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Clearing cancer etc.

14 March 2015
                All 200 types of cancer, verse science or coronary heart disease and diabetes all have to have an inflated cell structure.  To allow cell replication.  As post pathogen structures are locked in a small
tea cellular stem cells.
                So all cancers have to have no overinflated cell structure.  This allowed medics from 1860s to use lower power ultrasound cause cancer cells to give off X rays.  While not affecting body cells.  Medics have actually found a way to molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US ->He+O+Xray
                They have done routinely for over two centuries, what physicists can’t do.  In actual fact physicist could fire up a steam plasma in a glass tube.  And turn regular water into heat.
2              H2O+T -> 2H2++O2++4e-  oxygen takes carrying a positive charge.  The advancement strips away the valency electrons.
3              rH++e- ->(r+1)n0
4              1H++s n0 ->Es3+L+Xray
5              16O2++8 n0 ->16H++8n0 then 16x equation 4
                A 1m steam plasma tube will liberate 5.8 MW.  So a 10cm steam plasma tube will generate five and 80 kW of heat.  Generating all the heat and power for a hence off regular water.  ¼ thimble full a decade.  No oil, or coal or gas.  Fossil fuel burning is now had totally replaced.
                A steam plasma tube turns regular water into near unlimited free electricity.
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applied High Intensity UltraSound to prostate cancer: the year after I suggested high power ultrasound might be useful treatment for cancer.
                The cancer cell past 60° C-where it is biologically dead.  At 120o C they fragment explosively.  Making the immune system see the distinct cancer cell type as dangerous.  The immune system then makes and actions the specific human antibody to clear the cancer cell type.
                All 200 cancers share six enzymes with viruses.  Am in touch with the antibody off use of Cambridge University.  We can sample for the produce antibodies, and tablets of these enzymes will cure other people of all cancers.
                So next week Cambridge University could years the high powered ultrasound unit used physiotherapists, to clear all cancers in its patients.  He can sample for the active antibodies, and use pills of the enzymes.
                As they are produced naturally in the human body, they do not require double blind testing.  As with Ebola, blood transfusions will be will have recover from cancer last 40 years using ultrasound, will cure other cancer patients are other cancers.
                They have used for this idea in Liberia, to eradicate the recent Ebola outbreak.  Applying present biochemical technology is defective technology, prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Demanding that every registered Dr. who tried to apply present Bio chemistry, is struck from the medical register as around the world.
                To produce the active antibody to all viral infections, it is necessary only to give a drip of interleukin two and four-at doses seen in people getting better from an infection.
                We should sample for the produce antibodies, and replicate this in tablet form.  Will cure other people of the same infection.  This idea works also for HIV.
                I prefer applying HIUS: I use a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device, for ½ minute to the lungs throat and nose.  This causes the virus cells to fragment explosively.  Causing the human immune system to make an action the specific human antibody.
                Are applying the HIUS to the major arteries in the legs will cause the B cells to make an action the specific antibody to the soft body cancer or virus.  This idea will even cure leukemia.  Which turns out not to be a big problem at all.
                External application for ½ minute to any cancerous organ will clear the cancer.
                Repeated application of to the external surface of the head, will cure all heavy rain is falling strikes are accidents like mine: I have 30% brain damage in a road traffic accident.  Strokes our third biggest killer out there!
                Or were: external application of HIUS clears all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  The diabetes is caused by an inflated post viral structure disrupting the innate insulin system.
                ½ minute of external application clears all science or diabetes.  Type two clears pretty instantly.  Type one only remits over three days.  After a single application of HIUS.
                This prohibits any register Dr. from researching, teaching or applying biochemical treatments for cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                I am grateful for medics who published the use of high us in coronary heart disease.  We apply the ultrasound for the same time, both to the top left the chest over the coronary arteries, and also to each kidney.
                This clears primary and secondary coronary heart disease: registered doctors still prescribing biochemical treatments instantly deletes and cells from the medical registers.
                Allowing such individuals to continue in Medical Service is massive medical malpractice.  No biochemical prescription is appropriate for cancers, heart disease or diabetes.
                The medical head of Diabetes UK proposes developing a biochemical cures to type one diabetes.  And then continue applying defective Bio chemistry.  The Hippocratic earth prohibits application of biochemical prescriptions too the well.
                It is incidental!  No register Dr. Can any more research defective biochemical treatments for any other major diseases of age including diabetes.  Even proposing such a move has probably resulted in the striking off of the Dr. who proposed such a stupid science!  Stupid and medically unethical.  The guy he should never ever have been a Dr..
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                Diabetes UK exist for the biochemical treatments of diabetes.  No register Dr. Can any more prescribe biochemistry for diabetes.  Diabetes UK and the serves no purpose.  And must be immediately disbanded.  And raise charitable status revoked.
                Cancer Research does not research HIUS!  You men for last 13 years every Dr. On earth has realised high as clears cancer at one appointment.  Again Cancer Research is medically unethical.  And must be removed from global list of charities around the world.  Disbanded and broken up.
                So only heart health charities researching Bio chemistry must be immediately disbanded!  As the Hippocratic oath prohibits such lethal research work: of cancer diseas is cured.
                Angina and other heart problems excluding coronary heart disease; are cleared by applying the ultrasound to the heart body,
                All mental health problems are cleared by ½ minute of HIUS to each side or the head: I have personally cleared Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS and depression.  Alzheimer’s is the most important cure I have recently made.
                Every Dr. On earth will have raid on my work by six months ago.  And will then globally prohibited from prescribing biochemical treatments.  Yet people are still dying from Alzheimer’s.  There doctors should be struck off, and prosecuted for manslaughter.
                I should every Dr. Has applied defective Bio chemistry to the other diseases of age since 2002.  400 million people around the world have been avoidable he killed!  The biggest deliberate manslaughter in human history.
                Each avoidable death warrants 25 years in jail for each medic involved.  And a fine of $10,000,000.  Shared by the Dr., Health centre, hospital, drug company and national administrator of the Hippocratic oath.
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