Friday, 31 October 2014

Global idea!

31 October 2014
                If you’re moderately active of FaceBook, I know you will have accumulated 1000 friends.  A colleague of mine complained that he had 1000 pounds!  Without trying.
                One of my face book pages on cancer (cancer doctor) now has over 1,147 likes on its own.  So that page with have been sent out to all their contacts!  So my page will have a global reach all over a million.
                Each Dr. has promised to use best medicine.  And communicated to every Dr. they know.  A one appointment cure is obviously so much better than expensive, agonising biochemical death.
                External application of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound for ½ minutes will cure all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  The cheapest source is an ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet.
                I have personally demonstrated it will even cure late stage inoperable liver cancer.  Apply it to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears coronary heart disease.
                Applied to the bottom right of the chest it clears all science of diabetes: though Type One does take three days to remit.

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Simple, safe nuclear energy

30 October 2014
                This method produces no hyper toxic radioactive wastes.  We start off with hydrogen gas.  Hydrogen is a proton bonded to one or more neutrons, with an orbiting electron.
                When we shine a radiant light into hydrogen gas, half the time the solitary electron will not repulse the free electrons.
1              p+.a n0+e- ->b n0+(b-a+1)(E3+L+Xray)
                So we get massive energy, light and low power X rays.  Plus emission of some neutrons.  The X rays are same power as there is emitted by a beating heart: which does molecular nuclear fusion.
                Neutrons carbohydrates a paper bag!  The electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen gases.  We vent the oxygen, and convert the hydrogen into infinite free and safe energy.
                It is the ultimate clean Energy System!  We use a 50x1cm glass tube to produce free energy for a house.  This can heat the house for free.  With no carbon dioxide.
                We actually generate 2 MW.  So throughout the day we are selling 1.5 MW to the national grid.  Totally free energy, which is not generate carbon dioxide or hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                The plasma self sustains at two atmospheres!  But we are generating so much free electricity, this is of little consequence!  We can start the plasma with a spring and crank handle.
                Each megawatts generate an annual income of more than a lifetime’s salary!  Each hydrogen plasma plants can supply the electricity for 100 houses!  And generate a massive income.  Hydrogen fission is the main energy source in the universe.
                Nuclear fusion is less important!
2              1+rH+->E3+L+Xray

Jonathan Thomason

Extra corporate money

30 October 2014
                A reason resized corporation has a backup generator!  Usually fired with oil or gas.  It sits there, utilised for 6 hours every five years.  This is a wasted free resource.
                May well there is a lightening strike every 3 minutes around the world.  This turns regular water into 5 tonnes of helium gas and associated ozone.  The initial lightening down strike, is set up by heavy rain fall.
1                     H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
This has been extensively written up by geography.  Lack the understanding of what the ions and production of helium and X rays means: we are doing nuclear fusion!
                This converts to 2.5x1030 Watts over three seconds from a 1.5 kilometre lightening down strike.  2 MW/m.  This is useful energy!
                A company go to banks of three steam plasma tubes, two metres long in the backup generator.  A steam plasma tube converts hydrogen ions and free electrons into neutrons.
2              H++e- ->n0
                This will convert the helium and oxygen ions, into low atomic weights!  Ending up with hydrogen.  This ended fissions into heat and light.
3              1+sH++r n0-> 1+tH+->E3+L+Xray
                Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Including you as you heart beats!  So you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter. And you breathe out helium and ozone.  They don’t really breathe in any helium.  And there is no chemical source of this gas.
                So every organism on earth does nuclear fusion from hydrogen ions.
                The calculation is very simple: 0.02x1,000000,x24x365=175,320,000 UK pounds per kilowatt year.  And any reasonable size company is going to get an income of 1,262,304,000 UK pounds.  1.2 billion pounds.
                Why bother doing anything else?  That is serious income from a wasted resource.  Using science published in the 1980s.  With no fossil fuel burn or hyper toxic uranium fission.
                There are 10,000 really size companies in the UK.5,000 much larger!  He would generate a constant 80 MW.  We are looking at a corporate energy generation of 8 Global Warming per year.
                From regular water!  Massively undercutting all fossil fuel burning or toxic uranium fission.  Will end up exporting massive energy to France.  Via the under channel electric cable.

