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Effectiveness of HIUS

28 February 2015
                Above 180 Watts 40 kHz, body tissue experience is deep tissue burns!  Very unpleasant below this level the pressurise cancer cell expenses molecular nuclear fusion.  Something I did not know existed until Moffitt publisher work 2002.
                What happens is that the cell water molecules brought together so hard, the strong atomic force for hydrogen ions is overcome.  And we get nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US+H2O->He2++2OH-+E2+Xray         then 2OH- ->H2O+O2-
                If we apply 2 kW 40 kHz ultrasound a metre flask of water at room temperature boils off in only turn seconds!  As I have personally found out in 1982.
                If we increase the pressure on water, it boils quickly!  That is why diesel engines produce more energy than lower pressure petrol engine.  Even though diesel oil is a lower energy and petroleum fuel.
2              CmHn+O2->(CO2+pH2O-E) or CO2+p(He+E2+Xray)
                So of an internal combustion engine generates helium and X rays.  There is a chemical source of neither!  Oxidising the carbon fuel would take in energy.  It is only the nuclear fusion we are doing that medicine net process hellishly exothermic.
                Now we get to body cells!  They experience ultrasound burns above 180 W.  The pressurise cancer cells experience cell content boiling at only 90 W.
                So the Moffitt stumbles on Sally very interesting!  If you turn up the ultrasound power from 5 W 250 W, the cancer cell does liberate 100 times the X rays, but he also expenses cell content boiling.
                So are just the cancer cells fragment!  Inducing an immune action to clear the distinct cancer cell type throughout the body.
                At the Moffitt thought they could charge $10,000 for a HIUS machine.  I used to work in metallurgical ultrasound.  And after six months I discovered medics have licensed 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound massage devices to clear wrinkles.
                Arthritis use such devices to clear scarring.  These were massively inexpensive HIUS devices.  Physiotherapists wanted 100 pounds per such a device.  The duty people was cell and also massage device that emitted HIUS, for only £45.00.
                Due to my publicity, these devices decrease in price.  But the crucial thing is the 1 W strong atomic force for hydrogen atoms.  I think the strong atomic force for hydrogen ions might be lower.
                So the ultrasound would induce turbulence, causing a hydrogen ions to interact at above the strong atomic force: were hygiene ions fuse to form helium.  We are back to 1.
                The nursing establishment says today ‘’ HIUS can’t have any effect’!  Published science conclusively demonstrates that HIUS will cause nuclear fusion in pressurised cells.
                And all 200 cancers out there are pressurised-in order to divide and grow in the human body.  So O level physics teaches our mass of HIUS will selectively destroying cancer cells.
                First year undergraduate immunology at university, teaches us that exploding cells are viewed by the body as dangerous.  And cleared throughout the body.
                So HIUS makes cancer dangerous.  It is published science!  And every registered Dr. on earth has promised to evaluate the apply best medicine.  HIUS clears cancer at one appointment.
                Only ½ minute of the ultrasound will clear primary, and cause the immune system to clear all secondaries.  He really is that simple!  Nurses argue that they are only do what doctors tell them to do.
                But the Hippocratic oath demands every registered Dr. To evaluate and use HIUS.  And they have their own instruct all the nurses to use an ultrasound emitter to clear all cancers.
                As biochemical treatments produce agonising death in two years.  High as clears all cancers totally in one appointment.  And the cheapest HIUS device is an ultrasonic massage device.
                I have percent violated our 150 W 40 kHz is HIUS: so all doctors can buy 150 W massage device certain in life to the will clear cancers, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, iBS and the other diseases of age.
                For all hard body cancers apply externally to the affected organ for ½ minute.  I got a message from America today, that a minute of HIUS to the chest will clear all soft body cancers, were also clearing all viral and bacterial infections.  Including HIV and Ebola.  Which biochemistry has singularly failed to cure.
                Ebola has sporadic pounds for every 25 years.  Which died totally naturally!  We no more about fatalities this time in Africa; but it is doubtful the disease has been more fatal than previously.  All previous fire as direct naturally.
                When they encountered western medicine, A single course of fungal antibiotics saw them all.  In the same way that fungal antibiotics clear all viruses including common cold.  They have no direct action.  They had used in excretion of the active anti viral for full viral infections.
                HIUS works better.  Tackling even weak viruses like HIV.
                2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear coronary heart disease.  Since that date no registered medic has air thickly been permitted to prescribe biochemical treatments for coronary heart disease.
                He each avoidable death in carrying 25 years in jail, and a legal fine of $10,000,000.
                I have cured 30 diabetics in my church health group.  A 100% clearance rate!  And no, the individuals would rather not go on record.  As the doctors have threatened them to keep quiet.  So they can continue prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.
                Leading to multi organ failure.  It have a simple!  An ultrasound massage devices salt or medical licence.  It does not harm regular body cells.  It is clears away in the inflated cells causing diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
                These devices around in the environment!  Your niece probably possesses one.  To aid with weight loss.  Just ½ minute of external use will clear all the diseases of age.  No need to trouble the GP.
                They are only interested in biochemical prescriptions-to generate an income.  So scene of they have promised to use best medicine.  Which he is so obviously HIUS.  There faithfully promised to evaluate and use it.
                Nurses just do what ever the I had told!  Now HIUS clears all the diseases of age, we can get on with improving years of quality life.  HIUS will clear away defective and damaged cells.  We rejuvenate the body.
                Repairing the senses of smell, touch and hearing.  When we apply HIUS to the eyes to restore the sight, we must apply it to closed eyelids.
                Removing the need for glasses, hearing aids or extra strong spices.  We can also clear the bacterial structure which lays down a fatty sheath and causes the weight gain of age.  The original use of an ultrasonic massage devices.
                So Bio chemistry aims to cure nothing.  High as cures the diseases of age in ½ minute.  And every Dr. On earth has pledged to use best medicine.  Ask your GP why they don’t!

