Monday, 23 March 2015

Fatal medicine

23 March 2015
                Today it doctors prescribe biochemical treatments.  But since 2002 such treatments are defective-and globally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Just one biochemical prescription results in the striking off of the medic involved.
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that High Intensity UltraSound resulted in the total clearance of cancers at one appointment.  Thei published hundred patient double blind trial.  But that is appropriate only for biochemical treatments.
                I have demonstrated a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from an ultrasonic massage device is HIUS.  And only 30 seconds will clear all cancers except are out there.  Medics get very unhappy at this.
                Because such devices cost only 22 UK pounds.  And consigned biochemical treatments to the rubbish bin of medicine.  No registered medic is allowed to teach, research or applying defective medicine-like biochemical treatments.
                All cancers and viruses must be overinflated in order to grow.  Thei divide and grow using the single cell method, not employed by any body cells.  His regular body cells are more placid.
                Ultrasound induces nuclear fusion in pressurised cells
1              H2O+US+Tu ->He+O+E2+Xray
                Medics have yeears emission of X rays to detect cancer cells since the 1860s.  There is no chemical source of X rays.  And no source of nuclear fission, we are doing nuclear fusion from the turbulent interaction of pressurised water cells.
                So it just the cancer cells experience cell content boiling and are blown away.  Clearing cancer from the body.  This was level of bystander body cell damage induces an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.
                So high as cures all 200 types of human cancer out there.  The biochemical drug industry does not talk about this!  As they can scienc all the treatments to the trash bin of scientific history.  Along with the G P’s have continued to prescribe defective medicine.
                2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear coronary heart disease.  The causative bacterial plaque also needs an overinflated cell structure, to induce the immune system B cells to copy their genome.
                ½ minute of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose clears all infections.  Viral and bacterial.  As the all share the non native inflated cell structure.
                HIUS to the lower right suggest clears type one and two diabetes.  I wish some medics had done some work on this sense of first papers started bringing 2008.  The Hippocratic oath requires a medic to investigate new medicine.  And prohibits research are defective medicine,
                I would tend to applying the ultrasound to the kidneys and liver.  As I think some diabetes is a result of viral structures used to places.  Making inappropriate enzymes.
                Mental health problems are the results are pressurised viral rumps in the central nervous system, left behind by the past infections.  ½ minutes of HIUS to each side or the head clears the structures.
                I have demonstrated 10 clearance of Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and depression.  Biochemical treatments for these conditions was always ineffective.  There is no globally prohibited.
                All doctors surgeries have a > 1.5 W 3 MHz higher power ultrasound unit medically licensed for physiotherapists use.  That he is also a HIUS emitter!  So a our next office is a devise a was totally clear cancers.
                So writing out biochemical prescriptions, he knowingly fatal treatment, than the total cure is in the next or office costing only 0.003 cents years cognitive manslaughter.  Warranting 25 years in jail for each avoidable death.
                Since 2002 teaching biochemistry has been prohibited: along with all the researching this defective technology-no Dr. Is ethically allowed to research work.  This invalidates every Hippocratic oath taken by medical students.
                All are now prohibited from working in Health Service.  They have a court case against a medical school for a return of our 100% medical fees, was punitive damages for a lifetime’s unemployment.
                All medics who could have now taken early retirement.  As each avoidable death was a fine of $10,000,000.  And ¼ century in jail for each other medics involved.
                But the medics who qualified since 2002, are no family excluded from the Health Service.  Basically there are no ethically licensed medics are there.  All biochemical patents are now globally prohibited.
                Which means medicine now has no income stream!  They are no monthly trying to charge of X rays for all conditions.  Usually only a lower power ultrasound is appropriate.  Costing under 0.003¢.
                Collect only the drug companies have avoidablly killed 0.5 billion individuals.  From conditions routinely cures using ½ minutes of HIUS.
                No man’s can ethically prescribe biochemical treatments.  And pharmacists are attempting to prescribe any drugs will be attempting simple conflict of interests and activities.
                Embarrassingly enough or medical schools teach the Hippocratic oath.  While teaching and researching biochemical treatments: are totally realizing that such behaviour is financially motivated are medically unethical.  In violation of the Hippocratic oath!

Jonathan Thomason

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