Monday, 1 September 2014

UV Nuclear fusion on earth

1 September 2014
                (Shining) two 2 kW 40 kHz ultrasound emitters on two a boiler room for all over the to water, will induce molecular nuclear fusion.  So patient to drive our 100 MW power station continuously.
                Converting twice the length of regular water into helium and oxygen gases-and we C in conventional power stations today.
1              H2O+US1->He+O+E1+ X rays        US1=4,000W       E1=120 MW
                But there is a we are doing molecular nuclear fusion, the world has more experience of.  As sunlight hits a lake or sea.
2              H2O+O2+UV1->He2++O32-+X-ray+E2               E2=120 MW         UV1= 800 W
                This is why light lands are so hot.  Although molecular nuclear fusion going on in the seas!  Releasing helium and ozone gases.
                This is so easy to set up in high school laboratory!  We have a UV light source, staring down on to a flask of regular water.
                The temperature of the water rises significantly almost instantly!  The air bubbles of gas: that of a century helium and oxygen.  A Geiger counter demonstrates the release of X rays.  Which are outside the firm generated by chemical reactions.
                So we don’t need to burn fossil fuels, or do hyper toxic uranium nuclear fission.  We have a UV light source, that drives the boiler room.  That generates power through steam turbine!
                We loop back lunching with little energy.  We produce a whiff of helium and ozone.  Totally insignificant compared to the gas production of the seas.

Jonathan Thomason

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