Jonathan Thomason

Miraculous cure to lukemia

28 February 2015
                Medics had already put on record that high intensity ultrasound applied externally will cure all body cancers.  I have personally demonstrated 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound for ½ minute is HIUS.
                I have personally demonstrated 30 diabetics, HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage will clear all types of diabetes.
                All six members of my church health group no longer have coronary heart disease.  It will even clear raise blood pressure.
                So they were my American contacts tell me that she had lukemia.  It with a nice to have been told this in advance.  Presumably to apply the HIUS repeatedly for ½ minute to the chest.  I would have advocated also to the long bones in the legs.
                It obviously was not important!  As she no longer has leukaemia.  HIUS clears soft body cancer.  So it will also clear HIV and Ebola.
                Using a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device: which is likely are licensed for unsupervised human use.  To clear wrinkles and help you lose weight.  Physiotherapists have used such devices for 30 years to clear limb damage.
                I have used my most recently to clear a head injury sustained for walking the dog!  Medics gave me 3 stikes.  Once removed I used HIUS: so I learned the injury to heal naturally.
                I then removed the scarring.  My nursing friend is was staggered!  I am more staggered at curing leukaemia.
                Also curing New York Diabetics 5000 miles away.  This is actually my degree: our Systems Engineering.  I just applied to medicine.  My old professor would have been so proud.
                Unfortunately died January 14th.  He never told me he was ill!  So I have probably already worked out the answer to his illness.

