Monday, 6 October 2014

Biochemical killing

6 October 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published hundred patient double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer in ½ minute appointment.  I have personally confirmed this in my church health group.
                External application of HIUS there will even clear late stage inoperable liver cancer.  HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease.
                A single appointment!  No biochemistry involved.  The cheapest source of high us is a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device.
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                Such devices are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  No hospital or GP involvement required at all.  And certainly no biochemical prescription.
                High us to the bottom right of the chest for ½ minute clears diabetes: former diabetics are willing to concede that they are cured!  As they would lose the benefit.  Medics are unwilling to concede that diabetes is now so simple to cure.
                But every registered Dr. Has taken the Hippocratic oath: they have promised to apply only the best medicine.  Biochemical treatments are now prohibited medicine.
                No register Dr. Is allowed to research defective medicine.  So all biochemical research work since 2002 is automatically void.  As are all patents based on the work.
                He each such Dr. Is now struck off medical registers around the world: back dated 12 years.
                Cancer Research raises money to fund a biochemical research!  Nobody can do so much research work.  All money is must be returned!  And no more money raising can take place.
                MacMillan nursing exists to medicate people up, and to lay dying in short time screaming in agony: at a time when HIUS there will cure all 200 cancers out there, in a single half minute appointment.
                This is an evil organisations!  Facilitating he paused biochemical death-from disease is routinely cured by 30 seconds of local ultrasonic massage.  MacMillan are fully aware they are causing unnecessary agonising deaths.
                The charity commission has no room for legal maneuver: it must prevent the charitable status of the cancer charities.  Who must instantly stop fundraising!  And return for last 12 years money, they have used to help kill six million people in the UK alone.  400 million around the world.
                These are evil organisations!  Who act to distribute and research Bio chemistry.  So they act for the biochemical industry.  That was registered defective 12 years ago.
                How many of your friends have these two charities and the biochemical drug industry kill?  We the your own charitable donations.
                I have been on about this for four years!  In the first two months I heard from two doctors who were incredulous that this evil was happening!  Then nothing.
                G P’s are well aware they are the biggest mass murderers in human history.  Killing 8 times more people than the NAZI party did.  Four their own financial gain.
                These are not super ethical people.  These are simple mass murderers!  Harold Shipman only killed 20 people.  He each prescribing Dr. has killed 8000!  Who had died screaming in agony.  Which is why so many are now retiring!
                There is a 25 year jail term for each avoidable death they have caused.  The most serious criminals in human history.

                The Hippocratic oath demands of all medics share of best medicine!  Then only applying the best medicine.  So since 2002 all biochemical treatments have been prohibited defective medicine.
                2014 team and you have being the 4th Ebola outbreak in 20 years.  Which implies as any disease gets established, another of organism expands and engulfs it!  The outbreaks naturally die out.
                Patients have got better from Ebola naturally have the antibody to the disease in our blood stream for medics 40 years: they are doing a great trade selling their blood by the pint!  As it will cure other people.
                All medics have to do, is buying a pint.  Isolate the active antibody, and use cell biology to splice the antisense onto harmless bacteria.  We can then brew up vats of the antibody.
                Doctors do not-as is the demonstrate that simple the cure to Ebola is.  They prefer that Africans (and now Americans) die-so they can maintain overpriced jobs.  This is so against the Hippocratic oath!
                I have mentioned above there cancer cells have to have an overinflated nature to divide in a viral sort away.  So obviously all viruses (and bacteria) have an overinflated cell nature.
                So applying HIUS to a major artery or the chest clears all viruses!  In just ½ minute.  Including Ebola.
                I have personally confirmed this works for late stage liver cancer, HIV and the bacterial plaques causing coronary heart disease.
                A 5 Watts 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device acts as a fantastically cheap HIUS device.  It can clear all people of Ebola in just five days in Africa.
                People in the U.S.  Have such devices for slimming.  Applied to the chest, throat and nose will clear all viruses: including the common cold, SARs, birds and swine flu, and of course
Jonathan Thomason

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