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Free power and Gold/Silver

19 March 2015
                This was taught to me at Sheffield University, UK in 1982.  Water from the seas and rivers of the Earth percolates down through sand and rocks, until it hits the earth’s mantle.
                Here it condenses the earth’s molten core, into solid lava.  Dissolving all the heavy metals held in suspension.  40% gold!  13% siver.  The heavy metals are soluble in higher pressure and temperature water.
                The heated water ends up in a slow simmer, and the warm water falls is its way to the surface.  Where it is a source of every river on earth.  This is why eruptions and earth quakes are preceded by the venting of geothermal steam.
                The river of superheated water that circles the earth, has found a way out to the surface.  It was at 250° C 8.2 atmospheres.  At the surface in becomes steam at 100° C and 1 atmosphere.
                On the way up, he’s has left behind deposits of heavy metal and carbon.  At these temperatures and pressures, we get kimberlite, diamonds, plus gold, silver and platinum deposits.
                It is massively dangerous and expensive to locate these deposits, and extract them through mining.  There is a far simpler way.
                We use ground sonar to locate mantle steam pockets.  We then drill down-in places is only 10 metres.  These pockets are easily accessible all over the land and sea surface of the earth.  There is one such pocket within five kilometres of where you are sat.
                We then drill down, and enter the pocket from below.  We get at the superheated water.  This is water which is only liquid because of the pressure.  As we extract this water, the earth replace it seamlessly.
                Nature is huge-so man is steam requirements are minuscule.  The earth’s core contains 411 million tonnes of gold metal.  We are talking about him a 31,000,000 tonnes of platinum.  But only 180,000,000 tonnes of silver.  We also get unlimited quantities of copper and iron.
                With no mining!  We actually get more gold metal than there is no global demand.  Throughout history man has only extracted 156,000 tonnes of gold from his mines.
                We can do that in only two years.  For ever!  Likewise there is no or little use for silver metal.  Since the geography went digital.  All condiments and jewelry account for a minuscule fraction of the global silver production.
                The most dramatic affect is on the gold price!  Which has been crashing for last two years.  And you ain’t seen nothing yet.  This process will accelerate.
                So we pass the geothermal water through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  And extract the heavy metal powder.  I’m not really interested in heavy metals-though I am a metallurgist.
                We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine, and generate free electricity.  Within five kilometres of where you are sat.
                Every farmer or landowner will set up a power plant.  Generating 47 kW.  Across the UK, this will quadruple the amount of power produced by all the fossil fuel burning and toxic nuclear fission.
                We will sell most of the power across the channel tunnel to Europe.  But they will also be setting up geothermal mining.  So gold prices are set for a major crash!  A terminal decline from which there will never recover.
                The Kruger mines in South Africa have a historically low gold production.  He had are seeing the price of gold decline.  It will reach that of base metals, and carry on falling.
                Which is why of all investors have mentioned silver.  But geothermal water is also an endless source of silver and copper.  The value of these two metals is also into decline terminally.
                The biggest avoidable be on electricity prices.  Which will decrease this year to only 1p per kilowatt hour.  Half the level required for nuclear power to be economically sustainable.
                Or nuclear power plants operating within sufficient insurance.  The National Power station regulator has a legal duty to issue an immediate stop orders.
                Nuclear power has never costed for storing its toxic waste for decommissioning the issues power stations: Sellafield past 20 billion two years ago.  And the price will still climbing.
                The toxic waste will remain lethal for 100,000 years.  One decent earthquake at Sellafield, and the north of England is uninhabitable for 100,000 years.  This hidden cost will be paid five harm grandchildren.  To the 2700th generation.
                And still nuclear power tries to be active.  The electricity is a most expensive mankind produces.  Once you cost for a toxic waste and plant decommissioning.
                And then we get to the intermittent continental toxic death.  Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are the most recent examples.
                This is not an economically sustainable industry.  He must be globally prohibited now, if it is not going to extinguish all life on earth.
                Carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth.  Which sucks the gas out of air.  Which is why Harvard University five years ago, but on record that the global average carbon dioxide level was at a Prix industrial two parts per million.
                Life on earth had increased.  No fossil affect on the weather.  Which is why the global weather has been cooling for last decade.  Hence nuclear power no pushes the intellectually dead idea of ‘man made climate change’.
                No such thing is for some.  Any academic who has ever published a paper on man made global warming or climate change, is displaying basic ignorance of high school biology.
                And so obviously should not be in education!  East Sussex University is now the world centre for climate change studies.  Do not go study there!  They don’t know O level biology.
                Using the geothermal water, we get an amount a gold and silver.  And produce free electricity with no carbon fuel bound.  He is the price of oil and gas is crashing.  The earth provides them is superheated steam the gold and silver in.
                Easily accessible all over the surface of the earth and the seas.
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Jonathan Thomason

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