Friday, 24 October 2014

Too much gold

24 October 2014
                Gold is not rare!  It is a fifth most abundant element on earth.  The over the four millennia since the earth formed, all the gold has ended up in the eath’s core.  Where it forms       40% of the spinning molten sphere that he is the earth’s core.
                The only reason we know about gold, is that there is a river of geothermal water that percolates down from the seas and Rivers of the earth.  When it meets the core, it cools the lava to form the earth’s mantle.
                The water is very nearly boiling!  High pressure and temperature water dissolves heavy metals including gold.  So the geothermal river carriers a limit concentration of gold and platinum.
                When it finds its way out to the surface, the pressure drops and the metals precipitate.  Though some gold dust makes it to river sources.  Most of the gold is left as ore deposits in the deep.
                We can use ground sonar to track a river source back.  When there is a mantle pockets 10 metres below the surface, the water will carrying a limit concentration of gold.
                We drill down, and get a near limitless stream of superheated water with heavy metals dissolved inute.  8.4 atmospheres 250° C.  We vent to 8.2 atmospheres.  And pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.
                None of the lava is carried to the surface.  Only the heavy metal powder.  40 per cent of which will be gold!  A rich gold deposits contains only 1% gold.  We sell the metal dust on to process into ingots.
                Each plant will produce five tonnes of gold a year.  More importantly it will generate a constant 100 MW of electricity.  With no fossil fuel burn or toxic uranium fission.
                We pass the clean steam after the Dyson into a steam turbine.  If we want more electricity, we use 2% of the generated power to drive a Carnot heat pump.
                Gone down since the exit steam, and returns the heat to the inlet steam.  Raising its temperature to 712° C!  This will triple the power we produce.  Which is four times more value than the gold and platinum.
                We will get so much gold!  This soft malleable producers metal!  And there are only so many gold necklaces a girl can wear!
                At least platinum capitalises molecular nuclear fusion.  If we titanium plate the inside surfaces of an internal combustion engine, we can reducing the fuel burn by 15%.  Also decreasing the carbon dioxide output.
                As a car engine does molecular nuclear fusion:
1                     Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O or mCO2 +r(He+O+E2+Xray)
This is quite complicated stuff.  Basically titanium plating the engine will double the mpg.  With no loss of power!  Even here platinum maybe does not have the strength!
Titanium is probably a better idea.
                As to the gold!  Your suggestions on its use will be appreciated.
Jonathan Thomason

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