master’s degree which covers power station law.  He assured me ‘was job of the regulator is to ensure the plant has sufficient insurance’
                This was two years all the Chernobyl incident.  Valid insurance of only 50,000,000 UK pounds was required.  Which every are nuclear power plant in the UK required.
                After Chernobyl is increased to 20,000,000,000 UK pounds.  20 times the maximum insurance commercially available.  October 1986 every nuclear power plant in the UK should have been issued with an immediate stop order.  The regulator had no legal room for maneuver.  It is the law.
                This did not happen!  As nuclear power no commercially compromise its regulator.  Any lawyer will explain this is massive corporate corruption.  Warranting dismissal of every individual who works for the regulator.
                2010 I was in Brazil, as Fukushima unfolded: luckily the hotel had BBC world and CNN.  At this juncture adequate insurance the tehm 100 billion.  50,000,000 is only 0.5% of the required insurance.
                So every operating nuclear plant in the UK should have been issued with an immediate stop orders again, five years ago.
                Plants have taken in the extra carbon dioxide emitted by burning the fossil fuels, and converted the organic carbon back into additional biomass.  The mass extinctions at the end of prehistoric ages turned carbohydrates into deep coal deposits.
1                     Cm(H2O)n+P+T ->mC+nH2O-E
As the geothermal water bubbles through these, we’ve form natural gas
2              C+2H2O+P+T ->CH4+O2-E
                The pressure and temperature and exposed platinum metal in magma chambers forms petroleum and diesel oil
3              mCH4+n/2H2O+P+T->Cm(H2O)n-E
                This technology can be used in a chemical plant, to form petrol and diesel.  We need a drill hall to tap into the geothermal river that circulates on the earth’s mantle.  That in places is only 10 metres below the surface.
                We use a Carnot heat pump to call down pressurised air.  And we get liquid carbon dioxide.  We learnt this through a titanium honeycomb catalysts.
                The pressure and temperature are supplied for free, and the geothermal water.  We are firstly form natural gas.  As we do 2: the titanium metal capitalises hydrogen reactions.
                We then pass the methane through another titanium honeycomb catalysts.  Again and temperature and pressure-supplied for free by nature.
                And petroleum and diesel oil runs off this catalyst.  We cycle the only acted natural gas around.  We draw or an cell no petrol and diesel oil.
                We have a non of the overheads of oil extraction.  This works better at the age of the town or city convention.  As in the countryside or low carbon dioxide he sucked out of the air, by plants doing photosynthesis.
                So we’ve form fuel oil, with no use fossilised oil deposits.  We use titanium, as he is a far cheaper Face Centred Cubic metal than platinum.  Beryllium will also work.  And is cheaper again!
                We do not use up the catalyst.  So we never have to replace the honeycomb catalytic membranes.
                All this science was taught to me in the 1980s at Sheffield University.  And he is established  Chemical Engineering.  Sheffield University ended my Ph.D 2001 with no explanation.
                Was I started talking that steam engines doing molecular nuclear fusion.  A steam plasma is a far more efficient way for engineers to access infinatet free power.  With no carbon dioxide production.  An utterly no uranium fission.
                Eight times as efficient as hyper toxic nuclear power.  With no intermittent continental toxic death.  And no radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.

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