Jonathan Thomason         

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ebola is so cured

29 October 2014
                The newspapers are so proud of the independence!  And prints PR seconds from drug companies with no editing!  But it is very simple!
                All viruses, bacteria and rump infestations are left behind by infections have to overinflated in order to divide.
                Rump infestations cause cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  To divide and grow they also have to be overinflated!
                In 2002 a world leading cancer company first applied High Intensity UltraSound to cancer: physiotherapists have spent last 25 years writing articles about clearing scar tissue and then damage using HIUS.
                HIUS transpires to be a one appointment cure to all cancers out there!  Rendering biochemical treatments are defective medicine prohibited by the Hippocratic oath: expensive, unpleasant and fatal.
                They inadvertently published the total cure to all the diseases of age.  External application to any cancer cleared it totally.  Provoking an immune action to clear secondaries.
                Application to the top left the chest and the kidneys totally clears coronary heart disease: as medically published by doctors in 2012.  Again no biochemistry required.
                2008 HIUS was demonstrated to clear all science or diabetes.  So biochemical drug industry is have no business!
                Applied to the lungs HIUS will also clear her HIV and Ebola.  History has demonstrated that the Ebola outbreaks have a frequency of five years.  And cleared totally naturally!  It is not a good disease.
                One application of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from a massage device bought over the Internet, for just ½ minute will totally clear the disease.  Biochemistry has no affect if treatment.
                No register Dr. Is allowed to research Bio chemistry and Ebola: as again it is defective medicine!  They media and politicians have been lied to by the drug companies!
                Ebola never was a problem!  There is no need for any money to die from a virus.  All viruses can be cleared with HIUS.

Jonathan Thomason

Free electricity

29 October 2014
                Every 3 minutes around the world heavy rain sets up lightning!  By acting as a gaint battery: turning rain drops into helium, oxygen, heat and X rays!
                The helium ions carry the positive charge to above the clouds layer.  The oxygen ions carry the negative charge to the ground.
                When we get a potential of 5000 volts, a partial steam plasma forms a lightening down strike.  Linking of electoral holes between the cloud tops and the ground.
                When it touches the ground we get an up rush of hun   dred amps of charge electrons.  This produces 5 tonnes of helium gas.  Of which there is no chemical source!
                This converts to 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  Over three sections!  Mankind has not even generated 1020 Watts of electricity ever.  Nature does this every 3 minutes!
                So a partial steam plasma liberates 2 MW/ms.  A pure steam plasma should liberate 13 megawatts.  This is just too much power!  Which is why no experiments have been carried out on molecular nuclear fusion.  Though the basic science has been published on the Internet.
                So let us take a steam plasma, diluted with nitrogen gas.  So we want 50 steam plasma tubes to generate a constant 100 MW.  With no fossil fuel bound.  And no hyper toxic uranium fission.
                All companies in the world have a backup Power System!  Already paid for.  Usually burning of oil or gas.  Forget that!  Too expensive.
                We use three diluted steam plasma tubes.  And generate a constant 27 MW of power.  Utilising a frighteningly small volume of water!  A quarter thimble full for a decade,
                Company is run it all year.  When not concealing the power of themselves they sell the excess power to the national grade.  Power with no carbon dioxide!  No enriched uranium.  No intermittent continental toxic death.
                Clean and safe power: generates is the way nature does!  Layer the nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions in water molecules.
                We do the see the same process in ammonia or hydrocarbon refineries.  The water is the simplest source!  Ended in a science company is going to generate 6 MW of power.  An excess of 4.2 during the day.
                We are 1000 companis in a power district.  Each being paid 4.8 million UK pounds annually.  At present it is two will consume 200 MW of power.  The steam plasma tubes, companies I go to generate excess of 5.8 GW of electricity.
                They power generation are companies is going too far outstrip electricity demand.  There will be no need for large power generation companies.
                So the price of electricity will drop!  In five years the national grid’s will be a effectively paying you to consume and electricity.  With no fossil fuel bound!  An utterly no hyper toxic uranium fission.

Jonathan Thomason

The cure of Ebola

29 October 2014
                Is simple!  All viruses have to divide in a single cell way.  Just like cancers do!  This requires some viral genome, and an inflated cell structure.
                Ultrasound causes the rapid boiling of liquid water.  A process that skills exponentially with fluid pressure.  And it initiates molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US1->He+O+E2+Xray            US1<5 o:p="" w="">
                I am grateful to the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrating that a single 30 second application of High Intensity UltraSound totally clears prostate cancer!  No surgery of biochemistry required.
                Since 2002 all biochemical treatments for surgery for prostate cancer have been defective medicine.  Totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Warranting immediate striking off other medical team involved.
                And legal damages of $10,000,000 for each avoidable death: external application of HIUS clears all cancers.  No biochemical drug use ever required.
                HIUS also clears all viruses.  HIV, SARs only very weakly infective and fatal disease Ebola.  Since 1980 4 Ebola outbreaks in Western Africa are have died as totally naturally.
                The recovered are now selling their blood by the pint.  As if we teeming with the active antibody.  Western drug companies the sample for this enzyme.  And use it by the tonne in a week.
                They do not as this is the only income stream!  Drug companies could also produce the effective human antibodies to clear all cancers and viruses.
                Such drugs would be very useful!  And require no human testing.  But the testing work on HIUS was done 12 years ago.
                A 5 W ultrasonic massage device can be purchased over the Internet for under $20.00.  It will cure all cancers, and all infections.
                I applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys HIUS also clears coronary heart disease.  I applied to the bottom right of the rib cage it clears all science or diabetes.
                I applied repeatedly to each side or the head over stroke damage, it will clear the damage and repair the brain.  Strokes our third biggest killers today.  Make that the first!  As cancer and coronary heart disease have now been cleared.
                Ebola is a total non event!  The people dying from it in Western Africa are being sacrificed to maintain the inflated wages of west end medics.  All of whom have no contravened the Hippocratic earth-and are no longer allowed to practice medicine.
Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Gold has no value

