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Replacing oil

5 September 2014
                Burning or oil does two reactions!  He oxidise is the carbon fuel, and produces hot steam.  Is also does lower levels of molecular nuclear fusion.  Again producing carbon dioxide!
1              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O-E  p=m
2              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+p(He+O3+E3+Xray)           p=m+n
3              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mC+p(He+O3+E3+Xray)                                p=n
(ASIN: B009S6W60Y)               So you see that reduced oxygen levels favour molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing a hotter though black flame!  A better idea is to play the flame on to titanium plated boiler plate.
                As Face Centred Cubic Metals catalyse hydrogen reactions-including molecular nuclear fusion.  The name implies there we do the nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions from compounds.  Usually water!  Also hydrocarbons and ammonia.  I was taught about the production of a carbon deposits in ammonia refineries, and Bolton school in high school chemistry.  Didn’t make any sense than!
                Where ever we see the turbulent flow of high pressure steam or water we see the creation of massive energy and X rays.  I references to my supervisor at Sheffield University 2001, on a PH D into chemical and process engineering.
                He was trying to make her at the case of global warming-six years after the natural climate started cooling.  He could not end my PH D quickly enough!  Nature Carries on doing nuclear fusion on earth irregardless!
                It as a much better way!  In heavy rain we see the creation of ozone, helium, heat and X rays.
3              H2O+O2->He2++O32-+E2+Xray
                And everybody alive has experienced by the turbulent interaction of heavy rain creates ozone and electricity!  The helium, heat and X rays are on scientific record.  Heavy rain acts as a jam battery.  The positive charge collects above the clouds layer.  The negative charge falls to the ground.
                Then we have a potential of 5000 volts, a partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  When it touches down, we see a rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.
                This produces 5 tonnes of helium gas.  And associated ozone.  This converts to an energy release of 2.5x1030 Watts.  And there is a lightening strike every 3 minutes around the earth.  Lasting 3 seconds.
                This releases 1040 Watts of energy into nature: fixing all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.
4              N2+pO2+H2O+E->H2Nor                we see nitrous and nitric acids raining down on the ground.
                This fertilise is plant growth, which limits free carbon dioxide to only a trace level of two parts per million in the present epoch.
                Levels can only rise in a natural ice age!  They were four parts per million in the little ice age.  Since then every scientist on earth realises free carbon dioxide is limited to only 2ppm by natural photosynthesis: the life support system in the seas and on land.  99.8% of the habitable area of the world is covered by nature doing photosynthesis.
                Man has no control over the carbon cycle!  By burning the fossil fuels he resurrects the life that died in prehistory.  Harvard University has put on record that crop yields have increased by 15% since industrial revolution-but free carbon dioxide has not increased at all.
                Static trace gases obviously affects nothing!  Climate change is a big nuclear lie for the educationally subnormal to be afraid of.  Though it predicts nothing!  As it isn’t actually science at all.
                Carbon levels are fixed.  Meanwhile nature does massive amounts on nuclear fusion.  So there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the early your breathing.  And only 2 ppm carbon dioxide.
                Life is very efficient at scavenging carbon dioxide from the air.  Within 5 minutes of the gas leaving it diesel exhausts, all the carbon dioxide is active biology again!
                No possible effect on the weather.  Plants are so obviously subject to the weather.  Free carbon dioxide levels are only higher at the poles!
                Any suggestion that carbon dioxide warms the local climate is biological and physical nonsense!  Exposed by professors of physics.
                Such individuals should not run the milk round at primary school!  They are the enemy years of education.
                But we have learnt something important!  A partial steam plasma liberates 6 MW/m of heat.  So a 50x2 cm steam plasma in a glass tube may release up to 20 MW!  To run the fastest supercar are we only require 3 MW.  We are looking at a 10x1cm pure steam plasma replacing all petrol and diesel.
                Fantastically cheap!  As he only uses regular water.  Obviously producing no carbon dioxide.  Or any waste at all!
5              H++e- ->n0
6              t n0+H+ ->t+1H+->E2+Xray                               the X rays are low power!  Even compared to burning fossil fuel.
7              O2-+u n0->2Be->4He->8H++v n0->8(E2+Xray)
                In English: the hydrogen ions combine with the free electrons to form neutrons.  Which enrich the other hydrogen ions-which then fission into energy and low power X rays.
                The oxygen ions combine with free neutrons, and fission into beryllium, boron, helium and the more hydrogen.  Which then does the paragraph above.
                All the matter ends up as a massive energy and low power X rays.  Absolutely ideal for the a steam cycle.  Allowing us to generate electricity with no oil or gas burn.  And utterly no hyper toxic uranium fission.  Going off from regular water!  The plasma enriches it.
                They amount of energy we get is pressure linked!  Lightning operates at four atmospheres.  Hence the thunder Clap.  We can vary the pressure, and so very the energy produced.
                We then drive a boiler room, which freezes steam!  We generate electricity.  These charges of big storage battery.  Which in turn drives four motors mounted on each wheel.
                We have produced a car which does not need fossil fuel.  He runs off he vanishing small amount of water to use three years design life.  It is almost worth not topping up the reservoir, unless you buy the car secondhand.
                All published science.  That every person alive has experienced!  We can smell the ozone, and felt the heat from heavy rain and lightning.  We have experienced molecular nuclear fusion on earth.
                Burning diesel and petrol is a very feeble form of molecular nuclear fusion.  I was taught about the production of helium and X rays during my metallurgy master’s degree in 1982.  I thought this curious!
                By now they should be 18,000 scientists around the world who have worked it out.  Nature does nuclear fusion on earth.  It never does hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                Which explains why there is no natural source of plutonium.  The most toxic substance known to man.

