Sunday, 30 November 2014

Biggest mass killing

30 November 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that High Intensity UltraSound cleared prostate cancer one appointment.  Since that date or surgery of biochemical treatments for prostate cancer had been medical malpractice.
                They antipar published hundred individual double blind trial!  Demonstrate in 100% effectiveness.  This works for all pressurise cells!  And all cancers have non native pressurised cell types.
                So the cancer cells are selectively destroyed leaving the bulk of the organ totally undamaged.  Massively more effective than surgery!  You keep the bulk of your organ.  The minimal cell damage to body cells inducing an immune action to clear cancer throughout the body.
                Both primaries and secondaries.  So all 200 cancers out there would totally curable with one application of HIUS.  And medics are the world experts on applying ultrasound to the human body.
                150 W 40 kHz is HIUS.  As is the 5 W 1 MHz I now use-as he is more affective.  Though how can you get more than 100% effective!  Physiotherapists have spent 25 years writing papers on 8 W 3 MHz.  The effectiveness is the power frequency product.  So the 3 MHz device is are the world’s most effective.
                I use a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device, bought from Ebay.  That is medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  All ultrasonic massage devices are!
                2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear all types of coronary heart disease.  In that year coronary heart disease ceased to be the world’s biggest killer.
                There is no need to C a GP!  You can buy and use your own HIUS device.  Applied to the chest, throat and nose for only ½ minute (the standard treatment time) it will clear all viral and bacterial infections.  Which will stop cancer etc.  from happening.
                I applied to the bottom right of the chest for the same time it will clear all science or diabetes.  Type 1 only clears over three days.  Type 2 within 10 years.  No biochemistry for any these conditions is ever required.
                Every registered GP was familiar with this science 2002.  But has continued to prescribe biochemical treatments for their own financial gain, ensuring their patients expensive, agonising and rapid death.
                In total contravention to the Hippocratic oath.  Permeated and encouraged by all professors of medicine.  Also the national regulators.  Like the AMA & GMC.
                Doctors  have collectively executed 400,000,000 people around the world.  The Second World War only killed 60,000,000.  Doctors have done that every other year!
                Totally aware that there are committing the biggest mass murder in history.  And the massively over paid for it.  The mafia only pay $2,000 for a hit.  Doctors got the$50,000.  For killing their own patients!
                And the killing continues!  Are you being killed?

Jonathan Thomason

More life!

30 November 2014
                The most fertile seas in the world are around Iceland!  Here geothermal steam vents into the cold arctic seas.  As the steam bubbles collapse, nature does molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray+L     T= turbulence    l= light
                So nature does nuclear fusion from water, or -20° C.  Water is a compound of hydrogen.  And the causing bubbles gives us our turbulence.  We can easily achieve this in the North Sea.
                The simplest way is to drill down to the geothermal water.  Which as it vents, vapour rises!  And the collapsing steam bubbles in place of a natural geothermal vent.
                We should salute the immediate area with extremophile bacteria.  From around the geothermal vents.  Which happily live at 250° C!  Matzinger pressure will experience, the water will still be liquid at that temperature.
                But lightening also does molecular nuclear fusion!  Both lightning and geothermal water emit light and X rays.  From which we can be sure we are doing nuclear processes.  And there is no source of nuclear fission.  So we are doing nuclear fusion.
                Lightning uses heavy rain to turn regular water into the fusion end products in 1.  There are no chemical sources of helium, X rays or visible light.  It turns out photochemistry is actually doing molecular nuclear fusion.
                When we get a potential of 5000 volts, created by the Alpha particles carrying the positive charge to above the clouds and the negative charge fall into the ground, we get a lightening down strike!  A 2cm x 1,5km partial steam plasma.  Which fixes all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.
                A lightning strike occurs every 3 minutes around the air.  They also emit all frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.  As thei produce 5 tonnes of helium nuclear.  This equates two 6 MW/m.
                We have a series of 2cm x the 2 meter glass tubes immersed in the sea.  He is so it is a metal cylinder, with cork spacers to prevent thermal shock.  We fire up the steam plasma.  At four atmospheres it will self sustain.
                Liberating a constant 12 MW of heat.  Which will produce a stream of rising bubbles.  Which every 10 feet will collapse, doing yet more molecular nuclear fusion!  Releasing three times as many bubbles.
                We have created artificial hot smoker.  The surrounding extremophile bacteria will support massive ecosystems.  The seas around the Iceland are the richest fishing grounds in the world.  We can produce that number of fish along North Sea coastal see waters.
                The fishing quotas will go out of the window.  We can repeat this trick in all the seas of the world.  It chair our steam plasma tubes will create a stream of helium and oxygen bubbles.  The C immediately above will be so full of life.
                The constraint to life will minuscule trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  Burning the fossil fuels only releases 0.0004% of the organic carbon there used to life in prehistory.
                This science is already published in parts around the Internet.  I told Sheffield University this in 2001.  They ended my PH D in blind panic!  Molecular nuclear fusion can replace direct sun light all over the world.

Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Massive killing by medics

29 November 2014
                The Moffitt cancer centre first applied High Intensity UltraSound to cancer in 2002.  And had a one appointment total cure!  They confirm this 100 individual double blind trial.  So cancer is cured!
                What it is no Dr. use this technology?  Certainly not on the general public.  Even I nurses to die inexpensive a standing agony.  Though it makes a Dr. no money!
                Now promised to apply best medicine irrespective of finance.  They ignore that!  No penalty for transgressing the Hippocratic oath is to he struck off.
                So all doctors who have continued to prescribe biochemical treatments for cancer since 2002, should not have been allowed to continue to practice medicine!  To do so is massive medical malpractice.  The legal fine for which is stupendous!  We are talking or four times the economic wealth of the planet.
                The are prescribing and killing goes on!  You may be the first is are being killed by your own GP.  Apply a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device over the Internet.  The cheapest are only $20.00.
                This will totally clear any cancer.  I applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys, HIUS clears coronary heart disease.  No biochemical treatment ever applicable.
                And every registered Dr. Knows about HIUS!  HIUS to the bottom right sections clears all science or diabetes.  No diabetic drunks ever appropriate.
                We are talking about 98% of doctors on this planet, who will never be licensed to practice medicine ever again.  The bulk of which should not be practicing medicine for last 12 years.
                The lawyers are going to have an absolute field day!  Which will not bring back the 400 million people killed by inappropriate biochemical treatments.
                The drug company is always knew they were selling defective medicine.  There will be totally dismissed for medicine on Monday.

Jonathan Thomason

Medical malpractice!

29 November 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre publisher hundred individual double blind trial, on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer.  It works because all cancers show up A non native inflated cell structure.
                To learn and grow in a viral sort away!  Bacteria also share the same inflated cell structure.
150 Watts 40 kHz is HIUS.  I now use the more affective 5 W 1 MHz.  For the an ultrasonic massage device purchased over the Internet.  Which are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.
                They clear all limb damage and scarring.  They also clear all 200 types of cancer out there.  Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys so to device will clear all science or coronary heart disease in the same ½ minute!
                Applied to the bottom right of the rib cage, they also clear all science of diabetes.  Though type one takes three days to totally remit.  Type 2 only 10 minutes.
                These are the three main areas activity by Astra Zeneca.  It exchanged all its cancer patents for patents on asthma inhalers in 2010.  It also laid off all is cancer researchers.
                As far as I know, he’s has never actually bothered to buy any new cancer patents.  Accepting the condition was totally cleared.
                So no register Dr. was allowed to five biochemical treatments to cancer ethically since 2002.  They have done so for their own naked financial greed.  Ensuring their patients agonising death within two years.  A massively expensive an unpleasant death!
                Coronary heart disease was the world’s biggest killer until 2012.  The medics published the use of high us to clear coronary heart disease.  Prescribing heart medication today is simple medical malpractice.  The courts will there be a fine on the Dr. and the health centre.
                For diabetes was first cured using HIUS in 2008.  I have personally demonstrated the science against all types of diabetes, in my church health group!  Which drug company is have since got shot down.
                The Royal College of Surgeons has continued to apply surgery.  To cancer and heart disease.  NICE vetoed repeat weight loss surgery for diabetes.  As defective medicine!  I personally am still have mal alighed eyes due to eye surgery.
                HIUS will also have repaired the damage resulting from a car accident.  Both to my brain, and my eyes!  It will also repair strokes.
                Any surgeon who has applied defective medicine is no longer a Dr.!  So all cancer doctors says 2002.  The medical team of health centre also owe a punitive fines.