28 October 2014
                As I was taught at Sheffield University during my master’s degree in 1983.  Of water from the seas and rivers of the earth filters down through the earth’s crust, until they meet the core!
                They were form the dynamic layer of the earth’s mantle.  The heavy metals are dissolved into liquid water.  Which does a slow simmer!  The rock is coolled into lava which sinks.
                All the time metals are being leached out of the core.  Gold is a fifth most abundant element on earth, there is 411 million tonnes of it in the core.  So it is basically an inexhaustible amount.
                We also get platinum, silver, copper and all the heavy metals.  So there is a river of geothermal water which stay still as he earth rotates in a clockwise direction.  Occasionally this water finds its way to the surface.
                It is a source of every river on earth.  Solid gold makes it to the surface-most of it has precipitated out as the pressure drops.  This is why you can pan for gold.
                Far simpler to use ground sonar to track a river source back, anticlockwise until we locate a liquid filled underground pocket 10 metres below the surface.  At this depth all the heavy metals are still in solution.
                We drill down, and enter this pocket from below!  Almost drowning technology is already worked out.  Sheffield University specializes in it.  So we get an endless stream of heavy metal laden superheated water.
                It would boil, except for high pressure it is under.  It is 8.4 atmospheres.  So we vent it down to 8.2.  And pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  This collects all the heavy metal powder.
                Which we sell on to process into ingots.  Just so much gold!  1000 times more platinum than the world needs.  Even more silver and copper than we can use.  And you have so much gold!  It turns out to be a major pollutant in this process.
                We then pass it through a steam turbine and generate free electricity: with no fossil fuel bound.  So no carbon dioxide.  And no toxic uranium fission either!
                We use 2% of its power to drive the Carnot heat pump.  This condenses the steam on her low pressure gas.  We then pressurise the gas, and return the heat to the inlet steam.  At 720° C.  Which travels our power production.  For free!
                We sell the electricity, and make four times more money than signing the gold!  This will exacerbate.  As a value of gold continue to plummet!  People around the world are setting up geothermal power production facilities.
                And the waste product is unlimited gold metal.  Sell it to the Chinese!  They have the money.  And may still like gold.  There is only so many gold necklaces a girl can wear before she needs support walking!  We are in that territory.
                Gold can be used for electrical contacts.  But that market is already saturated!  It can be used to decorate China.  Hence the Chinese world of the soft, malleable, useless metal.
                Bank vaults around the world are going to sell the gold!  While you still has value.  10 years from now he will not.  Maybe only 2!
                The electricity costs are going to plummet.  We now have an inexhaustible supply of electricity and gold for free.
                Mankinds power requirements require only 0.5% are the geothermal water.  Which drives earthquakes, volcanoes and heats the sea depths.  The greatest untapped power reserve on earth.
                That does not require the burning of fossil fuels.  Or for mankind to do massively toxic and expensive uranium nuclear fission.
                A steam plasma is a nuclear fission of hydrogen ions.  Releasing light, heat and low power X rays.  So free energy again!  But no gold this time.  The burning of fossil fuels is about to end.  Oil reserves will be kept as a chemical in product.

                My music group and myself are going to record my latest song tomorrow.  It is called ‘Cleopatra’.  And they sent me the backing music of the computer.
                So I have recorded a snatch of the song and lyrics on U tube.  Username ‘Jonah’.  I may upload more of the produced song when we have done it.  It will be available in totality on iTunes.  Maybe under ‘Ordsall Communirt Arts/Old Sorts/Jonathan Thomason’.  We shall see!
                I want to negotiate commission are 80%!  As I wrote the music and lyrics, and sang it.  This will be the first track and my rock album.
Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 27 October 2014

