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Free energy

21 March 2015
                Somewhere around the world it is raining.  And nature is doing nuclear fusion on earth
1              H2O+Tu+O2 ->He2++O32-+E2+Xray
                This even happens is snow storms!  Down to -50° C.  Geography is have put on record the production of helium and X rays.  There is no chemical source of either.  And no source of nuclear fission!
                This is why rainstorms create heavy water.  Before the rain, we only have a light water.  Where we get a potential of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike.  That does 1 big time.
                He each 1.5 kilometre lightening down strike makes a positive charge above the clouds layer, with a negative charge that is four months to ground.  The up rush of 100 amps of charge electrons creates five terms of helium gas.
                This is known to every university physicist on earth!  Who have spent the years since 1986 writing fictitious papers about carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is taken in by plants and metabolised.
                So there is a preindustrial two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air.  This is why are academics have shut up about manmade global warming 2003.  Man made climate change just makes them laugh!  A static trace gas affects nothing.
                A 100x2cm partial steam plasma releases 5.8 MW of heat.  For free.  The helium is lost to space.  The ozone and forms the ozone layer.  Which facilitates life on earth.
                So a 10x1cm steam plasma tube should release 580 kW of heat constantly.  From regular water.  6 W per a hydrogen atom.  Which takes up 10-12 liters of room.  So 5x108 L of water will run a steam plasma tube.
                The plasma and smashes hygiene ions and electrons together.  To form neutrons.  Which causes the oxygen ions to recover enriched, and a fission into 16 hydrogen ions.  So all the water ends up as hydrogen.
                Hydrogen is hard to store.  Water is trivial!  And we are talking about such a tiny quantity of water.  A third of a thimble full here three year life of the vehicle.  A full thimble full before the car is scrapped.
                So never a trip to a service station.  No overpriced oil or even gas!  Henry Ford would have approved.
                We years the 580 kilowatts of heat to run a captive steam cycle.  That will generate 52 kilowatts of electricity.  And then we’re on the car electrically.
                If we are clever are we can condense the use tear light, heat pump.  And increase the power output to 98 kW.
                A helicopter only requires 45 kW.  The fastest supercar 38.  Obviously we plug the car into the mains when not driving, and so are you interested to the national grid.  Generating annual income of 150,000 UK pounds.  $200,000.
                No petrol or diesel burn!  Burning fossil fuels is a very week form of molecular nuclear fusion
2              CmHn+pO2->m(CO2-E1)+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+E2+Xray)
                So oxidising the carbon compound takes in a massive energy.  Luckily the energy released by nuclear fusion exceeds this energy.  Making the net process exothermic.
                A steam plasma tube does not have this problem.  It is a free massive Energy System of nature.  And above four atmospheres will self sustain.  Turning regular water into heat energy.
                So a fossil fuel burning was a fast way it mankind found to do nuclear fusion on earth.  The steam plasma was developed in the 18th century.  And you realise the emission of X rays since the 1950s.
                The steam plasma tube takes in her a tiny amount of regular water, and produces a massive amount of constant heat.  So we need no large batteries.
                At the onset of the community development, he was not certain whether or oil or batteries would win out!  It transpires that trees are just too heavy.
                But now we utilises a steam plasma tube to generate electricity.  So we never need to stop for fuel.  The energy we produce suggests we and they convert the car into a helicopter to travel large distances.
                Only driving along the roads, until they can find a suitable taken off area.  We utilise the it systems charge to drive the car.  Navigating using GPS guidance.
                Now there any petrol or diesel required!  The King utilised steam plasma tubes to generate electricity.
                8 2m steam plasma tubes will drive our 100 MW power station continuously.  Utilising a thimble full of regular water a decade.  No coal, oil, gas or hyper toxic uranium fission: nuclear power must instantly be globally prohibited-or it will extinguish all life on earth.

Natural Nuclear FusionBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Any waterfall over one metre high had around the earth from regular water
Jonathan Thomason

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