Jonathan Thomason

The cure to all cancers

29 November 2014
                In 2001 I suggested high power ultrasound might be useful way to restrict cancer growth.  As I realized low power ultrasound coals all cancers to give off radiation!
                Ultrasound actually causes the pressurise cancer cell to do molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray            US= 40 kHz+ ultrasound
                Every biological system on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Green plants at the photo blast
2              mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+Xray)                UV= ultraviolet light
                So plants take in carbon dioxide.  And combine it with water, and build carbohydrates!  I was same time producing helium and oxygen gases, and emitting X rays.
                This makes biology the world experts on nuclear fusion.  Physics cannot do nuclear fusion!  Grass in light does!  There are hundreds of PH D’s waiting to be done.  And not by physics!
                If physics induces a perpendicular magnetic fields to small fusion torouses they were actually do atomic nuclear fusion.  As my supervisor told me 2000 and!
3              H++T->He2++E2+Xray       T=turbulence     this is high school physics!  Readily accessible to all physics departments.  They have a small 10cm torous film is circulating hydrogen ions.
                They have perpendicular magnetic fields.  To cause the ions to circulate in a turbulent fashion.  A. Geiger counter will show that we are doing nuclear fusion.
                This is massive free energy.
                Ultrasound causes the boiler water, exponentially linked to water pressure.  All cancers have to have a pressurised cell structure in order to grow.  Just like viruses and bacteria.
                So at 5 W 1 MHz I have personally confirmed that ½ minute of ultrasound from an ultrasonic massage device purchased over the Internet, will clear inoperable liver cancer.
                This will cure all cancers out there!  Even worse than no biochemical treatment.  And me is operation is fully understood!  So it does not require any biochemical patents.
                The devices are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  So it will clear all 200 varieties of human cancer.  Also specific cancer in all animals!
                And by now every medic on earth has read my work.  And before entering Medical Service, they have promised to use best medicine!  A one appointment total cure costing under 0.03 cents (12 produced the device for $20.00) is so obviously better than fatal biochemical treatment!
                Which result innovations agonising death within two years.  Without cancer no biochemical drug company in the world is solvent.
                In 2012 coronary heart disease was the big a killer and cancer.  But that year medics published the use of high intensity ultrasound (eg 5 W 1 MHz for ½ minute) to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear all types of coronary heart disease .
                The cheapest source of HIUS is an ultrasonic beauty massager.  No GP involvement required!  They cannot compete on cost grounds.  They also promised to use the least expensive medicine.  Which precludes them cells and Bio chemistry.
                Since 2002 the prescription of biochemical treatments have executed 400,000,000 people around the world.  Are you being killed?  All the doctors are thus the largest group of deliberate murders the who has ever seen.  And the killing goes on!
                Application of High Intensity UltraSound to the lower right of the chest also clears all types of diabetes, it will also clear of the rioters and IBS.  Asthma requires a full minute of ultrasound to the chest.  GSK has no business!
                Astra Zeneca has lost cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  It is trying to buy and asthma business!  But HIUS clears asthma.  Astra Zeneca gave away its cancer patents for those on asthma.  It also gave away or $1,000,000,000 in cash.
                Choir is certainly the worst investment in history!  As an ultrasound device clears asthma totally.  So no register Dr. Can any more ethically prescribe asthma inhalers.  Neither can be prescribed cancer or heart drugs!
                So helium in the most exciting time for human health ever!  Or we would be.  If he was not for all those murderous doctors.  My opinion!  In four years I have yet got to hear country argument.
                High as cures all cancers!  Bio chemistry kills in a horrible fashion.  I am open to your arguments!  Which are promptly published on the Internet.  Which probably explains the lack of arguments I have ever heard.
                Also the fact: there are none.

Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 28 November 2014

Green power

28 November 2014
                Plants take in carbon dioxide in order to grow.  So the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air has remained static at only 2 parts per million, says levels fell at the end of the little ice age!  They were higher in the Jurassic.
                Twice as high as during the Jurassic ice ages.  The Permian 1000 year ice age higher carbon dioxide levels five times higher!  As photosynthesis had not yet evolved in a modern form.
                Photosynthesis today is twice as efficient as during the Jurassic age.  When there was 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels 60 metres lower.  And twice the level of carbon dioxide in the global air.
                Burning fossil fuels is a low efficiency way to do molecular nuclear fusion: Google it-I have written a page about it already.
1              CH4+pO2->CO2+2H2O-E or ->CO2+2He+O3+E+Xray
                To double the amount of nuclear fusion we are doing, we should titanium plate the boiler plate: A platinum plate will also work, but is much more expensive!  A Be plate is two weak.  Oxidising the molecular carbon compound, takes in energy.
                It is only the merger nuclear fusion we are doing their releases energy.
                A far better idea is a steam plasma.
2              H++e- ->n0
3              H++r n0 ->r(E2+L+Xray)
4              O2-+s n0->16H++32e- then 3
                Every radiant star in the universe uses a hydrogen plasma to turn atomic hydrogen into massive energy, X rays and light.  On earth the most dynamic Energy System the steam plasma.
                This drives all volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and major nature events.  Rain does molecular nuclear fusion.  This energy release drives massive weather effects.
                In a glass tube A steam plasma releases 6 MW/m from a 2 cm thick partial steam plasma.  A 15x1 cm the steam plasma will release a constant 1.2 MW.
                The most expensive supercar only requires engines are jonthm 50 kW.  One little steam plasma tube will release four times as much electricity!  If we use 2% of the energy to drive the Carnot heat pump, we can recover the heat of the exit steam.
                This will produce an 120 MW of energy.  Enough to power a small city.  From regular water!  So burning petrol and diesel is energy deficient.
                We need a little steam plasma tube, and this will happily drive the car.  When they are stationary, we export the energy to the national grid via a plug.  We transfer the amount of energy we have provided to the National Power Company, via wifi.
                So we cease to burn fossil fuels!  We can use the steam plasma tube to generate serious kilowatt hours from a stationary power plant.  That uses a minuscule amount of regular water, to generate enough power for a whole city.
                Leaving the carbon cycle to nature.  Mankind has no way of controlling the money carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis on land and in the seas.  The major life support system on earth.
                One such power plant, would generate an annual income of 15 million UK pounds.  Enough people will start doing this within two years, that the price of electricity will fall a 1000 fold.
                Making all monolithic power plants uneconomic!  Fossil fuels will no longer be burned.  Nuclear power will be left with the biggest toxic income to handle for next 100,000 years.  Were absolutely no income!
                They will declare bankruptcy.  And leave their toxic waste to be handled by our descendants.  For free!  And truly the most evil industry that is ever existed.  That causes intermittent continental toxic death.
                Even when done by the most technologically proficient nations on earth!  Japan and Germany have no prohibits uranium fission.  Only the French and dictatorships why the Russians, still have a nuclear programme.
                They must be stopped!  Before they kill us all.

