Thursday, 18 September 2014

TV ghost!

18 September 2014
                Against inherits a carrot field from his uncle.  A cancer by the resident ghost.  They find out how to make him show up on cancer.  So the jonthm win a national television award for cohosting a chat show.
                My thanks go to Lady Margaret Ratcliffe-the head ghost at Ordsall hall Salford.  Who have six ghosts: one of whom is a dog.
                I wrote it all down in my latest e-book


Ghost 2032


             My best selling paperback, is my story.  How I survived a near fatal car accident.  To become a folk lyricist and singer.  A book writer, and video maker!
                Who lives in an ice house at Salford quays in England.  And spends too much of my time on holiday the my first lady friend, getting drunk all over the world!


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