Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sorting out the natural climate

2 October 2014
                In 1986 Ukrainian nuclear experienced the Chernobyl incident.  No they want to build a nuclear plant in the UK-or the days of school eight months ago.  EDF-French nuclear bought British nuclear.
                And continued running the aged magnox stations, when their planning consent had ended in the 1990s.  The magnox stations were some the shut down, and EDF and got out of the UK!
                Nuclear power uses uranium fission.  That generates fantastically lethal waste, there remains a toxic for 100,000 years.  Nuclear power causes intermittent, continental, toxic death.  Nuclear power is the least green on earth.
                They started promoting global warming as an idea, after Chernobyl fossil local nuclear winter.  Conclusively demonstrated that uranium fission is the least green energy source mankind has ever developed.
                Every day mankind is energy burning releases 0.00015% extra carbon dioxide in to the global air.  99.8% of the temperate area of the world is covered by organisms doing photosynthesis.
                So within 5 minutes because active biology: sucking the gas out of the air!  Carbon emissions are nuclear guesses of the extra life industry is supporting.  The carbon dioxide is converted into active biology.
                Nuclear power demonstrates a mind numbing ignorance of the carbon cycle and biology.  Academics who have ever written a paper on man made climate change should not be involved in education!
                High school biology taught every scientist on earth over the basic carbon cycle.  That totally  demolishes manmade global warming/climate change as a valid ideas.  Which is why no scientist has worked in this area 2003.
                Manmade global warming was meant to science lead!  But transpired to the biological nonsense.  No higher education institute should employ anybody has ever published work in this area.
                It transpires that sorting out the natural weather is not even hard.
                In hot countries we circulate a low pressure Carnot gas around an enclosed helix.  Hot air is drawn in at the top, driving a turbine.  It exits at the base as cool the air.
                We also precipitate out massive volumes of pure water.  Which we collect and sell.  Basic lifesaving techniques are too put an end to the metal cup under a the tent fly sheet.
                In the morning a drink of water were precipitated on the cold desert air.  Our air cooling naturally acts as a limitless source of pure water.
                The turbine generating electricity, which drives a small pump.  This local press is the Carnot gas.  And you lose the heat at higher temperature into the sea or large lake.  So we call down the day time air.
                During the night we reverse the cycle.  To is so low grade heat from the seas, and loose it at higher temperature into the cold mountain air.  The desert air is below 0° C at night.
                We take in heat at 10° C.  Double the pressure of the Carnot gas, and loose it to the air at 250° C.  50,000 gallons of air a minutes.     In coal countries we always run the device is an air warmer.
                In the temperate countries we run the device as an air warmer during the winter.  And an air cooler during the summer.  Was started the device is self powering.
                Using 18th century technology!  A steam plasma does nuclear fusion.  Producing a constant 6 MW/m.  Are totally clean energy.  No radioactive waste!  All the water molecule ends up as heat, light and low power X rays.
                I was taught as a gas plasma converts matter into heat to my master’s degree in the 1980s.  As fully realized by every professor of physics on the planet.  Most of whom need to reset high school biology.

Jonathan Thomason

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