Sunday, 26 October 2014

Clearing Alzheimer’s

26 October 2014
                I did not think that this one out.  I was aware than in 2002 American medics have surgically cancer using High Intensity UltraSound.  Cancer is a viral rump, a fragment of the full virus left behind by the main virus is cleared.
                To divide and grow in must be pressurised!  Ultrasound causes liquid water to boil, and process which rises exponentially with liquid pressure.  Body tissue is damaged by ultrasound above 180 W/cm2.  Cancer expenses cell content boiling at only 90 W.
                This took me in five years to work out!  We are inducing molecular nuclear fusion:
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                Medics have uses science since the 1950s!  To detect cancers throughout the body.  All 200 sorts of cancer respond to ultrasound.  I remarked on this 2001 two all my medical contacts.
                The next year the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated the total clearance of cancer using HIUS.  I spent six months, working out what HIUS was.  And deciding the cheapest source was are medically licensed ultrasound massage device.
                I first used the 150 W 40 kHz.  For last year I have been using more affective 5 W 1 MHz.  The infection as he is the power frequency product.  Every health centre in the world OZ 8 Watts 3 M Hz ultrasound unit.  Medically licensed for physiotherapists use.
                I validated my 150 W unit will clear even late stage inoperable liver cancer.  The physiotherapists unit will clear all cancers at one appointment.  Removing the need for biochemical treatments.
                Application to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease.  Which was the biggest killer in 2012.  When medics published the use of high us to clear the disease totally.
                I was in my church health group, and people came with Alzheimer’s and MS.  I had told them ‘this may help, horrible do nothing!’.  They let me try.  My usual treatment time was ½ minute.
                So I applied it to each side or the head.  Firstly to guy with MS!  I have a girlfriend die as a result of having MS for 14 years.  He looked a little surprised.  He had a cup of T.  The water a totally cured.
                Next I got a guy with Altzheimer’s.  Same idea totally!  Same result.  I read that both diseases of the characterised by hardened white cell structure in the brain.  Exactly like cancer!
                Totally cleared.  I make no money from the idea.  Neither do doctors.  Not interested.  Just trying to help people with a serious untreatable problem.
                It turns out that HIUS is a one appointment cure.
                Physiotherapists use as a HIUS device to clear limb damage.  I am busy fixing my leg from a dog bite.  He also transpires that it fixes a damaged brain.  I have 30% brain damage in a car accident.
                I now work as a song writer and singer: I did a week on stage in the biggest centre stage in England.  Well, I have a lot of use to fill.  I also write books.  Search ‘Jonathan Thomason’ and your get them.
                I wrote a 28,000 word book about HIUS & cancer.  I also wrote up my PH D studies in a book about nuclear fusion.  I had been get the PH D!  My supervisor was trying to make a case for global warming.
                Five years after the world started cooling!  The last thing he wanted was to give the world free Internet Power, by the nuclear fusion of high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.
                I also wrote a sexy book about ghosts.  Had he is that 1 work?  Buy a book and see.  It also has some of my Crockett jokes in.  Enjoy.
                So I did not know HIUS would fix Altzheimer’s.  I thought there was a strong chance it might help.  A 1 minute total cure was a surprise to all the world including me.
                Every Dr. on earth has promised to apply best medicine.  The total clearance and mental health problems using a device which costs $20.00, and 0.03¢ per application is the best medicine.  The Hippocratic earth prohibits the use of biochemistry.  Also the fact that there is no biochemical cure!
                After their success I tried my device on a prayer and the drug control schizophrenia.  It took Salford Royal hospital for three months to fully discharge them from all drug care!  They didn’t believe schizophrenia was curable.
                Schizophrenia is again characterised by hardened white structures which show up under low power ultrasound.  They should have discharged him at the next appointment.
                I also have fixed by the traumatic head injury of a friend.  The local Dr. has now told him not to allow need to years when ultrasound device on him.  I totally cured him!  He has promised to use best medicine on his patients.
                He doesn’t!  By He was to prescribe biochemistry.  And see them dying in agony.  He practises in Ordsall.  I would encourage fission is all over the world to demand application of HIUS.
                Doctors have been using ultrasound since 1826.  They are the world experts!  They have promptly realized high as totally cured cancer since 1850.  But did not consider the technology-as he did molecular making money.
                If you know more about this area, to get in touch!

Jonathan Thomason

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