Friday, 13 March 2015

Converting water into heat

13 March 2015
                A flame of fossil fuels feet years a steam plasma.  This is massively exothermic!  Oxidising the carbon radical it takes in energy.
1                     C+O2 ->CO2-E
2                     H2O=H2.O ->(p+.e-).(16p+.16e-)      so oxygen is basically 18 hydrogens, with a neutron protected by a shell electrons.
With fluid turbulence we get the intraction of protons and electrons.
3              p+.e-+e- ->n0    we transform the sub atomic particles into neutrons.
The free electrons then goes off to convert other hydrogen atoms into a neutron and an electron.  Self propagating neutron formation.
                The neutron then enriches other hydrogen ions
4              1H+.e-+s n0 ->1+sH+.e- ->Es3+L+Xray+e-
5              16O2-+t n0 ->16H++28e-
                The neutrons go right three to the oxygen nucleus.  Making them radioactive.  They undergo repeated nuclear fission, each time converting a neutron into energy.  Making the whole process exothermic.
                So we end up as 16 hydrogen ions, with only 28 free electrons.  The plasma only takes 2000 volts to set up.  The last four atmospheres itself sustains.  Converting all the water molecule into energy, light and X rays: spitting out the surplus electron.  To repeat the process.
                We the uranium we need neutrons, to penetrate to the atomic nucleus.  With hydrogen fluid turbulence will cause the intraction of a proton and electron from another hydrogen atom.  Forming a neutron.
                Spitting out the surplus electron, to repeat the neutron formation.  So we are converting molecular hydrogen compounds, into molecular fragments and neutrons.  We also convert the larger atomic nucleus, into a number of hydrogen ions.  Spitting out surplus electrons to repeat the cycle.
                Electrons can’t penetrate the atomic nuclei greater than helium.  Which is why we do not see lithium stars.  All of nuclear fusion stops when we are formed helium.  The nuclear fusion we get in suns, kills the heavier elements-but takes in heat.
                Lightning demonstrates a 1.5km steam plasma produces 5 tonnes of helium gas.  And energy release of 2.5x1030 W.  This year’s 5.8 MW/m.  Massive energy, with no fossil fuel burn.
                Oxidising carbon takes in energy.  So the steam plasma tube their rates 5.8 MW/m.  But the flame of gas or oil only liberates 25 kW/m.  So a fossil fuel burning is a masterly week form of molecular nuclear fusion.
                A steam plasma is a far better Energy System.  It goes off from regular water.  Producing no
radioactive waste.  All the water molecule ends up as energy, light and low power X rays.
                So we oil and gas are irrelevant.  A flame of fossil fuels is comparatively energy deficient.  And the fuels and cells are massively overpriced.
                Even before the Opec Oil crisis of 1974.  Ironically physicists already knew that matter feathering caused by a gas plasma; of hydrogen or steam.  So the oil crisis need not have happened.
                Eight 2m steam plasma tubes will liberate over our 110 MW of heat.  We run a steam cycle.  Then cool the exit steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.
                We pressurise the Carnot gas, and return 88 MW of heat to the boiler room: the Carnot process is only 85% efficient.
                So pretty soon we are generating our 100 MW of electricity.  From regular water.  No fossil fuel burn at all.  No hyper toxic uranium fission.  We do not have to enrich the water.  The plasma enriches its own water.
6              1H216O+v n0 ->3H218O -> nuclear fission
                I only started thinking about nuclear processes, at the suggestion of my Ph.D supervisor.  He also suggested the importance of fluid turbulence.  When I started talking about molecular nuclear fusion he ended my Ph.D in a blind panic!
                He now refuses all credit in the genesis of the idea of molecular nuclear fusion.  A very clever man.  And fortunately funded by nuclear power!
Jonathan Thomason

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