Jonathan Thomason

The next Russian revolution

28 February 2015
                They say any society is only three decent meals away from our evolution.  Today I saw a news item stating that future in high cut in wages by 10%.  I was incredulous!
                Cutting can always use is almost a stupid as cutting the army wages.  These are people who collect your taxes!  They have spent all their ears an increase wages, only to see the Russian economy tank.
                This is the Internet age!  So I Googled it.  The financial times confirmed the story. Rights.
Russian workers in wage-cut protest
Two thousand workers at Russia’s biggest car plant took to the streets on Thursday to protest against wage cuts and a reduced working week as Russia battles its biggest economic decline since the early 1990s.
The protest at the AvtoVAZ plant in Tolyatti on the Volga river is the latest test for the government’s handling of growing social dissatisfaction as unemployment nears eight-year highs.
                Contact the Financial Times before you replicate this article!  I am a private citizen.  He makes no money from publicising the work of the Financial Times.
                This is a country in severe trouble.  Its funds in European Banks have been frozen HIU two the Ukrainian problem.  Which is all of Putin’s doing.  Trying to undo the democratic wishes of the Ukrainian people.
                There is no democratic process movement in Russian.  Indeed today I note that the political critique of Putin’s has been critically shot.
                Pressure joined the free market under Gorbechov.  But the reason crashing of the oil and gas prices, allied to the bank freezing of Russian assets, has cent of the Russian rouble into free fall.
                The gas and oil price crash has been as the world has realized that a one metre steam plasma tube, will generate a constant 6 MW of heat.  For free!
                A one metre gas row of burners only releases 25 MW.  A metal dust be overpriced.  So eight 2m steam plasma tubes will drive 100 MW power station with no fossil fuel burn.  No carbon dioxide production.
                The next financial crash will be EDF.  As the world prohibits uranium fission.  Doing clean, safe and free molecular nuclear fusion.  Turning regular water into near unlimited heat.
                Using a high school physics.  Which leaves EDF with no income stream.  And the world’s second biggest store of fuel grade radioactive waste.
                The largest tour is at Sellafield!  Sold British nuclear to China.  Bankruptcy looms.
                But now we have a nuclear nation economic meltdown.  President Putin my only have 3 days left in control of the nuclear launch button.
Jonathan Thomason

All cancers curable this week

28 February 2015
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applied high intensity ultrasound to cancer.  In a single appointment all the cancer cells fragment it explosively.  Clearing the disease totally.
                Every Dr. On earth has promised to evaluate the apply best medicine.  So he 13 I have personally demonstrated that 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound massage device would totally clear inoperable liver cancer in under a minute.
                I have changed over to a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet, cleared by 30 diabetics are there condition.  Also all six heart patients.
                Medics have published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear all coronary heart disease.  HIUS to the heart mass will clear other heart problems.
                So by Christmas 2002 every Dr. On earth have to the affectiveness of HIUS.  At this juncture the required by the Hippocratic oath to abandon prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.  They didn’t!
                The expense cover some stories about high us two years ago.  Since then the supposedly free press has not covered the most important news story in history.  The devices can be purchased a masonry cheaply over the Internet.
                The other week they were at 12 dollars!  This week there shot up to $34.00!  As running a lot of people are buying these.
                Just ½ minute to the cancer primary will clear the cancer.  I advocate is time to each armpit, and each other brain.  And a minute to the liver and local lymph nodes.  We are talking about 0.003¢.  And no GP or hospital involvement.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage will clear all types of diabetes.  Though type one only remits after three days.
                In 2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear coronary heart disease.
                These three diseases account for 98.5% of the NHS budget.  He each avoidable death caused by continuing biochemical prescription, warrants 25 years in jail and a fine of $10,000,000.
                Show by Dr., Health centre and hospital.  It accounts for three times the total economic wealth of this planet.  The NHS has supervised the avoidable killing of six million British people.
                And Seymour budget increases every year since 2002.  The biggest killing spree in human history.  Your GP the world’s biggest mass murderers!  And no newspaper will cover the story.

