Friday, 3 October 2014

Nature does fracking

3 October 2014
                In prehistory massive amounts of life died at the mass extinctions!  And they have formed carbohydrates deposits in shale layers.  Around the earth a river of geothermal water circles the earth.  As these flow through the shales we form methane
1              Cm(H2O)n+pH2O->mCH4+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+E2+Xray)
                No free radical oxygen and methane is a potentially explosive mixture!  As he oxygen forms of oxygen molecules, the situation does not improve
2              2O.->O2               CH4+O2->CO2+2H2O+E2 an explosion!
                So nature helpfully provide the higher pressure and temperature water to Frack shale deposits.  We just need to use ground sonar to locate a shoal deposits around the earth’s mantle.  Then we need to inject no high pressure water.
                We must avoid the resonance of a spark!  So we use copper equipment.  It is the gases through the cold end of a Carnot cycle: the British Oxygen Company has the experience.
                Liquid oxygen has high commercial value.  Industry cannot get enough of it.  Here it is the waste gas in our production of natural gas.
                The methane cancer is a liquid at -28° C.  This as immediate and obvious value.  The alternative is to permit more nuclear power.  The most polluting industry in history.  Who have poured a massive money into the anti Frack in campaign.  To get environmentalists working for nuclear power.
                We are left with helium.  Is has have a higher value weight for weight than gold!  Some cryogenic refrigeration will produce limitless amounts of liquid helium.  Which actually flows uphill.
                It reacts to nothing!  Hence is high demand within the refrigeration and welding areas.  It is a biproduct of fracking.
                The arguments against frecking is that it can cause intermittent firmer nuclear explosions, and earthquakes.  Separating the gases quickly will prevent 2.
                There is a massive and commercial demand for helium.  And here the gas is a biproduct to natural gas production.
                This is how all pockets of natural gas were formed.  It is a cheaper method of extracting carbon than mining.  It also produces helium and oxygen gases.  Which are actually have more value than the methane.

Jonathan Thomason

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