The cure of diabetes was accidental

27 October 2014
                I read while doing a PH D in 2001, that the structure causing diabetes showed up on low power ultrasound scan.  Hardened white undifferentiated cells-just as in cancer.
                Yes the structures are dividing, and making the disease worse!  Like all pathogens and cancer, the cell structure has to be overinflated to facilitate genome replication.
                I suggested that high power ultrasound might be useful treatment for cancer, then went off singing on stage!  I just got then music through for my first rock number!  As shocked to hear, there is a guy is have to use my melody.
                In 2010 I have wrote a cance. charity magazine, detailing the use of High Intensity UltraSound at the Moffitt cancer centre-in 2002.  Today I find 5 W 1 MHz to be a affective HIUS.
                This causes pressurised cell structures to do molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                This explains why low power ultrasound scans cause cancers and the cells causing diabetes to give out X rays.  Of which there is no biochemical source!
                High as causes the pressurised cells to experience cell content boiling and fragment.  Clearing the cancer from the body.  Provoking an immune action to clear secondary us throughout the body.
                So it costs 0.03¢ to clear any cancer!  Once you have a HIUS device.  I have found a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device purchased over the Internet to be a suitable device.
                Medics want $10,000 for such a device.  I was wandering into my health group with 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound device.  Which also works!  The system at times more expensive to run.  As such devices are not very robust.
                I cleared late stage inoperable liver cancer for one guy.  His face was a picture!  The Permian who have suffered from for two years went.  With no biochemistry!
                I am also treated ago air schizophrenia.  ½ minute(the standard treatment time) to each side is head and no more drug requirement.  It still took Salford royal two years to fully discharge him.  They could just not believe this schizophrenia was cured.
                They are also treated people with diabetes.  29 with Type 2, another with Type 1.  ½ minutes to the lower right of the rib cage and the inflated cells all popped.  The individual felt a bit of local heating.  And had a cup of T.
                I didn’t know that it would work!  Just as he would not make things worse.  I would not interfere with any Bio chemistry.  Phil decided he had nothing to lose!  All the future diabetics heard about Phil.
                What they did not hear was the time it took to remove his insulin pump.  Which are costs 500 pounds to fit!  Salford Royal have gradually decreased his drug use.  The last I heard years of our monthly injections.
                The guy he has totally normal blood sugar levels!  He does not have diabetes.  Again the Hospital massively resists giving up their regular income stream.
                Phil is happy!  He has a natural Ruddy complexion!  I will let in discover that he could now heat ice cream on his own!  The stuff is just two fattening.
                Alice have been downgraded on to man made diabetic drugs: the medics do not accept the gravel diseases of being cures.  Clive maintains that HIUS does nothing.  It totally clears coronary heart disease.
                Which eas due to kill him 2 years ago.  I pointed out that physiotherapists have been publishing medical papers on the effectiveness of high intensity ultrasound for 30 years.  He said nothing!  Here strike is dispensing biochemical drugs.
                All biochemical treatments are now defective medicine prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  No register Dr. Can any more prescribe them.
                Certainly not the diabetes!  ½ minute of HIUS to the lower right of the rib cage totally clears diabetes.  Though type 1 does take three days to remit.
                The viral rump makes the antisense to insulin.  Which blocks its action!  The liver takes three days to clear this from the blood.  Type 2 makes an enzyme departmental secretion of insulin.
                So you remits in 10 minutes.  After application of HIUS.  I did not know this.  I just knew HIUS will successful in clearing inflated cell structures.  Thanks to Phil for letting me prove the technology on him.
                Once you know it works biochemical treatments are seeing the crazy idea!  They are expensive and unpleasant to administer.  A leading to a predictable death from multi organ failure.  Two of my non blood relatives had died from diabetes.
                People were diabetes today are so lucky!  The delivery of an ultrasound device takes five days.  And you can use it to cure the cancer, heart disease and diabetes are all your friends and family.
                In cancer apply externally to the affected organ.  For coronary heart disease apply to the top left the chest and also the kidneys for the standard treatment time of ½ minute each year.

                My music group and myself are going to record my latest song tomorrow.  It is called ‘Cleopatra’.  And they sent me the backing music of the computer.
                So I have recorded a snatch of the song and lyrics on U tube.  Username ‘Jonah’.  I may upload more of the produced song when we have done it.  It will be available in totality on iTunes.  Maybe under ‘Ordsall Communirt Arts/Old Sorts/Jonathan Thomason’.  We shall see!
                I want to negotiate commission are 80%!  As I wrote the music and lyrics, and sang it.  This will be the first track and my rock album.
Jonathan Thomason

No Hinkley C!

27 October 2014
                The planning permission for Hinkley B expired in the 1990s.  The next day or power station regulator have the duty of imposing an immediate stop order on the plant.
                Global photosynthesis every day it converts the burned fossil fuels used during the night, back into active plant biomass!  Sucking the carbon dioxide from the air.  No person unfamiliar with this highly school biology should be working anywhere!

