Friday, 20 March 2015

Clear baldness, wrinkles and losing weight.

20 March 2015
                Wrinkles and baldness/alopecia are caused by some viral genome, turning off the biological activity of the cell.  Once the illness is cleared, the only post viral cells left behind are those which have just turned up biological activity in the cell.
                We get the same in the gat!  Where biological genome turns off the activity of the cell, and then build a fatty protective sheath around the cell.  So it acts as though bacterial robot.  Turning out copies of the bacterial infection.
                Again cell structures which displaying a factual genome, are usually clears before the fatty plaques protects us cell.  So we are left with non biologically active cells.  So is free is weight gain around our middle.
                All the cell structures share an inflated cell nature.  In order for the cell to divide and grow.  The Moffitt cancer centre give us the answer here in 2002.
                But the beauty people have been making ultrasonic massage devices to clear wrinkles and lose weight, since the 1980s.
                The Moffitt demonstrated that high intensity ultrasound causes inflated structures to experience cell content boiling.  And fragment explosively.
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2
                All 200 types of human cancer out there share the same inflated cell nature.  Physics has realized since the 1980s, that ultrasound causes rapid boiling of liquid water.  A process that skills exponentially with fluid pressure.
                So inflated cell types fragments with ½ minutes of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound.  150 W 40 kHz has the same affect.  As does > 1.5 W 3 MHz as used by physiotherapists to clear scarring.
                I applied around the waist, it will clear all inflated bacterial altered cells.  And their fatty sheaths.  So clearing the weight gain of age.
                HIUS baldness the hair follicles are still there!  But they are cease to be biologically active.  And so only produce the men to use of whisper of hair,
                ½ minute of HIUS to each side or the head will clear such cells.  In my experience frequent use of the ultrasound device is required.  Hair regrowth happens even with weekly ultrasound use.
                This has the added benefit, that HIUS to the head clears mental health problems, and rejuvenates the brain.  The major cause of human ageing.
                With age the active portion of the brain decreases.  HIUS will clear inactive cells, and fully repair the brain function.
                Mental health problems are caused by a viral rumps, just as cancer is.  But here the viral rump makes inappropriate neuro transmitters.  And grows only slowly.
                But it still needs the same overinflated cell nature.  Such cells are cleared by application of HIUS.  New cells being formed at the intact brain stem cells.
                For non physical sports such as snooker, high us applies for ½ minute to each side or the head repeatedly, will restore playing skills.  Allowing Steve Davis to win another world championship!
                Obviously here, the ultrasound applied externally will clear any human cancer.  In only ½ minute.  With no biochemical treatment!  And no trip to see the Dr. or hospital.  My e-book covers heart disease, diabetes etc

                I tried the ultrasound device out on my mother.  She had age onset diabetes type 2.  No mention of it this weekend.
                She was running around after her mother and boyfriend-both in hospital.  This is a sort of trauma which use it makes ladies lose weight.  These were fat days!
                After the HIUS session she lost two and ½ stone in weight.  I also apply the HIUS two her head.
                Only again and she now has blond hair again: he’s had gone grey.  As had mine.  My hair is back to its mid brown.  Which HIU spend all my youth highlighting blond.  Mother sure to be white.

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