Jonathan Thomason

Power and gold for free

Es of28 November 2014
                The water from the seas and Rivers of the Earth percolates down until he meets the earth’s core!  By that time it is fresh water!  Having lost all salts on the journey.  Then meets the earth’s core!
                The core material is cooled down to form the earth’s mantle.  But all the heavy metals are dissolved in the water.  Including gold and platinum.  The mantel forms of malaria where the water first remains liquid!
                The water boiled, he would not cool the core material down.  And it would not dissolve the metals.  So there is a river of water, which tries to remain static as he earth rotates in a clockwise direction.
                So it appears to circulate in anticlockwise direction.  The gradually escapes to the surface!  Rain forms the source of every river on earth.  Most of the heavy metals have precipitated out as the water pressure drops.
                Some gold metal makes it to the surface!  Where we pan for this soft, unreactive metal.  It is actually fifth most abundant metal on earth.  There is 411 million tonnes of this metal in the earth’s core.
                For all his mining man has extracted 156,000 tonnes of gold.  0.05% of the gold metal in the earth’s core.  We can get at this metal directly.
                We drill down to the mantle pocket.  And get an infinite stream of heavy metal laden superheated water.  We get a slight vent, and get dirty steam.
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  And remove the metal dust.  Which we sell on to process into ingots.  40% gold!  A rich goal seam we would mind, is only 0.1%!  So we are talking about geothermal mining yielding 400 times the concentration of gold.
                Gold is actually a waste product here!  We have to remove the gold and platinum, to get a clean steam.  Heated by the radioactivity in the deep earth.  The water itself is superheated, without any fossil fuel burn-and no hyper toxic uranium fission.
                Man doing nuclear fusion from enriched uranium and plutonium, is the most toxic process that will ever exist.  Leaving a toxic legacy that will require safe storage for 100,000 years.
                Costing 800 times as much as the money raised by selling the electricity.  And totally unbudgeted for.  Nuclear power never costed for decommissioning its plants.  Sellafield has so a for hono 20 billion UK pound overshoot, and rising!  No in the bid documents!
                Nuclear power is us the most bankrupt industry that will ever exist.
                Here we get near unlimited amounts of free gold.  We are interested in the free electricity.  And produce 100,000 times the annual demand for gold metal.  Met today by reprocessing all the gold.  No we will produce infinite amounts of these unwanted metal.
                We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine.  It will be at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.  We then condense the use steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.
                We return 85% of the system heat to the inlet steam.  Which now reaches 724° C.  This increases the power generation from 12 MW, to over 100!  This is sufficient power for a city.
                Without any fossil fuel burn and.  And definitely no hyper toxic uranium fission.  Basically for free!  Every small injuring company in the world has access to this geothermal water.
                And can build a working plant in two months.  The design will take a weekend!  Then they raise 5.6 billion UK pounds.  At today’s inflated energy prices!  Energy prices will fall.  But they will still generate 28,000,000 pounds.  And they get all the gold!
                Krugerrands can be purchased for 712 UK pounds.  Two years ear there were at 1600!  Gold is us the worst investment ever.  We are living in the time of a gold crash.
                Gold will continue to fall until the seas were less than lead!  Two UK pounds per kilogram.  In ancient Egypt gold was less valuable than bronze.  Which is strong and could make swords.  Gold current!
                At only use is its lack of reactivity.  Will be producing 10,000 times more gold annually and we can use. A thelso free power.