                The plant is still operating!  EDF and the regulator in cure fines of 10,000,000 UK pounds and 10 years in jail for the individual concerned!
                Even the queen appears planning!  EDF chose to continue operating the plant, in the hope of avoiding a Royal Commission.  Which all gave a resounding ‘No’ to the concept of building and never planned and death.
                Nuclear power concedes that nuclear fusion will destroy a uranium fission.  Every 3 minutes around the earth there is a lightening strike!  That releases 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  By doing molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                There is no chemical source of either helium or X rays.  The weather is driven as the turbulent flow of water vapour first earth events.
                Also has venting steam powers tsunamis: both of which do molecular nuclear fusion.
                In a glass tube we have the turbulent flow of hydrogen and oxygen ions.  This drives neutron formation, and the nuclear fission of oxygen and helium, down to hydrogen then heat, light and X rays.
2              H++e- ->n0
3              16O2-+s n0 ->2Be->4B-8He->16H+ then 2
                So a steam plasma turns regular water into unlimited heat!  With no carbon dioxide.  And no solid radioactive waste.  The layers from uranium fission remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                It storage after EDF goes bankrupt the next 20 years, is totally unfunded.  What do EDF Care?  They were gone bankrupt semi years ago.
                You do the maths and a 2cm steam plasma in a glass tube will release a constant 6 MW/m of heat.  Heat with no fossil fuel bound!  No overpriced or oil or gas.  This is a huge amount of energy!
                Every company wants to 1x100cm steam plasma tubes, to release a constant 2.4 MW of heat.  Replacing fossil fuel burning totally!  They will require topping up with regular water.  Half a thimble full a decade.
                This is free energy!  And the capital back-uo power plant has already been paid for by the company.  They are run it all year!  During the day cell in 2 MW of power continuously to the grid.
4              2x10-2x2x106x2.4x101x3.65x103=3.56x107 = 35 million UK pounds annually.
                For our own year’s Capital Equipment!  The steam plasma tube can be worked out by the engineering in 10 minutes during the lunch break!
                It turns a totally minuscule amount of regular water into incomprehensibly huge amounts of power.  Engineers have already figured this stuff out in 1980.
                But never actioned it, as they were not in the power business.  They are missing 35 million pounds of extra money annually.
                This means we can turn off Hinkley B with absolutely no problem.  This 16 and some plants in England are all better planning consent!  Except Sizewell B.
                Like are nuclear plants it Carries 15 billion of insurance.  Fukushima there was also a PWR!  Are shows adequate insurance is 100 billion.  No insurance above one billion is available.
                So is continued operation contravenes is operating consent back to Chernobyl in 1986.  When adequate insurance was 20 billion!
                Each year of illegal operation finds EDF 10,000,000 pounds.  And gives the plant managers 10 years in jail!  This is the greatest illegality in legal history.  Quite what have lawyers at Harvard University been doing!
                And what about every legal expert in Europe.

Jonathan Thomason

No more petrol

27 October 2014
                Every 3 minutes around the earth there is a lightening strike!  As does molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray           T= turbulence of heavy rain
                So the heavy rain acts like a giant battery!  The positive charge collecting above the clouds layer.  The negative charge fall into the ground.  Where we get a potential of 5000 volts, a partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the clouds and the ground.
                When it touches down we get the up rush of hundred amps of electrons.  Which makes five terms of helium gas!  Releasing 2.5x1030 W of power.
                It does 1 big time!  There is no chemical source of helium or X rays.  This equates to 6 MW/m from regular water.  This is a massive amount of energy.  A lightning strikes are medically random.
                We can fire up a pure steam plasma in a glass tube.  We then get some different reactions:
2              H++eàn0           the formation of neutrons
                These bond with other hydrogen ions, to cause their nuclear fission into heat, light and X rays
3              1H++r n0->1+rH+->E3+L+Xray
                We only get 5 W/m.  But while we top up the water pressure, we get a course of power generation.  This is at 4 atmospheres pressure.  At two atmospheres the plasma self sustains, but only generates 0.8 W/m.
                This system is ideal to drive a car.  When we wish to drive the car, we increase the plasma pressure in a plasma tube sat in a water boiler.  When at rest we decrease the plasma pressure, to just maintain the boiler water at the triple point of water!  Just boiling a little.
                This is a massive amount of energy!  Enough to power a neighbourhood.  I have posted a loss of information on using steam plasma tubes to replace petrol, diesel and hyper toxic uranium fission.
                A 50x1cm glass tube will release 800 KW at four atmospheres.  The approximations in my calculations demand some practical experiments –that even at the physics high school laboratory.  It is really not hard stuff.
                So we can drive a supercar on the German motorways as 120 mph, of regular water!  A totally insignificant amount of regular water.  We are talking a quarter thimble full a decade.
                No petrol or diesel burn!  All the radiation is contained in the engine.  Just like it is today.  Burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion already:
4              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O-E and ->mCO2+r(He+O+E2+Xray)
                The oxidation of the carbon atoms to form carbon dioxide actually takes in heat.  It is only the massive energy release from the nuclear fusion that makes the net process exothermic.
                A steam plasma does not use the carbon cycle!  All the atoms from water molecules end up as heat, light and low power X rays.  There is no solid radioactive waste!  We do not need a fuel tank of petrol or diesel oil.

