Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fusion car

23 October 2014
                We have all seen & heard lightning!  Lightning strike itself consists of a down strike to the ground.  And much more powerful up strike to the clouds.  Both give off light!
                Visible light can only be produced by nuclear reactions.  A flame gives off light only because the steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2Os+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                So every time you strike a match on earth, or light a flame you are initiating nuclear fusion.
                There is no source of combustion in heavy rain.  We are doing 1 via the turbulent interaction of rain drops.  Which is why we can detect heavy rain with a Geiger counter.
                Heavy rain acts as a gaint battery!  The positive charge collects above the clouds.  The negative charge fall into the ground.  Were given ensure all only 5000 volts, we see the lightening down strike connect up electron holes on the way to the ground.
                Benjamin Franklin first detected electricity via lightning!  Something science has failed to explain until today!  Heavy rain and lightning do nuclear fusion.  Creating an electoral dipole.
                Lightning itself is all for five kilometre partial steam plasma.  Lightning makes 5 tonnes of helium gas.  Which converts to 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  As light, heat, X rays and sound.  Power with no carbon dioxide.
                This converts to 6 MW/m.  A steam plasma in a glass tube does difference science:
2              H++e- ->n0
3              H++r n0 ->E3+L+Xray
4              O2-+s n0 ->2Be->4B->8He->16H and then 2!
                So we convert the whole of the water molecule into heat, light and X rays.  Burning petrol or diesel fuel in a car engine produces steam in turbulent flow!  So three equations above apply.  We also oxidise comounds of carbon.
5              CmHn+sO2->mCO2+nH2O-E or mCO2+t(He+O+Xray+E2)
                So burning petrol and diesel does molecular nuclear fusion.  This simplest way to double engine power, is to titanium plate the engine body.  As the Face Centred Cubic metal capitalises the molecular nuclear fusion.  So we double the power for every unit of fuel we burn.
                To get the same power, we use half the fuel!
                But a steam plasma tube is eight times as exothermic as a row of gas or oil burners.  So 40 times as exothermic as internal combustion engine.
                A 50x1cm glass tube will liberate a constant 1.2 MW.  It will take a jolt of electricity at 1000 volts to initiate the plasma.  If we reduce the plasma pressure from four atmospheres to only one half, the plasma will go in two a tick over mode.
                Increase in the plasma pressure again for last to drive the car.  A 4 door family car on the motorway is a vitality and 50 kW.  So we are generating massively more power than even a supercar.
                We are generating enough to drive the car has a helicopter.  We need clever Computer Systems to stop the cars colliding.  And set up highways in the sky, where all the vehicles are moving in the same direction.
                All of regular water.  No heavy water is required.  As a steam plasma enriches its own water.  No need ever to visit a service station again.  No money to Opec!
                Which is why oil prices have fallen below the magic $100 per gallon for crude oil.  And Saudi Arabia and their fate had done nothing.
From vitually no regular water.  Suddenly fossil oil is irrelevant to the energy equation.  Drilling down to carbohydrates containing shales, and allows geothermal water to escape.  This is how nature formed all the natural gas.
6              C+(2+p)H2O+pO2->CH4+p(He+O3+E2)
                We can then pass the methane gas through a heated titanium honeycomb catalysts, and get out petrol and diesel oils.
7              sCH4+(Ti)->CmHn+(4xn-m)/2H2+(Ti)
                We make our own petrol and diesel oil. Utilizing the carbon deposits laid down at the mass extinctions.
                But why bother! A steam plasma tube releases 8 times more heat, from regular water.  Though with no life enhancing carbon dioxide.  The fusion car-for basically no running costs.

Jonathan Thomason

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