Sunday, 15 March 2015

Best medicine

15 March 2015
                In 2002 the world renown Moffitt cancer centre using high intensity ultrasound.  The leading male specific cancer.  Not treated in an agonising fatal fashion!  Guaranteeing death within two years.
                A 100% cure.  I have a style waste a 5 Watts 1 MHz ultrasound massage device is the world’s cheapest medically licensed High Intensity UltraSound.  Every Dr. On earth has promised to apply best medicine.
                HIUS was demonstrated in the 100 patient double blind trial in 2002, J100 percent cancer cure by three professors of medicine.  Since when the biochemical drug industry has marginalise this technology successfully!
                Resulting in the avoidable deaths of 400,000,000 people around this planet.  HIUS also clears coronary heart disease: no applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.  Medically published 2012.  And known to every Dr. On earth.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all science or diabetes in just ½ minute-the standard treatment time.  Any cancer will succumb to HIUS for the same time to the cancer primary, the local lymph nodes, the liver and both sides of the head.
                HIUS applied for ½ minute to each side or the head clears all mental health problems.  I have cleared Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and depression.  All the formal mental health patients have been fully discharged by the energy is there no biochemical medication.  They are cured.
                And yet still people are dying from the diseases of age.  All totally cleared by a single application of HIUS.  Biochemical treatments are globally prohibited.
                Continuing to our minister biochemical treatments lead to the striking off other medics involved.  Who each receive 25 year jail terms for each death they have created.  And no legal fine of $10,000,000.  Shared by the Dr., Hospital & health centre.
                These are supposedly super ethical people.  You are the biggest mass murderers in history.  Each Dr. prescribing the drugs which are avoidable he killed 8000 of their own patients.  He carried total legal fine of one billion each!
                So the biggest mass killing in history!  And he each Dr. Knew perfectly well the effectiveness of HIUS.  And he ignored it, to continue prescribing biochemical treatments for their own financial reward.
                All permitted by the GMC and AMA.  Which each registered Dr. was totally aware they were signing the death warrants for 400,000,000 people around the world.
                Even today he I never told doctors to abandon biochemistry.  When they are totally unaware of the effectiveness of HIUS.  I was being used today on some cancers by the Moffitt an annual sex hospital UK.
                All cancers have an overinflated cell structure in order to grow.  Since the 1860s doctors have applied lower power ultrasound to cancers.  Causing each and every cancer to give off X rays.
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray            US= 5 W 40 kHz ultrasound
                150 Watts 40 kHz ultrasound, only the cancer cells experience cell content boiling.  And fragment explosively.  The most body cells totally undamaged.
                The small level of bystander body cell damage induces an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.  All cells and be replaced by the intact stem cells.
                All 200 cancers out there totally cured by ½ minute of ultrasound.  And no medics are beginning to buy my 5 W ultrasound devices. (it buy the units from UE and Amazon).
                We will see the Dr. is offering HIUS sunk all the help patients from surrounding Health Centres.  To be totally cured.
                We then use HIUS to cure affections.  ½ minute of ultrasound to the chest throat and nose.  And also repair all organs from trauma or other damage.
                So providing extra years of quality life.  Not extra years of biochemical death.  Which is Watts of doctors have promised.  And now I can provide.  Without any use of biochemistry.
                The most fatal technology mankind has ever developed.  Not the best answer to cancer-dating back 13 years.  All prescribing doctors are thus no longer register doctors.
                Alone to continue in Medical Service is massive medical malpractice.  The total legal fine be three times the total economic wealth of the planet.  The biochemical drug industry most bankrupt industry ever.
Jonathan Thomason

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