Friday, 10 October 2014

Ebola is an African disease

10 October 2014
                There have been four major outbreaks of Ebola in last 20 years.  All had died away naturally.  All were transmitted to America and Europe.
                The patient’s went to their GP!  There were given a course of regular antibiotics.  These stimulating the immune system to secretes the active antibody!  They got better.
                Only in areas of restrictive food, does Ebola kill.  For next 40 years those individuals will have the active antibody in their blood stream.  If we located the individuals, we could sample for the Ebola antiviral.
                If medicine wishes to cure Ebola is will cast 50 UK pounds per head!  80¢.  For 7,000 people.  We are talking about 7500 UK pounds.  To totally eradicate Ebola.
                The U.S. government have just given the biochemical industry 600 million dollars basically to do nothing!  To fuss about how dangerous Ebola is: history shows that it isn’t!
                One course of antibiotics, and a few decent dinners and the disease is gone.

Jonathan Thomason

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