Saturday, 4 October 2014

The water diesel

4 October 2014
                And the Ph D student had told me this as I was developing my ideas on molecular nuclear fusion.  I hadn’t fully comprehended that a working diesel engine got its power from this source.
                Apologies for not following this up!  This student didn’t tell me what pressure they’re were using-to induce water vapour to do molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                Oxidising diesel oil takes in energy!  Which is why diesel does not catch a flame in the open air.  This simplest way to double the energy out put from her present diesel engine is to titanium plate the inside surfaces of the engine.
                200 UK pounds, to halve the fuel consumption of the emission.  And it will last the lifetime of the engine.  This was taught to me at the department of metallurgy at Sheffield University: the department has long since gone.
                When I was there to my Ph D he was the department of Engineering Materials.
                So there was no ignition source!  You injected the water vapour under pressure, and the turbulence initiated 1.  The big question here is the pressure they utilised.
                The next question is, why the hell do they not publish!  Any views or maintenance workshop could work out the fine details of a water diesel.
                It should run on plane tap or river water.  Mankind generates the vast majority of his electricity utilising a diesel engine.  So can generate enough power with no carbon dioxide-and no toxic radioactive waste.
                The 3He is lost to space the same day, reacting with nothing!  This is remarkable science!  We turn regular water into unlimited free electricity or driving an engine.
                Suddenly burning diesel oil seen stupid!  We can produce a hybrid engine.  We inject the air and diesel through one port.  All the other side or the cylinder we inject high pressure water vapour.  Or even high pressure water.
                The diesel oil ignites!
2              C12H23+pO2 ->12CO2+r(H2O)+t(He+E3+Xray)
                The water starts 1.  This is our main energy source.  We have used a diesel oil as a spark.  The man details can again be worked out in the lunch break after the diesel maintenance workshop.
                We titanium plate the engine!  We are going to reduce the burning or diesel by a factor of 8.  They already sell the water injection kits for petrol engines-to give a performance boost!  Greater than nitrous oxide injection.  From regular water!
                In football car engines using water injection to do molecular nuclear fusion, we will reduce the fossil fuel burn of vehicle engines by a factor of 10.
Jonathan Thomason

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