Thursday, 4 September 2014

Running a car off water

4 September 2014
                Is a lot easier than I thought!  Burning fossil fuels does two reactions
1                     Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O-E
2                     Cm(H2O)n+rO2->mCO2+t(He+O3+E2+Xray)
So oxidising the carbon fuels takes in energy!  This applies to burn petrol and diesel engines.  But the secondary action does molecular nuclear fusion!  And produces a massive excess of energy.
                We know 2 happens, I was working internal combustion engine produces helium and gives off X rays.  This is really interesting science.  As Face Centred Cubic Metals catalyse hydrogen reactions.
                So giving an internal combustion engines A titanium electro plate will double the power performance of the emission!  The same power of halve the fuel burn.  The cost of the electro plate is only 50 UK pounds for an engineer!
                And will halve the fuel burn of the engine for life.  This can be retrofitted to existing engine’s.  Who will need a modification to the fuel injection or carburettor system.  Trivial!  And double the mpg.
                I wrote a document last week and a steam plasma tube doing molecular nuclear fusion direct.  The plasma pressure there is the energy output of the engine.
3              H2O+PL->He+O+E3+Xray
                But I have direct experience of a better system!  I spent my second year somehow university working for Inco Alloy Products in South Wales doing metallurgical ultrasound.
                A 2W 40 kHz probe dropped into a one metre flask of water, will start steam bubbles rising almost instantly!  And all start the whole flask of boiling in under a minute.  We can easily very the power output of the tube, we shall always maintain the same frequency.
3              H2O+USp->He+O+E3+Xray
                So we have a easily controllable way to do molecular nuclear fusion.  Controllable 3.  Ideal for driving a motor.  So when wish to drive the car, we step up the ultrasound power level.
                When the guy is stationary, we stepped down the ultrasound level.
                Your fridge and freezer at home use a Carnot heat pump.  This takes heat into a low pressure gas.  It then pressurises the gas, and this is the same heat at higher temperature to the air in the kitchen.
                You can use this system to into a four bedroomed house from frozen done found in winter!  For just 10% of the cost of running a central heating system.
                Every house with a sea, river or lake boundary should be using a heap pump to heat their house.  Making a massive energy and cost saving.
                Every power station should use a double helical heat exchanger: this idea from Professor Zimmerman!  HIU professor of Chemical Engineering.  From his discussion group.
                You pass the heat of the use steam into a low pressure Carnot gas.  Ammonia is not a bad choice!  You then pressurise the gas, and he is so heat via fire tubes in most in the boiler.  So for 2% of the energy output of the station, you increase the power generated by a factor of 8.
                So you actually decrease your fossil fuel bound by a factor of 7.5.  Replacing a cooling tower with a double helical heat exchanger.  90% of the energy produced by burning the fossil fuels is it abated today into the air!  Totally wasted.
                Now we recover most of the heat.  And boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion.  So we may well find we only need to burn a 9th of the fuel.  Using science fully worked out and published at the start of the industrial revolution.  In 1880.
                We utilise a Carnot heat pump, to call down the exit steam.  And return 90% of the heat to the boiler chamber.
                A 2 kilowatts ultrasound tube should generate 100 kW of useful steam.  The highest performance sports car only needs heat energy output of 80 kW!
                So all four had or family saloon only needs 40 kHz.  Which it generates using an ultrasound tube will into a boiler chamber.  No gear box for engine.  We use the electrical engineering to modify the frequency of the A.C. we generate from the D. C., And drive the car electrically.
                Utilising no fossil fuel bound!  It thimble full of regular water every 10 years.  The power station uses the energy more efficiently.  So we only utilised the same amount of regular water.  No oil or gas!
                And certainly no hyper toxic uranium fission.  We use of an ice in a tiny volume of regular water.  Converting water molecules into lower atomic weights, ending up with heat and light.
                Boiling gas take in heat as he oxidise the carbon fuel.  Titanium plating a nickel turbine will double the energy production of modern power stations.
                We can substitute hydrogen plasma tubes for a boiler room consuming thousands of gallons of vapourised oil or gas an hour.  So we had totally replaced the need to burn fossil fuels.
                Only three one metre long high Jim plasma tube will generate all the heat to run 100 MW power station.
                All cars and lorries can be sold a small reservoir of regular water.  Which will need topping up every decade!  And no carbon dioxide production at all.
                Why are you so hundred up on carbon dioxide?  Every day plants metabolise the available carbon dioxide down to two parts per million: mankind’s carbon dioxide production releases an additional 0.0004% carbon dioxide every day.
                Produced by burning the fossil fuels-that used to be active biology!  Harvard University noted August 2010 the demonstrate carbon dioxide was a preindustrial levels.  Though crop yields had increased 15%!
                A static trace gas affects nothing.  As the weather has conclusively demonstrated.  We are headed for the next ice age!

Jonathan Thomason

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