Friday, 3 October 2014

Free nuclear fusion

3 October 2014
                Cancer me around the world there is a heavy rainstorm!  These give off Xrays, while producing massive heat and helium gas.  The turbulent flow of the rain drops.  Does molecular nuclear fusion:
1              2H2O->2He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                The positive charge collects above the clouds.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  When we have a potential build up of 5000 volts we get a lightening strike!  Which is a partial steam plasma, linking up electron holes on the way to the ground.
                When he touches the ground we get an up rush of hundred amps of electrons.  Through the steam plasma!  This releases 2.5x1030 W of power, as it produces five terms of helium gas.  The only source of this gas is from combining two hydrogen ions to form 1 Alpha particle.
                Hold the front page!  Nature is continuously doing nuclear fusion around the earth.  Every biological organism does it!  The deep sea currents do it.  Venting steam from geothermal cavities do it.  As does heavy rain and lightning.
                Arctic fish do it at -20° C B and the north and south poles.  There is no 10,000,000° C required.  Nature does it quite happily and -20° C.
                So if we fire up a 1mx2cm steam plasma in a glass tube, it releases eight times as much energy as a row of gas or oil burners.
                And above two atmospheres, the plasma self sustains!  Being initiated by a burst of electricity at 2000 volts: like from a fluorescent light starter.  Fluorescent lights do nuclear fusion from Na!
                Which is less exothermic.  And requires external supply of electrical current.  And ceases as a Na is converted into lower atomic mass atoms: fishing with hydrogen and light!  So the gas from a used fluorescent tube will have all the time masses below Na in.
                In 1983 I was told there was a problem the carbon build up.  Simply eliminated by turning the tube through 180°.
2              Na->2C->3He->6H->L+E3
3              H++e- ->n0           13C+2n0->2Li
                So a fluorescent tube does the nuclear fission of low atomic mass atoms.  But the hydrogen ions are costly bond with free electrons.  To form neutrons.
                These neutrons enrich the fluorescent gas.  And now the nuclear fission of low atomic mass atoms also does the nuclear fission of a neutron.
4              n0->E4+L+Xray
                This is why a fluorescent light liberates so much light.  As they gradually convert the NA Gas into light.  We have practically evidence of the nuclear fission of low atomic masses.
                And lower atomic masses have radioactive isotopes the ½ lives measured in hundredths of a second.
                A steam plasma tube is eight times as energetic as a hyper toxic uranium or plutonium fission tube.  It utilises vanishing tiny amounts of regular water.
                Any engineer maintenance laboratory can get a steam plasma tube working in the lunch break.  Then it will totally replace eight rows of gas or oil burners.  Utilising a thimble full of regular water a decade.
                No mains electricity or gas, or oil is required!  Burning gas is actually a very energy deficient way of doing molecular nuclear fusion:
5              CH4+3O3->CO2+2H2O
                                Or ->CO2+2E2+Xray
                It liberates 1/16th of the energy released by steam plasma tube.  And gas is massively overpriced.  Water falls from the skies for free!  No fracking or oil well is required.  Welcome to the fusion age!
                Which are actually came in as mankind started using the steam cycle.
6              H2O+T->He+O+E2+Xray
                And this was why I was doing a Ph D into chemical injuring at Sheffield University: which suddenly ended as I started talking about molecular nuclear fusion-ironically enough at the suggestion of my supervisor.  No Ph D though!
The world has no idea!

Jonathan Thomason

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