Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cumbria is a nuclear bomb2!

19 October 2014
                In prehistory cumbria was very tectonically active area.  It’s still is!  But the earth events no a frequency of one every 500 years.  There is no upper energy limit on earth events!  The venting steam molecular nuclear fusion.
                We can predicts that minor events are very frequent.  Little earth tremors happens every six months.  A big one is going to happen.  On them predictable timescale.
                Sellafield is are the biggest repository of used radioactive waste on the planet.  In water fills chambers.  For the next 100,000 years!
                One be earthquake, and the seas between England and Ireland will become a radioactive death zero.  Devoid of life!  The west coast of England will have to be totally depopulated.
                All the radioactive waste was purchased by EDF.  Who have no sold it to the Chinese.  There is room in the interior of China for long-term storage.  50 times the recorded history of the earth.
                We need to ship out that radioactive waste.  Because I do not know when the big one will hit.  Only that it will.  And when it happens Fukushima will seem like a dress rehearsal.
                The biggest nuclear incident since the Americans dropped an atomic bombs, also are on Japan!
                No we have the biggest nuclear bomb waiting to go off the county of outstanding natural beauty and tourism.  If you holiday in cumbria, for any that you don’t get the next big earthquake.
                The countryside is littered with minimal evidence of the tectonic Lee active area that is cumbria.

Jonathan Thomason

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