Monday, 27 October 2014

The cure of diabetes was accidental

27 October 2014
                I read while doing a PH D in 2001, that the structure causing diabetes showed up on low power ultrasound scan.  Hardened white undifferentiated cells-just as in cancer.
                Yes the structures are dividing, and making the disease worse!  Like all pathogens and cancer, the cell structure has to be overinflated to facilitate genome replication.
                I suggested that high power ultrasound might be useful treatment for cancer, then went off singing on stage!  I just got then music through for my first rock number!  As shocked to hear, there is a guy is have to use my melody.
                In 2010 I have wrote a cance. charity magazine, detailing the use of High Intensity UltraSound at the Moffitt cancer centre-in 2002.  Today I find 5 W 1 MHz to be a affective HIUS.
                This causes pressurised cell structures to do molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                This explains why low power ultrasound scans cause cancers and the cells causing diabetes to give out X rays.  Of which there is no biochemical source!
                High as causes the pressurised cells to experience cell content boiling and fragment.  Clearing the cancer from the body.  Provoking an immune action to clear secondary us throughout the body.
                So it costs 0.03¢ to clear any cancer!  Once you have a HIUS device.  I have found a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device purchased over the Internet to be a suitable device.
                Medics want $10,000 for such a device.  I was wandering into my health group with 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound device.  Which also works!  The system at times more expensive to run.  As such devices are not very robust.
                I cleared late stage inoperable liver cancer for one guy.  His face was a picture!  The Permian who have suffered from for two years went.  With no biochemistry!
                I am also treated ago air schizophrenia.  ½ minute(the standard treatment time) to each side is head and no more drug requirement.  It still took Salford royal two years to fully discharge him.  They could just not believe this schizophrenia was cured.
                They are also treated people with diabetes.  29 with Type 2, another with Type 1.  ½ minutes to the lower right of the rib cage and the inflated cells all popped.  The individual felt a bit of local heating.  And had a cup of T.
                I didn’t know that it would work!  Just as he would not make things worse.  I would not interfere with any Bio chemistry.  Phil decided he had nothing to lose!  All the future diabetics heard about Phil.
                What they did not hear was the time it took to remove his insulin pump.  Which are costs 500 pounds to fit!  Salford Royal have gradually decreased his drug use.  The last I heard years of our monthly injections.
                The guy he has totally normal blood sugar levels!  He does not have diabetes.  Again the Hospital massively resists giving up their regular income stream.
                Phil is happy!  He has a natural Ruddy complexion!  I will let in discover that he could now heat ice cream on his own!  The stuff is just two fattening.
                Alice have been downgraded on to man made diabetic drugs: the medics do not accept the gravel diseases of being cures.  Clive maintains that HIUS does nothing.  It totally clears coronary heart disease.
                Which eas due to kill him 2 years ago.  I pointed out that physiotherapists have been publishing medical papers on the effectiveness of high intensity ultrasound for 30 years.  He said nothing!  Here strike is dispensing biochemical drugs.
                All biochemical treatments are now defective medicine prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  No register Dr. Can any more prescribe them.
                Certainly not the diabetes!  ½ minute of HIUS to the lower right of the rib cage totally clears diabetes.  Though type 1 does take three days to remit.
                The viral rump makes the antisense to insulin.  Which blocks its action!  The liver takes three days to clear this from the blood.  Type 2 makes an enzyme departmental secretion of insulin.
                So you remits in 10 minutes.  After application of HIUS.  I did not know this.  I just knew HIUS will successful in clearing inflated cell structures.  Thanks to Phil for letting me prove the technology on him.
                Once you know it works biochemical treatments are seeing the crazy idea!  They are expensive and unpleasant to administer.  A leading to a predictable death from multi organ failure.  Two of my non blood relatives had died from diabetes.
                People were diabetes today are so lucky!  The delivery of an ultrasound device takes five days.  And you can use it to cure the cancer, heart disease and diabetes are all your friends and family.
                In cancer apply externally to the affected organ.  For coronary heart disease apply to the top left the chest and also the kidneys for the standard treatment time of ½ minute each year.

                My music group and myself are going to record my latest song tomorrow.  It is called ‘Cleopatra’.  And they sent me the backing music of the computer.
                So I have recorded a snatch of the song and lyrics on U tube.  Username ‘Jonah’.  I may upload more of the produced song when we have done it.  It will be available in totality on iTunes.  Maybe under ‘Ordsall Communirt Arts/Old Sorts/Jonathan Thomason’.  We shall see!
                I want to negotiate commission are 80%!  As I wrote the music and lyrics, and sang it.  This will be the first track and my rock album.
Jonathan Thomason

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