Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Gold has no value

28 October 2014
                As I was taught at Sheffield University during my master’s degree in 1983.  Of water from the seas and rivers of the earth filters down through the earth’s crust, until they meet the core!
                They were form the dynamic layer of the earth’s mantle.  The heavy metals are dissolved into liquid water.  Which does a slow simmer!  The rock is coolled into lava which sinks.
                All the time metals are being leached out of the core.  Gold is a fifth most abundant element on earth, there is 411 million tonnes of it in the core.  So it is basically an inexhaustible amount.
                We also get platinum, silver, copper and all the heavy metals.  So there is a river of geothermal water which stay still as he earth rotates in a clockwise direction.  Occasionally this water finds its way to the surface.
                It is a source of every river on earth.  Solid gold makes it to the surface-most of it has precipitated out as the pressure drops.  This is why you can pan for gold.
                Far simpler to use ground sonar to track a river source back, anticlockwise until we locate a liquid filled underground pocket 10 metres below the surface.  At this depth all the heavy metals are still in solution.
                We drill down, and enter this pocket from below!  Almost drowning technology is already worked out.  Sheffield University specializes in it.  So we get an endless stream of heavy metal laden superheated water.
                It would boil, except for high pressure it is under.  It is 8.4 atmospheres.  So we vent it down to 8.2.  And pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  This collects all the heavy metal powder.
                Which we sell on to process into ingots.  Just so much gold!  1000 times more platinum than the world needs.  Even more silver and copper than we can use.  And you have so much gold!  It turns out to be a major pollutant in this process.
                We then pass it through a steam turbine and generate free electricity: with no fossil fuel bound.  So no carbon dioxide.  And no toxic uranium fission either!
                We use 2% of its power to drive the Carnot heat pump.  This condenses the steam on her low pressure gas.  We then pressurise the gas, and return the heat to the inlet steam.  At 720° C.  Which travels our power production.  For free!
                We sell the electricity, and make four times more money than signing the gold!  This will exacerbate.  As a value of gold continue to plummet!  People around the world are setting up geothermal power production facilities.
                And the waste product is unlimited gold metal.  Sell it to the Chinese!  They have the money.  And may still like gold.  There is only so many gold necklaces a girl can wear before she needs support walking!  We are in that territory.
                Gold can be used for electrical contacts.  But that market is already saturated!  It can be used to decorate China.  Hence the Chinese world of the soft, malleable, useless metal.
                Bank vaults around the world are going to sell the gold!  While you still has value.  10 years from now he will not.  Maybe only 2!
                The electricity costs are going to plummet.  We now have an inexhaustible supply of electricity and gold for free.
                Mankinds power requirements require only 0.5% are the geothermal water.  Which drives earthquakes, volcanoes and heats the sea depths.  The greatest untapped power reserve on earth.
                That does not require the burning of fossil fuels.  Or for mankind to do massively toxic and expensive uranium nuclear fission.
                A steam plasma is a nuclear fission of hydrogen ions.  Releasing light, heat and low power X rays.  So free energy again!  But no gold this time.  The burning of fossil fuels is about to end.  Oil reserves will be kept as a chemical in product.

                My music group and myself are going to record my latest song tomorrow.  It is called ‘Cleopatra’.  And they sent me the backing music of the computer.
                So I have recorded a snatch of the song and lyrics on U tube.  Username ‘Jonah’.  I may upload more of the produced song when we have done it.  It will be available in totality on iTunes.  Maybe under ‘Ordsall Communirt Arts/Old Sorts/Jonathan Thomason’.  We shall see!
                I want to negotiate commission are 80%!  As I wrote the music and lyrics, and sang it.  This will be the first track and my rock album.
Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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