Thursday, 12 March 2015

Free heat and power

12 March 2015
                Heavy rain turns regular water into heat, light flashes, X rays and charged ions
1              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+L+xray
                Even at the turbulence in a heavy rainstorm does molecular nuclear fusion.  We have all witnessed it!  It is totally safe and nontoxic.
                The helium ions carry the positive charge to above the clouds layer.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  When there were potential of 5000 volts a partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the clouds the ground.  This is a lightening down strike.
                When it touches the ground we get there rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.  This does molecular nuclear fusion big time (1).  It produces 5 tonnes of helium gas.  Which converts to 2.5x1030 W from a 2 cm thick partial steam plasma.
                Power companies could use eight 2mx2cm steam plasma tubes to run 100 MW power station continuously.
2              H++e- ->n0                                                                 the free hydrogen ions and electrons bond to form neutrons
3              16O2-+s n0 ->16H++15e-   these neutrons bond with the oxygen and heavy ions, which undergo nuclear fission into hydrogen ions and free electrons.
4              1H++t n0 ->E3+L+Xray      the hydrogen fissions into massive heat, visible light and X rays.
                So a steam plasma tube converts regular water into massive free heat.  No fossil fuel bound or toxic uranium fission required.  No plutonium or strontium is produced.
5              CmHn+pO2 ->CO2 +nH2O+r(He2++O2-+E+Xray)
                Uranium fission is 60,000 times as efficient maintained matter into energy.  A steam plasma is 64 times as efficient again.  And uses absolutely no toxic radioactive waste-an intermittent continental toxic death.
                And it is free!  No enriched radioactive isotope is required.  As the neutrons and then the plasma enriches the isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen.  So convert regular water into near unlimited heat.
                A thimble four of regular water will drive our 100 MW power station continuously for a decade.  We years A totally minuscule pump to and water to the plasma tube.  Which runs continuously.
                No oil or gas burn!  The engineers have power companies have already got steam plasma tubes working.  But preferred to burn fossil fuels, as you’re paying!
                A steam plasma tube produces a very nearly free electricity.  The five companies are two are linked to the gas and oil production processes.
                But we can cut five kilometres over the equation!  We run our own 25x1cm steam plasma tube, which generates 600 kW.
                We give a steam a small vent as if he is a boiler chamber, and drive our own small generator set.  Which can be purchased for 758 U K pounds over the Internet: sold as a standby generator.
                We replace the boiler chamber, with our steam plasma tube.  We started off using a crank handle and spring.  As we only need a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts.
                Once going, the boiler chamber heats up.  Until we reach four atmospheres.  Then we start extracting the steam.  We generate 60 kW of electricity.  At mains voltage and frequency locked.
                We extract electricity, and so all around 578 kW to national grid.  Generating annual income of over 1.5 million UK pounds.  Supply electricity for hundred houses.
                I use steam them bubbles a small boiler.  Which supplies all our space heating!  We drive a small pump, and effectively get a central heating and power for free.
                And all this technology was worked out in the 1950s: there has been had some nice academic work published and gas plasma is causing feathering of solid material.
                So every five years we may need to replace the steam plasma tube.  Which if I have a local hardware shop.  And give am I used steam plasma tubes-carried in a sore carbon lined container.
                We have no mains electricity supply.  Rather we export signet ring current to the national grid.  The national grid survey of ice electricity at 2p per kilowatt hour in the UK.  As more people get their own steam power generator, this will fall to only 1p.
                Nuclear power is struggling to be economic at 2p per kilowatt hour.  The national government to cover the radioactive waste and plant decommissioning expenses.  Any new nuclear facility would require this costed!
                Plastic carry 100 billion Insurance Power plant: no commercial insurance above one billion is commercially available.  The industry is an insurable!  The power station regulator has a legal duty of initiating immediate stop orders on every nuclear power plant in the world.
                New operating licences will ever be issued.  But at only 1p/kWhr fossil fuel burning is now uneconomic.  Welcome to the fusion age.  All science published in available over the Internet.  Which is why Saudi Arabia is desperate to sell all the oil it can!
                The coals in only two years, nobody will be buying the stuff.
                A 50x1cm steam plasma tube will generate 1.2MW.  And continuously drive a small steam cycle to propel a car through the air at hypersonic speed.  When stationary and the coal exports electricity to the national grid.
                Generating an annual income of 1.6 million.  It will burn no petrol or diesel.  Bye bye Saudi Arabia.

Nuclear fusion by waterfall!
(ASIN: B009YX46ZE)
Jonathan Thomason

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