Thursday, 16 October 2014

Biochemical patents invalid

16 October 2014
                If a law firm after 2002 must if any biochemical patents; it would be reasonable to expect that they are familiar with the efficacy of HIUS.  It cures all cancers, IBS, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and arthritis out there.
                It cures all viral and bacterial infections.  As ½ minute of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose.  This includes viruses like Ebola, HIV, SARs and West Nile virus.
                The medics do work on these patents for all familiar with HIUS.  And totally where they were defending defective medicine.  All law firms would and became so aware after only two weeks.
                Biochemical patents protect only the best medicine.  Biochemical treatments became defective medicine 2002.  So all papers published on Bio chemistry since 2002 are invalid it is medical rubbish.
                All patents obtained using this Medical work are invalid.  All biochemical patents were instantly invalidated 2002.
                So all firms that have lost a patent defence since 2002 no her decision revoked.  And all monies paid out returned to the patent contester.
                All biochemical patents are were invalidated.  All biochemical drug companies now have absolutely no value.  They have successfully killed 200 million patients around the world since the Moffitt published the use of high intensity ultrasound 2002.
                And use a 100% cancer cure rate.  The Moffitt has now abandoned high us to a large extent.  And back prescribing defective Bio chemistry.  All the doctors involved are instantly deleted from medical registers.
                All firms that have defended invalidated patents are similarly struck off the legal register.

Jonathan Thomason

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