Jonathan Thomason    

Clearing cancer totally

28 February 2015
                Was medically published by the world leading Moffitt cancer centre: that was set up we seed funding of $76,000,000, to find a cure to cancer.
                They are funded in High Intensity UltraSound.  But in horror realised it made no money.  So reverted to prescribing biochemical treatments.  The Hippocratic earth prohibits any register Dr. From are applying defective medicine.
                For last 13 years biochemical treatments have been such defective medicine!  For all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  In cancer apply externally to the affected organ for only ½ minute.
                For coronary heart disease we apply to the top left the chest and each kidney, he each area ½ minute.  This clears all types of coronary heart disease.
                ½ minute of ultrasound to the bottom right of the chest over the pancreas, clears all diabetes.  Though type one only remits in the course of three days.  Type two pretty instantly.
                I have found 150 W 40 kHz to be HIUS.  I now utilises 5 W 1 MHz.  The >1.5 W 3 MHz ultrasound unit medically licensed for physiotherapists use, in every nursing office in every health centre on earth, also HIUS.
                So for 0.003¢ G P’s can totally clear every cancer on earth.  It works for all 200 cancers out there.  Which share a non native inflated cell structure.  High as causes such structures to experience cell content boiling-and fragment.  Leaving the condition.
                It does not affect Bio chemistry.  So every patient should be given a session of HIUS, then a cup of T/Coffee.  And gain a low power ultrasound.
                The cancer will be shrinking!  So reduced dose of drugs is required.  Only cancer is gone, the Hippocratic earth demands that every registered Dr. Does not make it the individual.
                Go to hospital, they are also harm the physiotherapists HIUS unit.  If they do not give patients a session of HIUS ancer clear the cancer, they are failing the patient.
                The Hippocratic oath demands application of best medicine.  And that defective medicine should be abandoned.
                Here in the UK the cancer care institute have disorders six months of extra life is worth 13,000 pounds.  But HIUS cures all cancers at one appointment.  Rendering all biochemical prescriptions globally prohibited defective medicine.
                Cancer, disease and diabetes account for 98.5% of the economic activity of hospitals.  HIUS cures all cancers.  Saving the NHS 15 billion UK pounds a year.  Money which were gone to American drug companies.
                If you have cancer, you can purchase your own 5 W 1 MHZ ultrasound massage device over the Internet.  In my personal experience this clears all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                The three major diseases of age.  It also clears asthma, iBS and arthritis.  Asthma requires a full minute to the chest.  The rioters may require multiple half minute applications to the affected joint.
                ½ minute of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose cures all bacterial and viral infections.  Including HIV and Ebola.  The medical world has used change!
                This will stop the development of cancers and the rest.  And totally remove the need for any biochemical medicine.  Every registered Dr. on earth is required to evaluate them all five the best medicine.
                HIUS was medically proved and published 13 years ago.  Since when registered doctors have avoidable he killed 400 million people of the inappropriate use of biochemical medicines.  The biggest psychopathic killing in history.
                He each avoidable death results in a 25 year jail term.  And a legal fine of $10,000,000.  Against the Dr. Health centre and hospital.  Just one biochemical prescription medicine Dr. From the medical register.
                Allowing them to continue Medical Service is medical malpractice!  Dating back 13 years.  Lawyers are going to take medicine to the cleaners.  Poor law firms themselves have legally defended defective biochemical patents.
                The Hippocratic oath has avoided all biochemical patents.  Destroying the value of the biochemical industry.  Wanting dismissal of the law firm from the legal register.

Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 27 February 2015

Biggest killing in history

27 February 2015
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applied high intensity ultrasound to prostate cancer.  And got a one appointment cure.  Ultrasound initiates molecular nuclear fusion in pressurise cancer cells
1              H2)+US ->He+O+E2+Xray            
                Medics realized they would emit nuclear fusion.  As there is no chemical source of X rays.  And no fossil source of nuclear fission.  So we are doing nuclear fusion at 30° C.
                This works for all cancers out there!  The Moffitt did high intensity ultrasound work personal and cancer biopsies.  And realise they are on increasing the X ray production by a factor of 100.
                When we apply the technique to prostate cancer, there cells experience cell content boiling and fragmented explosively.  We are talking academics here!  So-they talked to physics.  A more well aware they were doing nuclear fusion.
                So this technique works for all 200 cancers out there.  Which have to have an overinflated cell structure in order to divide and grow in a single cell fashion: using the single cell helicase.
                I am an engineer!  And Italy six months to work this out.  Am not a university lecturer.  So they had always figured out in 2002.
                His insulin made biochemical treatments are defective medicine: globally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Which medical schools taught students!  So they are well aware that research into biochemical treatments and cancer was now prohibited medicine.
                There he didn’t care!  30 years later they are still doing medically unethical research work.  For money.
                This is so serious because he’s has permitted biochemical drug companies to continue selling their toxins.  Resulting in the avoiable deaths of 400,000,000 people around the world.  The biggest homicide in history.
                In England the Hippocratic oath invalidated by the General Medical council.  A body of legally are medically licensed individuals.  Who are all realized in 2002 that biochemical treatments were then defective medicine.
                They have failed to give out guidance to abandon biochemistry.  Helping with her biggest psychopathical homicide in history.  Which continues to this day!  Fed 27 2015.  And will continue until the GMC issues guidance to adopt HIUS, and instantly abandoned biochemical treatments.
                HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease.  Again no guidance has been issued to doctors to abandon biochemistry.  Fatal technology!  Every registered Dr. Is aware that biochemical treatments are defective medicine.
                University medical schools still teach biochemistry.  A course of action specifically prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  That every university lecturer has freely taken.
                National medical regulators must immediately issue guidance to prohibits biochemical prescriptions.  And employed high intensity ultrasound!  The world’s first repeatable total cure to cancer.
                The defective medics are no longer register doctors.

