Monday, 2 March 2015

Cure flu stop cancer

2 March 2015
                All infections require a new over inflated structure in order to divide and grow in the human body.  Viruses must be overinflated with additional viral genome.
                Cancer grows in a viral sort of way.  And the Moffitt cancer centre published the cure to cancers 2002: since when every registered Dr. has been required to use High Intensity UltraSound.  Not doing so over last up the medics to a 25 year jail term.  And at 10,000,000 dollar fine.  Shared with the hospital, health centre and drug company.
                The total fine any of us three times the total economic wealth of the planet.  We are talking over 400 million deaths around the world.  HIUS initiates molecular nuclear fusion within the pressurised cell type
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                There is no chemical source of X rays.  Medics have used 5 W 40 kHz xray to detect cancer grows since 1860.  150 Watts 40 kHz ultrasound causes cell content boiling only in the cancer cells in only ½ a minute.
                This induces an immune action to clear distinct cancer cell type throughout the body.
                If we are applying HIUS to the chest, throat and nose we clear all infections: without any need to see the Dr..  A prescription of fungal antibiotics was stimulate the secretion of the human antibody to the virus in all ill people.

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                Doctors have been trying to invent reasons not to prescribe antibiotics., She put to was the avoidable death toll above.
                The viral structure causing all types of diabetes is left behind by a full viral infection.  HIUS would cure any violence within 4 hours.  Stopping the formation of diabetes.
                So he is the HIUS at night, and we can well!  And never develop cancer either.  Coronary heart disease is caused by an inflated bacterial structure left behind from fall infection.
                Medics have published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and kidneys to totally clear coronary heart disease.
                These three diseases have killed 400 million people since HIUS was medically published 2002.  Every registered Dr. Is required to evaluate and then use HIUS.  And burning biochemical treatments.
                They haven’t!  Leading to the most significant avoidable homicide in history.  Read my book

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