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Climate wrong

13 March 2015
                As a leading science presenter on the television, you might expect Sir David Attenborough to have got is a climate science right.  He hasn’t.
                I level biology teaches the limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide, every day plants and bacteria turn carbon dioxide into active biomass.
1              mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV+T->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He+O+E2+L+Xray)
                This equation teaches us that ultraviolet light is used to initiate the formation of carbohydrates.  They chemical formation of carbohydrates, it takes in energy.
                The main energy comes not from all solar radiation, but from molecular nuclear fusion of water molecules.  Which are converted into helium and oxygen gases, a trace of visible light and X rays and a massive release of energy.  Making photosynthesis in net energy positive process.
                So photosynthesis does nuclear fusion!  On earth.  Down to 0° C.  Actually down to below 0° C, as arctic plants use antifreeze in their sap.
                Photosynthesis liberates X rays!  And produces helium gas.  Neither of which has a chemical source.  And Sir David is well aware of this basic biological science.
                By now he is also are aware that the world climate into a cooling phase in 1995.  20 years ago air!  But he is a major source of funding, is locked into a warming world.  The natural climate has been cooling for two decades.
                And man made climate change was a covering tactic by nuclear power, until the climate started cooling again.  Which will happen in 2023.
                Photosynthesis proceeds every day until there is only two parts per million carbon dioxide left in the global air.  The carbon dioxide is sucked and of the air, and transformed into plant biomass.
                Removing carbon dioxide from the climate totally!  Interestingly enough, carbon dioxide levels in the global air only rise during a natural ice age.  When snow covers the land.  And ice covers the seas.
                So in the little ice age, carbon dioxide levels were twice the levels today!  Within 5 minutes all the burned fossil fuels are converted back into plant biomass.
                The Jurassic age had 65% more active life on earth.  4 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air-photosynthesis was less efficient.  And three natural ice ages.  Ahh!  That’s interesting.
                No source of androgynous carbon dioxide-as mankind had not yet even evolved.  There were no fives or machines.  During the ice age carbon dioxide levels spiked at eight parts per million.
                I was doing my Ph D at Sheffield University, who have a worldwide reputation for gas analysis.  And analyse the minerals from the Jurassic age.  By analysing the fossilised life within the minerals, we could date the rocks accurately.
                Carbon dates are only get 5000 years.  Radioactive phosphorus 20,000 years.  So four times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  And three natural ice ages.
                The little ice age had twice the present trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  All the carbon dioxide fiction was devise by nuclear power, to distract the world from the Chernobyl incident.
                So also Davies television programmes, are freed PR for nuclear power.  The most toxic Energy System that will ever operate on earth.
                Nature shows us how to do clean free power.  Every 3 minutes around the earth there is a lightening strike.  Set up by heavy rain!  Which itself does molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray+L
                So in the arctic air, we get natural lightning strikes.  And -50° C.  That produce helium and free radical oxygen gases.  The oxygen forms oxygen molecules.  Which are you breathe in.  The helium is lost sight of space within 24 hours.
                This is really interesting physics!  So a one metre a partial steam plasma tube will release 5.8 MW continuously.  From regular water
2              H++e- ->n0                           the three hydrogen ions and electrons bond to form neutrons.
3              1H++r n0 ->E3+L+Xray      these enrich other hydrogen ions.  Which fission into massive free energy, with a video of light and X rays radiation.  No solid radioactive waste.
4              18O2-+s n0 ->161H++16e-                the oxygen is enriched, and undergo as repeated nuclear fission.  Ending up as 16 hydrogen ions and 16 electrons.  He each nuclear fission and converts a neutron into free energy.
                I told Sheffield University this during my PhD 2001.  They ended my studies in blind panic!  As he is only 60 years after the natural climate started cooling.  And they were trying to make a case search for manmade global warming.
                The department and the professors no longer exist.  And the building is used to teach journalism.  All the professors are doing I dread to think!  As are obviously never interested in real science.
                So I told Sheffield University about molecular nuclear fusion in 2001.  They never told the world about the greatest scientific insight ever.  And certainly do not give me the PhD I had earned!
                How much of your money has been wasted?  Governments have charged extra taxes because of man made global warming.  Totally phantom science!  Invented by the paid stooges to nuclear power-the most toxic and least green process ever.
                All the academic work on global warming ceased 2003.  Only eight years after the natural climate started cooling.
                Now we have access to a free, carbon free Energy System: as used by every biological organism on earth.  Molecular nuclear fusion.  Which turns regular water into helium, free radical oxygen, X rays and massive heat.
                Only eight 2m steam plasma tubes will run 100 MW power station: there we have to condense the used steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  To turn thermal energy at higher temperature to the boiler room.
                Utilising a thimble full of regular water a decade.  No fossil fuels.  And no carbon dioxide!  And most critically no hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                So did he will not care!  You’re still be making television or the perceived dangers of carbon dioxide, until he retires.  That is not remotely interested in real science!
                He knows all about photosynthesis: that eat leaves only two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air today.  The a static trace level since before industry.  Before man is towns and cities were built.
                He is happy doing the PR for nuclear power!  This is not nice.  I wait to hear his defence for his fictitious television programme making.  Carbon dioxide is the gas of life.  Its level is totally controlled by nature.
                More circulating carbon dioxide in the environment, more life on earth!  Not more carbon dioxide in the global air.  Photosynthesis does not permit that.

Jonathan Thomason

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