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Clearing Alzheimer’s

26 October 2014
                I did not think that this one out.  I was aware than in 2002 American medics have surgically cancer using High Intensity UltraSound.  Cancer is a viral rump, a fragment of the full virus left behind by the main virus is cleared.
                To divide and grow in must be pressurised!  Ultrasound causes liquid water to boil, and process which rises exponentially with liquid pressure.  Body tissue is damaged by ultrasound above 180 W/cm2.  Cancer expenses cell content boiling at only 90 W.
                This took me in five years to work out!  We are inducing molecular nuclear fusion:
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                Medics have uses science since the 1950s!  To detect cancers throughout the body.  All 200 sorts of cancer respond to ultrasound.  I remarked on this 2001 two all my medical contacts.
                The next year the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated the total clearance of cancer using HIUS.  I spent six months, working out what HIUS was.  And deciding the cheapest source was are medically licensed ultrasound massage device.
                I first used the 150 W 40 kHz.  For last year I have been using more affective 5 W 1 MHz.  The infection as he is the power frequency product.  Every health centre in the world OZ 8 Watts 3 M Hz ultrasound unit.  Medically licensed for physiotherapists use.
                I validated my 150 W unit will clear even late stage inoperable liver cancer.  The physiotherapists unit will clear all cancers at one appointment.  Removing the need for biochemical treatments.
                Application to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease.  Which was the biggest killer in 2012.  When medics published the use of high us to clear the disease totally.
                I was in my church health group, and people came with Alzheimer’s and MS.  I had told them ‘this may help, horrible do nothing!’.  They let me try.  My usual treatment time was ½ minute.
                So I applied it to each side or the head.  Firstly to guy with MS!  I have a girlfriend die as a result of having MS for 14 years.  He looked a little surprised.  He had a cup of T.  The water a totally cured.
                Next I got a guy with Altzheimer’s.  Same idea totally!  Same result.  I read that both diseases of the characterised by hardened white cell structure in the brain.  Exactly like cancer!
                Totally cleared.  I make no money from the idea.  Neither do doctors.  Not interested.  Just trying to help people with a serious untreatable problem.
                It turns out that HIUS is a one appointment cure.
                Physiotherapists use as a HIUS device to clear limb damage.  I am busy fixing my leg from a dog bite.  He also transpires that it fixes a damaged brain.  I have 30% brain damage in a car accident.
                I now work as a song writer and singer: I did a week on stage in the biggest centre stage in England.  Well, I have a lot of use to fill.  I also write books.  Search ‘Jonathan Thomason’ and your get them.
                I wrote a 28,000 word book about HIUS & cancer.  I also wrote up my PH D studies in a book about nuclear fusion.  I had been get the PH D!  My supervisor was trying to make a case for global warming.
                Five years after the world started cooling!  The last thing he wanted was to give the world free Internet Power, by the nuclear fusion of high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.
                I also wrote a sexy book about ghosts.  Had he is that 1 work?  Buy a book and see.  It also has some of my Crockett jokes in.  Enjoy.
                So I did not know HIUS would fix Altzheimer’s.  I thought there was a strong chance it might help.  A 1 minute total cure was a surprise to all the world including me.
                Every Dr. on earth has promised to apply best medicine.  The total clearance and mental health problems using a device which costs $20.00, and 0.03¢ per application is the best medicine.  The Hippocratic earth prohibits the use of biochemistry.  Also the fact that there is no biochemical cure!
                After their success I tried my device on a prayer and the drug control schizophrenia.  It took Salford Royal hospital for three months to fully discharge them from all drug care!  They didn’t believe schizophrenia was curable.
                Schizophrenia is again characterised by hardened white structures which show up under low power ultrasound.  They should have discharged him at the next appointment.
                I also have fixed by the traumatic head injury of a friend.  The local Dr. has now told him not to allow need to years when ultrasound device on him.  I totally cured him!  He has promised to use best medicine on his patients.
                He doesn’t!  By He was to prescribe biochemistry.  And see them dying in agony.  He practises in Ordsall.  I would encourage fission is all over the world to demand application of HIUS.
                Doctors have been using ultrasound since 1826.  They are the world experts!  They have promptly realized high as totally cured cancer since 1850.  But did not consider the technology-as he did molecular making money.
                If you know more about this area, to get in touch!

Jonathan Thomason

British cancer

26 October 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in America did 100 patient double blind trial on high intensity ultrasound clearing cancer at one application.  Medics have known since the 1950s that low power ultrasound caused the pressurise cancer cells to give off X rays:
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                Medics have discovered her to do molecular nuclear fusion: the free energy source of nature.  There are provides 1040 Watts of energy to nature every year.  Via the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.  Power with no fossil fuel burn!
                The same idea clears the pressurise structures causing coronary heart disease, diabetes and mental are problems.  Applying the HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear heart disease.
                Apply for only ½ minute (the standard treatment time) external to the pancreas, at the bottom right of the rib cage, and to clear all science or diabetes.  Since 2002 biochemical treatments for all cancers have been defective medicine.  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                Since 2008 biochemical treatments for diabetes have been defective.  2012 medics published the use of HIUS to clear all types of heart disease.
                British G P’s have continued to prescribe biochemical treatments: though the Hippocratic oath dictates that prescribing doctors she removed from medical registers around the world.
                In 2012 I saw some lawyers from the British Council.  He pointed out that the financial inducements provided by the drug companies, according to the prescriptive history of the Dr., Was simple financial fraud.
                They were being rewarded for murdering their patients!  Six million Britons sin 2002.  The date all prescribing doctors on earth have raid about HIUS!  The Hippocratic oath demands it.
                To be informed about them apply best medicine.  2002 biochemical treatments became prohibited defective medicine.
                Astra Zeneca has spent the last of its savings, exchanging all its cancer patents for patents on asthma.
                Asthma is caused by an inflated viral structure in the lungs.  1 minute of HIUS to the chest clears asthma totally.  Biochemical treatments for asthma are now prohibited defective medicine.
                Which leaves Astra Zeneca with no business at all!  Anywhere around the world.
                Doctors on a demanding an additional 100 K to work weekends: weekend charges were already factored into the exorbitant salaries.  They want to be rewarded for be the biggest mass murderers in recorded history.
                They are not super ethical individuals!  They are mass murderers motivated by money.  My opinion-let’s hear your arguments!

Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Free power

25 October 2014
                The problem with molecular nuclear fusion is a generates a much power and heat!  In a lightning bolt, a 1.5 kilometre x 2cm partial steam plasma generates 2,5x1030 Watts of heat.  In three seconds nature releases more energy than mankind has ever generated!  Including by nuclear bombs.
                Nuclear power is basically it partially controlled nuclear explosion!  Which is why it causes intermittent continental toxic death every quarter of a century.
                In Japan the minister for the economy Yuko Obuchi was charged with restarting the Japanese nuclear programme.  It transpired she used government funds as her O personal banking account.
                Nuclear power has demonstrated 50 years of financial manipulation of politicians.  She was the ultimate financially manipulatable for tuition.  Who resigned for massive corruption!
                Japan has ruled that nuclear power is illegal in Japan always trading partners.  China has stepped into the breach to try and restart the UK are nuclear programme.
                It was first address the problem are safely storing the radioactive waste.  For 100,000 years.  And never fancied caustic in the bid documents!  Nuclear power also does not include the decommissioning charge of its power stations.
                Which are massively more than if they construction, all the cast of electricity generated.
                Then we get to the insurance conundrum.  The National Power Station Regulator has a legal duty to ensure the planned key to their planning consent.
                Planning constraints would dictate that all nuclear power plants were shut down 15 years ago!  Leaving only Sizewell B: which carries in sufficient insurance.  Resulting in an immediate stop order being issued tomorrow.
                After Fukushima issue clear plant needs to carry $100,000,000,000 of insurance.  Non carry over 50,000,000.  0.05% of the legally demanded amount!
                You may gather I used to work in the power industry.  Even in the 1980s, before Chernobyl the decommissioning costs mitigated against any new nuclear plants.  Man applied to ignore this to build Sizewell B!
                She was a graduate chemist.  Totally unfamiliar with nuclear power or the law.
                Lightning equates to 6 MW/m.  This is just too much power!  Set up by heavy rain fall doing a little molecular nuclear fusion.  Every physics department in the world needs a three metre drop centre, to study the nuclear fusion of falling water droplets.
                No 100 billion annual cost for the Great Hadron Collider: the world’s most expensive than scientifically useless white elephant.  That is still being funded!
                A steam plasma at four atmospheres self sustains the free air for three seconds.  The time of a lightning strike.  Just too much energy!
                It looks like a 5 cmx1m steam plasma will release a constant 700 kW.  This is still a massive amount of power!  Might not melt all the engineering plant.  Physically if we immerse eight in a water boiler.
                A steam train here must five tubes for combustion products in a water bath.  These do molecular nuclear fusion.  Reaching 3000° C.  But not melting, because the presence of liquid water on the outside.
                This science needs to be evaluated.  The plasma should be initiated by 2000 volts 0.01 amps.  The power required to maintain the plasma should fall away exponentially just below four atmospheres.
                Why am I interested in this power range?  Because it allows us to drive a steam cycle.  And drive free electricity.  Using a fantastically minuscule amount of water.  100 MW of power from a thimble full of regular water a decade.
                With an utterly no fossil fuel burn.  No carbon dioxide.  And no hyper toxic uranium fission.  The amount of life on earth is limited by the circulating organic carbon.
                Which is why there was 65% more life on earth in the Jurassic.  Before most of the fossil fuels formed.  Twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air-photosynthesis was less evolved.
                Except during the three natural ice ages.  When carbon dioxide levels increase to eight parts per million.  Four times the trace levels of carbon dioxide in the global air today.
                The weather seas the global average!  As local level rises at diesel engine exhausts are totally insignificant.  And increased plant yields locally for the next 5 minutes.
                Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas.  And never makes it to the stratosphere!  Where our weather is made.  Somebody please explain to me were professors of physics has spent the years since 86 writing about the weather.
                An area of they have total ignorance about.  There global weather has been cooling since 1995.  So professors of physics have shut the hell up.  No academic who has written fictitious papers on behalf of nuclear power (paid fiction) has any place in education.
                Reporters similarly show shut the hell up.  Global photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide every afternoon to a static global trace level of only two parts per million.  Static trace gases affect nothing!
                Man can not affect the carbon dioxide level in the air if he tried!  Nature controls it.  Nuclear power produce global death help produce global death: the least green industry ever!
                Carbon dioxide increases plant growth.  It is the green gas.  People pontificating about man made climate change shaky but today, mental health medication.  And get our high school education!