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Health Benefit

27 November 2014
                We are living in a remarkable times.  Medics have demonstrated 2002 High Intensity UltraSound cures all cancers!  The all share any non native inflated cell structure.  That expenses cell content boiling on external application of HIUS.
                Doctors choose not to apply HIUS!  They are avoided the first medically demonstrated total cure to cancers.  Since 2002 biochemical prescriptions have led to the avoidable deaths of 400 million people around the world.
                Is cheapest source of HIUS is a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet.  I have personally demonstrated that these devices are massively unaffected.  A 100% cure rate is 50 patients.  No GP involvement required!
                They are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  They do not damage body cells.  But the totally clear all cancers.  Even those with no biochemical treatment!  And biochemical treatments lead to the avoidable death of the patient within two years.
                They die screaming in agony!  Since 2002 82% of cancers are now being cured!  It would be 100%.  But patient's insist on dying in agony through Dr.!  An expensive and unpleasant inevitable death.
                They said published the application of HIUS to the top left the chest or the back to the kidneys, to totally clear all science or coronary heart disease.  No biochemistry required.
                I have personally confirmed the 2008 idea, that HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas, clears all science of diabetes!  Salford royal hospital have confirmed the clearance of this problem.
                Drug company is have pressurize my local had checked into stopping the health group!  Not before everyone he was better.
                Taken together these three diseases represent 98.4% of the work load of hospitals.  And 99.5% of drug company income.  We are seeing drug companys file for bankruptcy.
                How arsenal's some the earth massive free space they do not need!  In the UK will start from over the winter, for what they hope will be an outbreak of winter infections.
                Application of HIUS for ½ minute to the chest, throat and nose cures all infections.  As an infective bacteria and viruses have an inflated cell nature.  This is where cancer aquires the trait.  Cancer is an amalgamation are the genome left behind by previous infections.
                No HIUS will clear all infections quickly!  Stopping the formation of cancers, heart disease and diabetes: or which share genome with infections.  The arise after a lengthy infection.
                So there will be no winter break of disease!  Do not have a flu gab.  They are weakened the motions of flu virus.  And can cause serious illness in the aged!
                Your own little ultrasound massage device will clear all infections as they happen.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Statins are useless

25 November 2014
                In my personal experience 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound for ½ minute clears raised blood pressure, are full coronary heart disease.  The cheapest source of this High Intensity UltraSound is a personal ultrasound massage device bought over the Internet!
                I apply externally to any cancer, the pressurise cancer cells fragment!  Clearing the disease with only minimal damage to body cells.  Which induces an immune action to clear cancer throughout the body.
                HIUS to the upper right of the rib cage and are back to the kidneys totally clears the pressurised bacterial plaque causing coronary heart disease.  This pressurise structure similarly fragments!
                The ultrasound or right of the rib cage over the pancreas clears all types of diabetes.  It thus clears the three major diseases of age.  With no need to see a Dr..
                Medical ethics prevented G P’s prescribing any medication routinely to a patient!  They are not allowed to medicate the well-with no therapeutic need.
                20% of deaths around the world are caused by drug complications.  He is a nursery prescription is globally prohibited.
                So even people with heart disease, can use HIUS to clear rate in one application.  They he did not want Statins.  G P’s cannot prescribe them to the general population without reason.
                Drug companies must have warehouses for Statins they will never sell!  The autoclave beckons.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing colon cancer

25 November 2014
                My grandfather died from this condition!  In Bolton 1980.  Like all cancers, it is simple to clear using High Intensity UltraSound.  Every hospital on earth should apply local HIUS, when low power ultrasound has located a cancer.
                I have found 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound, applied for ½ minute from an ultrasound massage device purchased over the Internet to effective at clearing cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  Heart disease applying to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.
                For all types of diabetes application to lower right of the chest will clear the condition: though Type 1 takes three days to remit.  From a single application of HIUS.
                Such a device will clear all infections!  Applied to the chest, throat and nose again for ½ minute.  No man should apply the HIUS externally to the cancer and prostate answer a major infection.
                I applied to the kidneys of gall bladder this rise and non surgical methods of removing stones.  Which are the result of a bacterial company laying down a protective calcium carbonate shield.  And yes, I do now they are also lay down other minerals.
                My friend recently had coals surgery.  Where a surgeon employed ultrasound to break up his gall stones.  So there’s never any need for surgery.
                The use of HIUS to the lower section of the torso, will remove the need for colon cancer surgery.  In the same way physiotherapists have applied ultrasound to clear limb damage for last 25 years.  And return medical papers about it!
                Curing the common cold using HIUS is the biggest advance in human health ever.  All cancer surgery is now defective medicine.  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                Warranting immediate the registration other medics involved!

Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 24 November 2014

Fission defective

24 November 2014
                A steam plasma converts regular water into heat and light!  Eight times as efficiently as hyper toxic uranium fission:

1              H2O+T->He+O+8E+L       T=turbulence
2              23592U+1n0->14456Ba+E
                So a steam plasma tube, can be used to generate eight times as much heat enriched uranium.  There is us no reason for Iraq to do energy deficient fission!
                They should use molecular nuclear fusion.  And
Jonathan Thomason

It terrifies doctors

24 November 2014
                Doctors are not worried that cancer is being cured!  What lacerates their hearts like cold ice is and all cancers were cured 12 years ago air!  Using technology they use on a daily basis.
                We expose cancer cells to lower power ultrasound, they give off X rays!  Professors of physics could have told them there was no chemical source of X rays!  Its use can only from nuclear fission or fusion.
                And there is no source on nuclear fission.  So your inducing molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                So medics were routinely doing nuclear fusion.  At body temperature!  The nuclear fusion heats the cancer cells disproportionately.  Medics have used ultrasound since 1826!  They are the world experts.  And it not time somebody had turned up the ultrasound power!
                And killed all the cancer cells.  So turn down the power the again.  This is what happened and power plants found they could reduce the heat import into steam cycle, and get the same power out!
                They didn’t understand why, service and the oil burn off again!  They are actually doing molecular nuclear fusion.
2              H2O+T ->He+O+E2+Xray              T= the turbulence
                Many sciences, grou stuff they don’t understand, they ignore it!  This was taught to me in 1983!  And never explained.
                So we have 5 W ultrasound, the cancer cells shine with X rays.  So turning up the ultrasound power, but over the xray production by cancer cells.  Eureka!  This is exactly what medics wanted.
                The important term turns out to be E2.  The cancer cell heats up past 60° C.  The it is biologically dead!  At 120 oC it fragments explosively.  So damaging bystander body cells.
                Inducing an immune action to clear the distinct genome from the body.  We produce A targeted immune action to remove the secondaries.
                The Moffitt cancer centre did a trial presumably using 150 W 40 kHz.  I have found 5 W 1 MHz two the more affective.  And 30 times less expensive to o         f life.  And use it to cure late stage inoperable liver cancer.
                Applied to the bottom right of the rib cage it clears all types of diabetes.  Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears coronary heart disease at one application.
                We may wish repeat application to ensure the disease is cleared.  The drug companies always step in to stop my experiments!  They even stopped my church health group!  The Anglican Church!  What Jesus would say it all only imagine.
                My health group was over hearts care.  Everyone he got better!  The 30 diabetics are also are remission of the disease.  Been discharged by Salford Royal Hospital.
                The onus was on Salford Royal to find out how diabetes was being cured.  They preferred not to find out!  As it removes the need for any biochemical treatment.
                HIUS (high intensity ultrasound) makes doctors have looked like total stupids.  They have killed 400,000,000 people around the world says HIUS was first published.  First medically proved.  First ignored!
                These are not nice people.  To ignore the first one appointment total cure to all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                The required ultrasound massage device can be purchased over the Internet!  Always specify ‘5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device cheapest’.  I have no links with manufacturers.

                Mike you have to five the device over the Internet.  Once you have it, you can use it to cure the diseases of age in all your friends and family.  They are medically licensed to be totally safe.
                After all they are beauty devices!.  There is used by physiotherapists to clear limb damage for 25 years.  An analogy problem!  Clearing damaged or unwanted cells.
                Doctors always new cancer will be cured.  Noticed the C and using expensive Bio chemistry.  HIUS Devices are massively inexpensive and effective!  Which leaves doctors as the biggest mass murderers in history.
                Who killed their own patients for their own financial gain.  RSVP.
Jonathan Thomason

