Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fixing hearing

7 March 2015
                Over the course of previous infections and use trauma to the ears, scar tissue and pathogen rump cells gone up in the ear canals: and degrade the hearing.
                Likely physiotherapists have spent last 30 years publishing medical date on the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear scarring.
                Through personal experimentation on myself and my friends, I have found and cheapest source of HIUS is an ultrasonic massage device.  150 W 40 kHz works.  By now use the more affective 5 W 1 MHZ.
                Such devices can be purchased over the Internet.
                Just ½ minute to each year will coals the scar tissue to fragment.  No repeat the treatment every evening for a month.  I corrected my at 20% hearing loss in a week.
                Such devices also clear all cancers: when apply the ultrasound for ½ minute externally to the affected organ, liver, both sides of the head and local lymph nodes.
                Coronary heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump structure.  Which is also are inflated.  HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys for ½ minute will clear the problem.
                One application might be sufficient-but I recommend three!  Your friends and relatives are likely to have such a device.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the chest and also the kidneys clears all types of diabetes.  They kidneys are only required if the diabetes is a result of medicines!
                HIUS to the chest for a minute clears asthma.  And to the affected joints it will clear arthritis.  But this condition is very mobile, so more for application to different times will be required.
                Application of HIUS to the closed eyelids also clears corneal scarring: I have such damage as a result of my infections after a car accident.  15 years later I cleared the damage.
                So you can totally fix hearing loss.  Requiring no batteries or hearing aids!  We also remove the need for glasses.
                Obviously refer the legs and the arms.  So no walking aid for ever be required.  No wheelchair years require outside of severe trauma.  This damage can be repaired using ultrasound.

Jonathan Thomason

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