Jonathan Thomason         

Replacing gas and oil

25 October 2014
                When you burn fossil fuels you do a tiny bit of molecular nuclear fusion, but your oxidise the carbon!
1              CH4+pO2->CO2+2H2O-E
 Or 2                       ->CO2+r(He+O3+E2+Xray
                So we see that oxidising carbon is endothermic.  This equation is for methane, but the same applies for petrol and diesel oil.  Have fun and do the equations yourself!
                So the 100 billion a year spent on the great hadron collider is such a waste!!  Any lit Bunsen burner does (molecular) nuclear fusion.  This is why flames generate so much heat.  The turbulent steam does nuclear fusion.  Oxidising methane gradually with no flame takes in heat.
                As any chemist realises!  Or are there any adequate the educated chemist.  You learn this the the final year at high school.
                So really we don’t want to burn fossil fuels.  We want to be so steam in turbulent flow.  Nature shows us how.  Every 3 minutes around the earth heavy rain sets up a lightening strike.
                The heavy rain itself does nuclear fusion:
3              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                Geographers have written papers about the production of helium, massive heat and X rays from heavy rain.  I have been writing papers about this for four years.  Not one physicist has ever corresponded about it.
                They are not interested in nuclear fusion.  They are interested in research money!  The nuclear power will give them to write papers about the weather.  A subject they have no training or experience and.
                The Alpha particles collect above the clouds.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  Manmade gives out of 5000 volts A partial steam plasma who excel electoral holes from the cloud tops to the ground.
                When it touches down we get the up rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.  Through a partial steam plasma.  This releases 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  As heat, light, sound X rays.  There is no chemical source of visible light, X rays or helium.
                Visible light is emitted by lightning strikes, all we see light flashes in the deep ocean currents-than also get the production of helium and free radical oxygen.  As the turbulent flow of high pressure water does molecular nuclear fusion.
                I did the calculations, and nuclear fusion is eight times as exothermic as hyper toxic uranium fission.  It produces inert helium.  Not lethal plutonium!
                Even molecular nuclear fusion is still six times more exothermic than uranium fission.  Which is 20 times as exothermic as fossil fuel burning.  So a steam plasma is 120 times as exothermic as burning boiling gas.
                Above four atmospheres the plasma self sustains well we augment the water pressure.  The helium ions bond with free electrons.  To form neutrons.
                These bond with their other ions, causing a cascade of nuclear fission too low atomic weights.  Each fission converting a neutron into free energy.  This makes the nuclear fission of low atomic mass atoms exothermic.
                The final nuclear fusion of the enriched hydrogen ions, results in massive heat, light and X rays.
4              1H++1/5n0->2/6H->E3+L+Xray
                It is sad that physicists will not engage with this science!  As I am sure they can make a contribution.
                So we can replace the burning of fossil fuels to boil water.  We also 1 cm wide x one metre long glass tube filled with steam.  This will generate, constant the heat.
                A lightning bolt generates a constant 6 MW/m from a similarly pressurised 2 cm wide steam plasma.  So a pure steam plasma should generate 40 MW.  A one metre wide would generate a constant 12 MW/m.
                A steam engine have steam in turbulent flow.  And generates 3000° C in the fire tubes in the boiler.  Which do not melt choose the presence of liquid water.  This is 1.4 MW from a 2 metre fire tube.
                I you see the problem here!  12 MW is 10 times too large.  We need to do a the experiments on a 2 mm steam plasma tube.
                A steam plasma most exothermic structure on earth.  Eight times more heat than from the toxic uranium fission tubes.
                We can easily convert all present nuclear plants to do clean molecular nuclear fusion.  Rather than 200 uranium fission tubes, will 32 steam plasma tubes.
                I wore a consume a thimble full of regular water each for a decade.  And generate an utterly no hyper toxic solid waste.  And water falls from the skies for free.
                Every biological organism on earth uses molecular nuclear fusion.  Your heart causes the emission of X rays from your heart and arteries as it beats.  So you do molecular nuclear fusion!
                It is a safer Energy System of nature.  That does not need any toxic enriched fuel.  That does not produce waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                Nuclear power never costs of the handling of its toxic used fuel rods.  It does not even take account of the horrendous decommissioning costs.
                Sellafield is at 20 billion pounds and rising!  The costs met by the British government.  A commercial power plant has to be decommissioned by the company.
                Its nuclear power plant has to carry sufficient insurance.  Which after Fukushima is 100,000,000,000 pounds.  No commercial insurance is even a available for 1% of this!
                So every nuclear plant is running with no storage capability for its waste.  And totally under insured.  Luckily there is a thing called the power station regulator.  I met the representative in 1983.
                He told me that every nuclear plant only carries Insurance of 50,000,000.  Such a small proportion of the required amount.  There is no storage capability for any more nuclear waste.  Hasn’t been for two years.
                The legal sanction an open to the regulator is to initiating immediate stop orders on every nuclear facility in Britain.  Nuclear power must be shut down!
                Molecular nuclear fusion is inherently safe and non polluting.  To stop the plant turn up the glass tube with a hammer.  As I mentioned your heart already does molecular nuclear fusion all day.  It is the Energy System of biology.
                Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission from enriched uranium.  Neither should man.  If we want to live as a species for longer than the next 10 years.
                Nuclear power is nicely on track to extinguish all life on earth.
Jonathan Thomason