Thursday, 23 October 2014

Personal power

23 October 2014
                A hydrogen plasma rings hydrogen ions together.  If this interaction is above 1 W the atoms fuse to form helium.  Liberating nearly half the mass as energy.  So a hydrogen plasma at only two atmospheres pressure suits are doing massively exothermic atomic nuclear fusion
1              2H+ ->He2++E3+Xray
                We know from sun’s Corona that atomic nuclear fusion produces a surface temperature of 10,000,000° C.  This is just too much heat!
                Lightning strikes produce a surface temperature of the same magnitude.  With no source of combustion.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion
2              H2O+T->He2++E2+O2-+L+Xray
                Heavy rain, which in itself produces helium and Xrays by doing 2 sets up lightning.  So we have nuclear fusion going our continuously around the earth.  We get a lightening strike every 3 minutes.
                As the heavy rain produces a potential of 5000 volts.  We get a lightening strike.  Which releases 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  This is interesting science.  The professors of physics are a way he biting biologically stupid papers about carbon dioxide affecting the weather.
                It doesn’t!  Global photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide into additional plant biomass within 5 minutes.  Su       cking the gas from the air.
                The global average carbon dioxide level is a preindustrial two parts per million.  Any high school biology student could teach and the science.  Meanwhile we have nuclear fusion going off around the world.
                Converting hydrogen ions into massive energy.  A partial steam plasma releases 6 MW/m.  A pure steam plasma released 38 MW/m when we tried it.  I say about 40, for ease of calculation.
                So we have 2 1m steam plasma tubes.  Which we started off using the electronics from a fluorescent light.  Above four atmospheres it self-sustains.
                Generating a fault tolerant constant 80 MW.  Utilising a totally minuscule volume of regular water.  The physics is quite simple:
3              H++e- ->n0           we turn hydrogen ions and free electrons into neutrons
4              1H++r n0->1+rH+->E3+L+Xray         this enriches other hydrogen ions.  Which then fission into massive heat.  The light and X rays are of no consequence.
                The neutrons also enrich the oxygen ions, which go through sequences of nuclear fission actions, converting the surplus neutrons into energy.  Making the nuclear fission of low atomic mass atoms exothermic.
                We end up with hydrogen ions, that do 4.  When we try it out in the laboratory, we got energy release of 38 MW.  Which only lasted two seconds, before the water boiled off and the glass tube melted.  Collapsing the plasma.
                This is sufficient fission energy to power a town district.  The law had been put on the UK statute book that private individuals can sell excess power to the national grid,
                I do not think any of it was imagining apply the individuals can generate 76 megawatts.  Using two glass tubes and regular water.
                Releasing no carbon dioxide!  Generating no toxic fission waste.  Ones who come and have been paid for, basically for free!  The water use is a totally minuscule.
                One bottle of distilled water will run the equipment for 500 years.  This is a serious income stream.

5              2x10-2 x 7.6x107x3.65x102x2.4x101 = 8.4x108 = 8,400 million UK pounds annually
                That is a totally huge income!  It the calculation for one 50cm steam plasma, and got 15,000,000 UK pounds a year.
                The above calculation obviously applies to the serious garage hobbyist.  Or any light engineering company in the world.
                It is so easy!  And a slight utilised any fossil fuel or enriched uranium.  He utilises regular water.  And physics from the 1950s.
                I think that this teaches us that electricity is overpriced by a factor of 2000.  One steam plasma plant, can power at a town district.  I am stunned by her a simple the science is.
                You were instructed on the physics as high school!  Even domestic science students are familiar with fluorescent lights: that emit too much light, and X rays as he is the gas plasma to turn Na Gas into the nuclear fusion end products.
                The burning in process done at the factory, is the to a high voltage to cause the nuclear fission of the Na into He and other lower atomic masses.  The gas plasma converts the matter into free electro magnetic radiation.
                It professors of physics got their noses out of the feeding trough of man made climate change; fiction funded by nuclear power. They can actually investigate the nuclear fission of hydrogen. The fantastic energy source of nature.

Jonathan Thomason

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