Monday, 15 September 2014

Repairing sight vision speech

15 September 2014
                Of the degradation of the senses experienced by people, is tissue fragments of genome left behind by previous infections.  They tend to be pressurised!  And we do not want them.
                The King utilised High Intensity UltraSound: I find 5 W 1 MHz clears such fragments: physiotherapists have spent last 25 years writing academic papers about clearing scarring and are damaged to limbs!  Using high power ultrasound.
                This work supremely well, as the pathogen fragments are always overinflated!  Just like the mother viral or bacterial structure.  They have to pressurised in order to grow!
                Body tissues experience ultrasound burns above 180 Watts/cm2.  But pathogen fragments experience cell content boiling at only 90 W!  This is for 40 kHz.  For 1 MHz the equivalent number is 3 Watts.  I find 5 W works better, and does not damage body cells.
                Apply to both sides of the head, it will clear them all defective brain cells.  Which are then replaced seamlessly by the stem cells.  100 per cent repair of the brain and spine.
                It also repairs hearing.  This one. I found out by chance, in my church health group.  When I was interested in clearing mental health problems, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, depression and by polar.  Use of an ultrasonic massage device bought from Ebay Google (of the above specifications) will clear all mental health problems.  Including schizophrenia!
                In only ½ minute.  Biochemical treatments are defective medicine prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  No register Dr. Can any more prescribe biochemistry for mental health problems.
                Apply it to close eyes repeatedly for the same time, it clears all corneal scarring!  It also corrects I muscle damage.  No corneal transplants ever required.
                Apply it to the medal of each side or the head, the HIUS will repair human speech.  This I found out by accident!  It corrects the aged weak voice people develop with age.
                Basically it clears away all viral fragments.  We turn the embody to its station at age 30.  All defective cells are cleared, and replaced by the body is own stem cells.
                There is no need for stem cell therapy!  Using ultrasound will clear damaged cells.  Which are body then replaces.

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