All cancers cured

24 November 2014
                In 2001 I noted the cancer give off X rays in response to low power ultrasound.  There is no chemical source of X rays!  There for the inducing molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                I then went away, establishing a singing career!  My music guys had just produced my latest single ‘Cleopatra Jonathan Thomason’ on iTunes.
                2010 I raid the Moffitt cancer centre has established that high intensity ultrasound cleared prostate cancer at one session 2002.  I spent six months establishing what was high intensity ultrasound.
                I found 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound for just 30 seconds applied externally it will clear all cancers, he ultrasound provided from are medically licensed beauty tool.
                I now use more affective HIUS.  Search for ‘5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device cheapest’ are your favourite search engine.  I find Ebay is cheapest.  The potency is given by the frequency power product.
                Because for inflated cells, ultrasound above 1 W will provide cell content boiling-proportional to frequency.
                Physiotherapists prefer 8 W 3 MHz, and have spent last quarter of a century writing academic medical papers on their HIUS clearing limb damage.
                HIUS applied externally will clear all organ damage.  For the repairing the heart from previous heart attacks.  No requirement for heart surgery.
                Medics published 2012 the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys, to clear all types of coronary heart disease.  That year it was the world’s biggest killer!
                Every medic has promised to apply best medicine.  So every medic should now applied HIUS for raised blood pressure, are full coronary heart disease.  I can personally recommend this, as I have used it in my church health group.  And it works!
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all types of diabetes.  Though type one does take three days to remit.  As the liver clears the antisense enzyme may by a viral rump.
                All diabetes is caused by a viral rump!  But like the full virus, must be overinflated and hard in order to grow.
                Ultrasound above 180 W 40 KHz causes ultrasound burns to body cells.  Above 90 W only pathogen rumps experience cell content boiling.  And fragment explosively.  Clearing the disease, and inducing an immune action to clear that structure from the body.
                Giving a drip of interleukin two and four also produces and actions the specific human antibody two a rump infestation.
                SARs is one such.  I sent the idea to Asia, and viral cells suddenly ceased.  The here and and really would also produce and action is bacterial SARs.  And we sore one mention of that condition, before it died out!
                We can produce the active human antibody to swine and bird flu.  We can also cure Ebola.  As this is a viral infection, he will also respond to HIUS.  That is medically licensed already!  And ospital device cost just $20.00.  The world has given Africa one billion dollars to research biochemical cures.
                Interleukin two and four will produce a some Pacific antibody to Ebola.  As he is produced naturally by the embody, no animal tests are required!  For tumour certification there are tamed in only two months.
                But eradicating Ebola will only take a week!  And the devices can be purchased over the mail from China.  With five days shipping!  Only five devices will totally eradicate Ebola.
                This virus evolved in bats.  So that’s often have the active antibody to Ebola.  They can take blood samples from bats, and get at this enzyme.  We replicated in biochemical factories.
                And as bats are higher mammals, these pills will act to clear he Bowler in humans.  Just one course of the pills!  Every medical centre on earth will require a currents apply of this antibody.
                It is cheaper to use HIUS.  Which also eradicate all colds and flu!  If we apply the ultrasound to the chest, throat and nose for just ½ minute.
                ½ minutes external application will clear all cancers.  All 200 types out there.  Application to the major league arteries will clear all soft body cancers.  The B cells act as antigen presenting centres, making an auctioning the active antibody to novel genome left behind by the fragmenting cancer cells.
                No diabetes work is absolutely great!  It takes ½ minute to clear all science or diabetes.  With the caveat, that type one will only remits over three days.  I have proved this idea in Canada, six regions in America, Crete and I think maybe China!  And obviously in the UK.
                No insulin injections ever required.  No death from multi organ failure!  No organ amputation.  I have lost two non blood relatives to this condition!  At a time when I was already working in ultrasound!
                But over a decade before as interested in medicine.
                So all cancers are cured, using a physical system!  That is outside biochemical patents.  The Moffitt is now researching HIFU, basically HIUS emitted through a short guide cylinder.  Only targeted, and less effective than HIUS.
                And totally outside patent protection!  The Middlesex Hospital in the UK is also researching this medical dead end.  The Hippocratic oath prohibits all register doctors from researching, and teaching are applying defective medicine.
                This prohibits biochemical treatments!  He also prohibits work into HIFU.  The Moffitt has abandoned the world’s first absolute cure to all cancers.
                This behaviour is specifically outlawed by the Hippocratic oath.  All G P’s at the Moffitt no prescribing biochemical treatments again, are there is no longer register doctors.
                Allowing any Dr. to prescribe defective biochemical treatments, is massive medical malpractice!  He each avoidable death in care in jail time of 25 years.  For all members of the medical team.
                And a legal fine of $10,000,000.  This does not bring back the 400,000,000 people avoidable he killed by their fatal behaviour of doctors!  Biochemical treatments have produced the biggest homicide in history.
                Equivalent to a world war two level of fatalities every other year.  For last 12 years.  The no newspaper has seen fit to carry the story!  And tell the world how to cure cancers, heart disease, diabetes, HIV, the common cold and SARs.
                This is the biggest indictment for the freedom of the press ever.  They have helped produce history’s biggest homicide.  For the doctor’s financial gain.  And presumably some way down the line, also that of newspapers!