Jonathan Thomason

No defective research

27 February 2015
                In the 20th century it was sort of biochemistry was the best answer to cancer.  Then in 2002 the world renown Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that high intensity ultrasound will clear cancer at one appointment.  Suddenly all Bio chemistry for cancer was defective medicine prohibited by the Hippocratic Air oath.
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                This is a source of the X rays messages to detect cancer cells since the 1860s: molecular nuclear fusion.  Here turning water into helium and oxygen gases.  With the release of massive heat and X rays.
                What the Moffitt are actually did was dimer the Ultraound Power from five for 150 W 40 kHz.  As the emission of X rays when a cancer cell show the ratio to cancer growth.
                Become a cell contents boiling only in the cancer cells.  They fragment explosively.  Clearing cancer cells from the primary.  And certainly an action to clear secondary cancer cells.
                In my personal experience 150 W 40 kHz clears all cancers in ½ minute.  Ultrasound burns cuts in at 180 W.  Deep tissue burns are very unpleasant.  But the 150 W has no dioces affect on body cells.
                It selectively kills cancer cells.  The holy grail of medicine!  Hygiene medicine react?  They ignore this.  Again and researching Bio chemistry.
                Which is never going to cure cancer!  Just treat it in an expensive and fatal fashion.  The Hippocratic Air oath prohibits such research.  You’re not permitted to research defective medicine.
                And all academic medics are registered doctors!  Or rather were.  Just one medical publication on biochemistry in care is a dismissal of that medic from medical registers throughout the world.
                But no now seeing exist today is a cancer patients until they die.  But now no registered medic is allowed to prescribe biochemical treatments for cancer.  Prescribing doctors are similarly dismissed.
                So man and nursing now has no objective!  It can’t get the drugs to ensure people suffer a turbine horrible death.
                Cancer Research raises money for biochemical research.  And the register doctors could unnecessary esearch.  But says 2002 no register Dr. Is permitted to use such research.
                And every registered Dr. Has taken the Hippocratic oath!  Promising immediate dismissal if they ever research defective medicine.  Every academic medic on earth is no longer a registered Dr.!
                Cancer Research must return all monies.  And disband!  If it be searched High Intensity UltraSound it’s much better cleared continue.  But it does not do HIUS research.
                150 W 40 kHz, 5 W 1 MHZ, >1.5 W 3 MHz are all HIUS!  The latter emitted by the physiotherapy ultrasound unit in every nursing office in the world.  So to device will clear all 200 human cancers out there!  No biochemistry required.
                There is us no Cancer Research that needs doing.  The effectiveness of the ultrasound is given by the frequency power product.  Ideally we want a value over six million.  A 100% effectiveness.
                Against all cancers, heart disease and diabetes: for heart disease apply the HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys.  For diabetes to the lower right of the rib cage.
                So we cure cancer at one appointment!  Eradicating a need for MacMillan nursing.  Cancer is now cures.  And has been for 13 years.  People are still dying duty inappropriate prescription of biochemical treatments.
                The Dr. is responsible are no longer register doctors.  Alone to continue Medical Service is medical malpractice.  The total fine be in excess of three times the economic wealth of the planet.
                Drug companies argue only a few cancers are cured.  The primary care is being prostate cancer.  Still surgeons do cancer surgery.  And doctors prescribe inappropriate biochemical treatments.
                Each instance once and 825 year jail sentence for every Dr. Involved.  And at $10,000,000 fine.  Against a Dr., Health centre, hospital and drug company.
                Drug company is are thus the most bankrupt companies that have ever or will exist.  No need news suffer from cancer.  You can purchase your own 5 Watts 1 MHz ultrasound massage device.
                ½ minute of external application at maximum power, will totally clear any cancer.  Application to the lungs, throat and nose for half minute will cure all infections.  Bacterial and viral.
                Stopping the development of cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  And every Dr. on earth is required by the Hippocratic oath, to be aware of and applies best medicine.
                Since 2002 the has been realise that HIUS clears all cancers.  What ever the drug companies say!  All cancers.  So no register Dr. Is any more allowed to prescribe biochemical treatments.  And yet they do.
                Such individuals are no longer register doctors.  This is the biggest psychopathic killing in history!  400 million people around the world had died in excruciating agony.  Needlessly.
                ½ minute of HIUS would have cured them all.  As every Dr. Is aware!  These are not nice people.  This is the biggest avoidable killing on record.  And the killing goes on.
                Medics and their families flight to the Moffitt.  To have a single application of HIUS.  The doctors return to the UK and continue killing their patients using biochemical treatments.  Fully aware of what they’re doing!
                There is no defence.  These people have no right to be in the Health Systems.  They are paid killers.  Academic medics are especially well informed about HIUS.  And yes continue publishing medical documents on biochemistry.  Prohibited, defective and fatal medicine.

Jonathan Thomason

Saving important lives

27 February 2015
                Since 2002 family members of doctors flow across to the Moffitt, for a single application of high intensity ultrasound to cure a cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                So personally incurable diseases, which doctors still prescribe stratospherically expensive biochemical treatments.
                Only ½ minute of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound will clear all cancers and the rest.  Heart disease requires HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys.  Diabetes to the bottom right of the rib cage.
                Total cure!  No biochemistry required.  They are registered doctors are still prescribing biochemical treatments.  To all British people.  And poor Americans-who could not afford the air fare to Florida.
                An a string four was so obviously defective medicine!  Usually resulting in death within two years.  The doctors proclaiming they are super ethical.  Why are embarking on the biggest homicide in history.
                Every Dr. Pledged to be fully aware and apply best medicine.  Any Dr. Who did not know about HIUS should have been struck of years ago!  As a dangerous moron.
                And as it transpires the largest mass murder in history.  If my thoughts were wrong-e-mail me and tell me why!  I will be absolutely delighted to publish the correspondence.

