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Diabetes is so cured

25 October 2014
                March 2013 I cured 30 people of diabetes!  Of type 1, the rest type 2.  It transpires the diabetes is caused by a viral rump, disrupting in saint secretion by the pancreas.       
                Such rump structures, like the mother infection, have to be overinflated in order to grow.  This is just like the viral rump that causes cancer!
                I applied the 150 W 40 kHz to the first 25 diabetics who came into my health group.  The next five I used 5 W one MHZ.  The latter appears to more affective and deserted times cheaper to apply.
                Blind trial and error, I found we wanted ½ minute of the ultrasound.  10 seconds was not enough: so this is not a theory, I have done it!
                All my diabetics are gradually being taken off diabetic medicine.  Salford Royal NHS hospital has massive problems accepting the people are now free of diabetes.
                The Hypocratic oath prohibits any registered Dr. from medicating the well.  So every medic who has prescribed drugs to individuals or offer a are the viral rump are no longer doctors.
                Medics discovered 1997 that the diabetic structure shown up under low power ultrasound.  This means ultrasound causing mission of X rays.  Of which there is no biochemical source.  We are inducing molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                Medics have used a lower power ultrasound to image diabetics cells were no the 20 years.  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre medically demonstrated their hundred patient double blind trialThat high intensity ultrasound cleared viral rumps.
                No why people are off medication altogether, it is apparent diabetes is not even a big problem.  Medics have available a >1.5 W 3 MHz ultrasound device licensed for physiotherapists use.
                This will totally clear the structures causing cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                Cancer apply externally to the affected organ.  I utilises a 5 Watts 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet.  Available for under $20.00 today.
                Medics published the use of HIUS 2012 to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear coronary heart disease.  F so cancer was cured 2002 two using high intensity ultrasound.  2012 for coronary heart disease was also clears.
                I started publishing videos on my work on diabetes 2008.  Cleared by every Dr. Involved in this medical area on earth.  So all biochemical treatments for these areas is are totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                Says 2002 400 million people around the world have been executed by inappropriate biochemical treatments.  By register doctors!  The instantly ceased to be registered doctors.  Are lying to continue the dispensing medicine was massive medical malpractice.
                I still meet people are daily basis and have type two diabetes.  Any health centre in the world can apply for ½ minute of HIUS ultrasound to the bottom right of the chest and clear the condition.
                Health Centres have low power ultrasound scanners.  So within 10 minutes they can see that there cancer, heart disease and diabetes are cleared.
There is no reason for people to be on biochemical treatments for diabetes.  And die in agony from multiple organ failure.  The work to clear diabetes has been on the Internet for six years!
The Hippocratic oath demands every registered Dr. forwards relevant work to every Dr. In their acquaintance.  Clearing diabetes is so trivial.
I lost two family members to to biochemical treatments for diabetes.  I also also girlfriend to MS.
½ minute of HIUS to each side or the head clears all mental health problems: including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, depression and schizophrenia.  It will also repair damage to the brain, from strokes or traumatic injuries.
                Physiotherapists utilises HIUS to clear limb damage.  I have spent 25 years writing academic papers about this area.  It works equally well for the brain!
Jonathan Thomason

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