Thursday, 30 October 2014

Simple, safe nuclear energy

30 October 2014
                This method produces no hyper toxic radioactive wastes.  We start off with hydrogen gas.  Hydrogen is a proton bonded to one or more neutrons, with an orbiting electron.
                When we shine a radiant light into hydrogen gas, half the time the solitary electron will not repulse the free electrons.
1              p+.a n0+e- ->b n0+(b-a+1)(E3+L+Xray)
                So we get massive energy, light and low power X rays.  Plus emission of some neutrons.  The X rays are same power as there is emitted by a beating heart: which does molecular nuclear fusion.
                Neutrons carbohydrates a paper bag!  The electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen gases.  We vent the oxygen, and convert the hydrogen into infinite free and safe energy.
                It is the ultimate clean Energy System!  We use a 50x1cm glass tube to produce free energy for a house.  This can heat the house for free.  With no carbon dioxide.
                We actually generate 2 MW.  So throughout the day we are selling 1.5 MW to the national grid.  Totally free energy, which is not generate carbon dioxide or hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                The plasma self sustains at two atmospheres!  But we are generating so much free electricity, this is of little consequence!  We can start the plasma with a spring and crank handle.
                Each megawatts generate an annual income of more than a lifetime’s salary!  Each hydrogen plasma plants can supply the electricity for 100 houses!  And generate a massive income.  Hydrogen fission is the main energy source in the universe.
                Nuclear fusion is less important!
2              1+rH+->E3+L+Xray

Jonathan Thomason

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