Jonathan Thomason

Best medicine

27 February 2015
                In 2002 the internationally acclaimed Moffitt cancer centre in Florida publisher hundred patient double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound clearing prostate cancer at one appointment.  This works for all cancers!  Which share a non native inflated cell structure.
                Physics has published the rapid boiling of liquid water, a process that skills exponentially with fluid pressure.  So HIUS that causes cancer cells to fragment explosively as the contents boil, and the warm body cells by plants and 16° C.
                We are doing molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                There is no chemical source of X rays.  And there is no possible source of nuclear fission: toxic to all life on earth.

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                To plant has no renounced uranium fission.  But the present PM is trying to restart the nuclear programme.
                A steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion.  That is eight times as energetic as uranium fission.  Goes off from regular water.  And produces no toxic waste.
2              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                It is the Energy System used by all biological life on earth: you do it as you heart beats!  It produces no toxic waste.  It uses no enriched heavy metal isotope.  It is clean free eit safe power.
                That is Energy System Japan needs to use.

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                 Any register medic has faithfully promised to verify and apply best medicine.  And not to research, teach are applying defective medicine.  2002 biochemical treatments for cancer became such defective medicine.
                Health Services have a high power ultrasound unit designed for physiotherapists use: this is >1.5 W 3 MHz ultrasound.  Which is HIUS.
                I have personally validated the slightly less effective 5 W 1 MHZ.  Which is 30 cheaper to apply than 150 W.  I utilising ultrasound massage device bought via Google.  They cancer medical licence for unsupervised human use.
                Is has no detrimental affect on body cells!  Clearing the way it scarring, and the pressurised structures causing the diseases of age.  Like cancer.

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                 2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear all types of coronary heart disease.
                2008 document started appearing on the application of HIUS to lower right of the rib cage to clear all science or diabetes: at this juncture all register doctors have to apply the high power ultrasound machine in the nursing office to fission so diabetes.
                Only ½ minute of HIUS will clear all the major diseases of age: cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  A minute of HIUS to the chest will clear asthma.  Rendering asthma inhalers globally prohibited defective medicine.
                ½ minute of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose will clear all infections.  Stopping the development of the diseases of age.  Including operations!

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                So by 2003 no register Dr. around the world can prescribe biochemical treatments.  And yet they did!  Causing 400 million avoidable deaths around the world.  All in direct contravention to the Hippocratic oath.
                Such individuals are no longer register doctors.  Alone to continue in Medical Service is medical malpractice: the biggest legal court cases out there.
                On Monday in every cancer patient can be cured.  In ½ minute.  Here that the health centre or hospital.  All biochemical treatments for cancer were prohibited 2002.
                I have lost two non blood family members to diabetes.  After 2008.  This is first degree murder.
                He each avoidable death results in a 25 year jail term for each the medics involved.  And $100,000,000 fine for the Dr., Health centre and hospital.
                Ultrasound will save the NHS 19.5% of its economic activity.  This saving being passed on directly to the British taxpayer.  No Dr. Has prescribed Bio chemistry since 2002 should be allowed to enter an NHS hospital ever again.
                A steam plasma tube will turn regular water into heat.  With eight times the potency of hyper toxic uranium fission.  Which must cease is a process instantly!  Or metal oxide fission tubes being replaced by the paid nine steam turbine tubes.
                A fossil ecosphere 2000 volts will start the plasma off.  Eight 2m steam plasma tubes will drive 100 MW power station continuously.  With no toxic waste!  Why is anyone be still are lying uranium fission to happen?
                The most toxic and dangerous process that will ever operate on earth.  Should have been stopped in the 1950s!  Before Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.  Watch this space for the next incident!
                PM Edo must not be allowed to restart Japanese uranium fission.  Do safe, clean and free molecular nuclear fusion.  Not hyper toxic an inherently unsafe uranium fission.  Read my story Jonathan Thomason: Books, Biography, Blog ...

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 And the world's girst factual ghost story

Jon's Text: TV ghost!

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Jonathan Thomason