                So there is an average 5.125 parts per million helium in the air.  Which is lost to space and replaced every day!  The amount of radioactive decay or goes on around the Earth would struggle to produce 1 part per billion.
                In the deep we see the creation of heat, helium and oxygen gases.  Along with X ray radiation.  Again the radioactive decay could not produce the amount of these items are me see.
                The deep sea currents produce heat, helium, oxygen and X rays!  The turbulent flow of the deep ocean currents also do molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing 20% of the heat that drives the world weather systems every day.
                The production of the seas is massively important to life on earth.  I have already mentioned that lightening fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant life.
                It is set up by heavy rain, that produces helium, oxygen heat and X rays.  Are you beginning to see a trend yet?  The physical and biological world do massive amounts of molecular nuclear fusion.
                Professors of physics have no knowledge about biology!  It is wrong with in a ring fenced nuclear fusion.  As molecular nuclear fusion produces targeted heat within biological organisms.  It is quite possibly more important for life than direct sun light is.
                Engineers have grasped the importance of fluid turbulence doing nuclear fusion.  Your physics continues to use the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas.  Which is nowhere in the universe produces nuclear fusion!
                A hydrogen plasma is just too exothermic to engineer!  It will kill all life within 50kms.  And obviously melts the Engineering Equipment.
                The production of helium by biology is written up in the science pantheon.  And has been fall last 35 years I know about.  Molecular nuclear fusion is integral to life on earth.
                A steam plasma will allow us to generate heat from the scheme amount of regular water.  We can transform the north pole back into arable land!
                And Scotland wants its independence!  Based on its assumption that all money for last forever.  The oil is running out!  The oil and gas prices are already crashing.  This is also important for the Ukraine.
                When Russia it ceases to show gas to Europe, is to lose all interest in the Ukraine.  Without oil revenue Scotland is in real trouble!
                Its biggest market and customer is England.  If it burns for independence, there will be a dividing wall and toll booths.  England will cease to have any interest in Scottish goods.
                Whisky was invented by Ireland.  Already there are six English distilleries.  The import tax on Scottish whisky will destroy the industry.
                All goods imported to Scotland will incur an import tax.  The Scottish markets are subservient to England.  Without English imports and exports there really is no Scotland.
                Molecular nuclear fusion will destroy the global market for oil.  Energy was suddenly become free!  England supports Scotland today, if it votes for independents within a decade there will be very little Scottish industry for agriculture left.  It is a simple but for total annihilation!
Jonathan Thomason

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