Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Schizophrenia sorted

17 September 2014
                To grow in the human body all viruses must have an overinflated cell structure.  When the main infection is clears we see viral rump cells by left behind!  They are also are inflated.
                When they grow uncontrollably in a viral sort away-that is cancer!  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that High Intensity UltraSound cleared such cells.
                The cell contents experience cell content boiling!  At ultrasound levels benign to body cells.  I have had 150 W 40 kHz was affective.
                I have recently found through my church health group 5 W 1 MHz is also are effective.  The effectiveness is given by the power frequency product.  So a 5 W devices are much more effective.
                All hell centres own a 1.5 W 3 MHz ultrasonic device for physiotherapists use.  They now utilises the more affective 8 W 3 MHz ultrasonic devices.  Which are the most effective on the planet.
                I utilised a 5 watt device bought via Ebay.  Totally affective and amazingly cheap!  Requiring no intervention from doctors or hospitals.
                I was in Ordsall Community Café them a friend of Joshua was there!  He was been medically controlled schizophrenic.  I assured him the ultrasound unit was medically licensed to be totally benign to body cells.
                I applied for 30 seconds to each side of his head.  Also his armpits (½ minute each) and liver (a full minute).  It’s a on the local NHS hospital three months to progressively reduce limit his medication.  And fully discharge him.
                His GP was livid!  The medication was gradually killing Joshua.  But earned the Dr. serious money.  So once the Joshua never to have another ultrasound session.  Joshua is totally cured!
                The same thing applies to asthma!  A minute of HIUS to the chest clears the condition.  Also ensuring you HIUS the armpits and liver.  My writing group friend had his first good night’s sleep in 20 years.
                And now that uses an asthma inhaler.  My nursing friend insists he needs to use an inhaler.  Though I have HIUSed him twice: the whole medical establishment hates, fails to understand the seeks to limit HIUS use.
                As he ultrasound clears all the diseases of age in one session!  I only use three to be sure.  The first does the job!  Doctors make no money out of this.  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems account for 99.8% of health centre prescriptions.
                HIUS basically eliminates nearly 100% other reasons you never see your local Dr..  It clears the major diseases of age.
                Astra Zeneca makes biochemical treatments for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  In 2010 fired all its cancer researchers. ‘we’ll buy in new drugs’ it lied.  The 2002 medical studies was 100 individual double blind trial.  The most rigorous medical there is!  Carried out by three professors of medicine.
                Since that date all biochemical treatments and cancer surgery have been defective medicine: warranting immediate removal of any prescribing Dr. or surgical team from the medical registers around the world.
                In 2010 other medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to cleared all coronary heart disease.  Since that date all biochemical treatments have also been defective medicine.  25 years in jail and $10,000,000 fine for every avoidable death are warranted.
                2008 he became apparent that high as to the bottom right of the chest clears all science or diabetes: no biochemistry ever required!  The same pills reason find applied.
                So Astra Zeneca gave away its cancer patents and an 120,000,000 UK pounds in exchange for asthma patents: as Glaxo SmithKline was making such to success out of asthma inhalers.
                Their next week it paid 1 billion for another asthma patents.  But as explained above 1 minute of HIUS to the chest clears all asthma totally.  The most colossal waste of money on record!
                IBS also response to HIUS!  No dietary change is required.  HIUS also clears asthma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and the other diseases of age.
                Asthma inhalers are medically licensed to be benign for human use!  Applying it to the head causes a little local warming, but otherwise is a real Zen moment!
                It regrowth your hair, and helps you lose weight and remove scarring to limbs: the latter has been the subject of physiotherapist medical papers for 25 years.
Jonathan Thomason

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