Thursday, 25 September 2014

Where is the money?

25 September 2014
                They cure a cancer, heart disease and diabetes using High Intensity Ultrasound was medically demonstrated 2002.  The NHS hates this!  The wages of the managers are linked directly to the economic activity of the Health Service!
                The same argument applies we have private Health services.  But here you are more direct link between disease and wages.
                So what is the  doing with the Health benefit of HIUS?  That is a one time saving.  There goes on forever.
                Now 2/3 of hospital trusts are in deficit.  But no governments in Britain began to learn to declare bankruptcy.  There will be given more money.
                To go along a fantastic wealth they are for ensuring away.  98% of the energy is budget (around 40,000,000,000 pounds) is no longer need for direct help here and the population.
                Which equates to 98% fewer managers.  Who have got creative in wasting the health benefits of HIUS.  This is the money that the UK tax payer.  The most colossal financial waste in British economic history.

Jonathan Thomason

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