Monday, 1 December 2014

Replacing oil!

1 December 2014
                Burning oil does molecular nuclear fusion:
1              CmHn+pO2+T->n/2He+mCO2+L+Xray+E12               p=m       L= light
2              CmHn+pO2->n/2H2O+mCO2-E2
                There is no chemical source of either helium, visible light or X rays.  We also note that oxidising carbon fuels takes in energy.  There is a more efficient way he to do molecular nuclear fusion.  Fire up a steam plasma
3              H2O+T->He+O+L+Xray+E23                T= turbulence
                More about this later!
                In the present boil cycle, the amount of molecular nuclear fusion we do give her arms on local turbulence and carefully structures.
                Injecting the combustion products in a turbulent fashion, increases the energy output of the system.  Titanium plating the boiler plate and Nimonic turbine blades we use doubles the power output of the system.
                During the annual shutdown, and applying a fake titanium plate will halve at oil or gas burn.  To produce the same power outputs.  So as taught to me at Sheffield University in 1983.
                Nuclear power this in dread of somebody noticing a conventionally five power station already does nuclear fusion.  I was taught this, and my metallurgy master’s degree!
                Nice, simple and quick to applied.  To be honest evaluating a steam plasma tube is the weekend’s work.
                We take a 1mx2cm glass tube, and an external source of steam.  Like a paint stripper.  We charge to the tumour up to two atmospheres.  Then we strike up the steam plasma.
                We do get nuclear fusion:
4              2H++T ->He2++E24             E4= nearly the relativistic conversion of a whole hydrogen ion.
                We also get the more energetic hydrogen fission
5              H++e- ->n0
6              H++r n0->E25+L+Xray
                We also see the weekly exothermic fission of oxygen ions.  And later, the fissioning of helium ions
7              16O2-+s n0->16H++18e-+E6
                A hydrogen plasma is 20 times as exothermic.  There will melt all the engineering plant we years!  We prefer a steam plasma.  Lightning demonstrates a 2m steam plasma will liberate a constant 11.6 MW.
                A running a steam engine only produces 2.4 MW per fire tube, as a combustion products pass through the tubes.  They are still reach a service engineer 3000° C.  And do not melt choose the presence of liquid water around them.
                The service of a lightning bolt reaches 10,000,000° C, as it does molecular nuclear fusion!  Faithfully that is very localised heat.  So people have survived being struck by a lightening down strike.
                10x2m steam plasma tubes will happily run 100 MW power station continuously.  From regular water.  None of the endothermic oxidation of overpriced fossil fuels.
                A steam plasma tube looks to be eight times as exothermic as hyper toxic uranium fission tube.  And generates no toxic radioactive waste.  Fission tubes are 24 times as exothermic as fossil fuel burning.
                So a steam plasma tube is 192 times as exothermic as a 2m row of gas or oil burners.  We need to submerge only 10 such tubes in a water boiler, to replace the burning of all fossil fuels.
                Ideally done during the annual shutdown.  When there station fires up again, it will consume a minuscule trace of regular water.  And burn no fossil fuels!  So producing no carbon dioxide.
                But the extra 0.0004% carbon dioxide emitted by every day and by burning the fossil fuels, has just served to increase plant and animal life on earth.  There is still a preindustrial two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air.  By 12.10pm every afternoon, we are back in to only 2ppm carbon dioxide in the global air.
                Photosynthesis is a major life support system on land and seas.  Man is cities and towns are too minuscule an area to have any global significance at all.  Nature has not even noticed that mankind has evolved.
                The dinosaurs had the earth for 650 million years.  Mankind from he is the earliest hominids, has only been on earth for 5000!
                A static trace gas affects nothing.  Which is why all science work on man made global warming stopped 2003.  Hopefully nobody ever thought up manmade climate change was her thing other than biological nonsense from nuclear power!
                For the educated reporters are still writing copy on man made climate change.  They need to go and get our high school education!  Carbon dioxide levels are static.
                But now we can do nuclear fusion of hydrogen fission on earth.  Direct access to the Energy System of the universe.  Stars shine tutor hydrogen fission!  The nuclear fusion only produces the heavier atomic masses endothermically.
                And this science was all worked out at the start of the industrial revolution.  When mankind first use the steam cycle to generate electricity.  He has stumbles across molecular nuclear fusion.
                Hydrogen fission is a more energetic and cleaner Energy System.  It produces non other hyper toxic radioactive waste of uranium fission.
                It uses regular water.  All the hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of it.  Hydrogen fission produces no solid waste at all!  The cleanest energy there is.  My thanks to the PH D supervisor at Sheffield University who are medically started we are researching molecular nuclear fusion.  In 2001.
                He ended my PH D, as he realise I could totally fix the phantom science of man made global warming.  Hydrogen fission is a better Energy System.

Jonathan Thomason

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