Jonathan Thomason

Curing Ebola

24 November 2014
                Is trivial!  bats fly around with the antibody to Ebola in most systems!  HIV came from SIV-a week virus endemic to giant apes.  Africans ate bush meat and so the match entered humans.
                The land to make three human chemokines, so produces the depressed immune system have been is AIDs.  In 2008 I suggested giving a drip of interleukin two and four.  This will make an action human antibody to the week virus.
                That normally does not stimulate an immune action.  We sample for this antibody, and make it in pill form.  A course of these pills will cure other people totally of HIV.  No repeat medication required!
                All there is a lot simpler.  It only has the human fatality rate of 60%.  There have been four outbreaks in last 25 years.  Or which have died away totally on their own.
                Western medicine can isolate the unique enzymes from Ebola.  Make the antisense, the Milan, a reverse transcriptase.  At the entry code to get the immune system to read this chemical.
                He then produces and actions the human antibody.  He can replicate this artificial antibody using even tobacco plants!  Do this in America.  It works!  A 100% cure rate.
                Medics suddenly got very embarrassed!  And the science was hidden.  And medicine got $1,000,000,000 to apply existing western medicine in Africa.
                It is actually a lot simpler!  We catch a fru theit bat.  We take blood samples!  And within 4 bats we have the antibody to Ebola.  We then use western medicine to replicate this enzyme.
                Bats are higher mammals, even fungal antibiotics stimulate the human immune system!  Bat antibodies will have a specific action!  They will cure Ebola direct.
                Average of only was 20,000 douses!  Ebola is NOT a HIV!  But HIV is directly curable today.  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applied high intensity ultrasound to prostate cancer.
                And got a one appointment total cure!  The Hippocratic oath insists all medics are aware of and apply best medicine.  This is 2014, and surgeons are still applying defective prostate surgery.
                The Hippocratic oath demands medical team are all struck off!  And every medic on earth has to use HIUS.  I have found 5 W 1 MHz to be a affective HIUS-against non operable liver cancer.  It works against all 200 types of cancer.
                This simplest source of this ultrasound is an ultrasound massage device bought over the Internet.  Search for ‘5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device cheapest’ on Ebay.  This will cure all cancers out there.
For soft body cancer apply the ultrasound to the major arteries in the legs for only a minute.  How many applications we need, I am uncertain off!
Certainly this idea cures HIV!  My American contact use the ultrasound device twice.  Though that we have been because he wasn’t sure exactly what to do!
This idea will cure all viruses.  Including Ebola.  Five such devices will totally clear Ebola from Africa.  The one billion dollars medics have acquired from western governments, is simple medical extortion!
Bio chemistry as ever is the wrong answer!  Medics knew the cure to all viruses 12 years ago air.
HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys will clear all types of coronary heart disease.  HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas clears all types of diabetes.
No diabetes trucks ever required!  For the last 12 years.  And every medic on earth has faithfully promised to use and the best medicine.  Bio chemistry must be abandoned!

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Safe carbon free power

    Nuclear power turns enriched uranium into heat, and massively toxic radioactive substances.  Including plutonium and strontium!  That is why the radioactive pile was developed.  To produce plutonium for the atomic bomb.
In peacetime a nuclear power plant sprays radioactive waste across a continent about every 25 years.  After Chernobyl 90% of the safety recommendations weren’t actioned-as nuclear power is it is too expensive.
So 2010 saw Fukushima!  Which will end up causing the early deaths of 20 million people in Tokyo.  This is not a safe industry!
Meanwhile every waterfall on earth emits gamma wave radiation, and produces helium gas!  As it does molecular nuclear fusion
1                  H2O+T+O2->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
We have all stood by waterfall.  Smell the ozone, felt the heat and electricity!  We have all seen nuclear fusion on earth.  It really is that simple!
At university we can erect a three metre high cylinder, and drizzle water drops down it.  We measure the radiation, helium, ozone and electricity at the base.
This effect kicks in with only a metre drop of water.  The Great Hadron Collider was the 100 billion a year to run.  It does not do nuclear fusion!  All waterfalls around the earth, over one metre high, doing nuclear fusion for free.
This is why the pool of the base of the water drop is 10° C warmer than a water before the drop.  In winter the waterfall me free zone over.  The surface of the water freezes!  Inside water is heated, and remains liquid!
Deep water in turbulent flow, does molecular nuclear fusion – 1.  So this is why seas and Rivers freeze from the surface.  Even now that water is in direct sun light.  The deeper water remains liquid!
The water produces helium, free radical oxygen and X rays.  There is no chemical source of either helium or X rays.  Even where there is no possible source of radioactive decay.  We still get our helium etc..
Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Excrete ink helium and free radical oxygen.  And emitting X rays as far as to their regular metabolism!
Photosynthesis is actually plant biological molecular nuclear fusion
    2              mCO2+(n+r)H2O ->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+E2+Xray)
Animal blood flow through the heart and the arteries does animal molecular nuclear fusion
    3              CO2+p(H2O+O2) ->CH4+He+pO3+E2+Xray
                So biological organisms on the cancer stage of doing nuclear fusion.  A physics fusion torous never does exothermic nuclear fusion. 
                Physics prevents biology study nuclear fusion!  This is wrong.  Biology on the fusion experts.
Jonathan Thomason       ‘JonThm’ on