Friday, 19 September 2014

Nuclear fusion is here

19 September 2014
                Every millisecond the water circulating over the earth’s mantle is a slow summer!  And this gives out gamma wave radiation and produces helium and oxygen gases.  It does molecular nuclear fusion:
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray           T>1 W
                This was taught to me at Sheffield University in 1985!  Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion in the deep.
                Every plant and animal on earth exhales helium and free radical oxygen.  As it emits X rays as it does molecular nuclear fusion: there is no chemical source of X rays or helium.
                Every 3 minutes around the earth heavy rain sets up a potential difference to fire off lightning.  Heavy rain does 1.
                A lightening down strike requires 5000 volts a potential.  The partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the cloud tops-where the helium ions collect, and the ground which accumulates the extra electrons.
                This makes five terms of helium gas!  And gives off X rays.  There is a chemical source of neither.
                The deep sea currents also do 1.  Releasing 25% of the heat natural weather systems accumulate.  Lightning strikes fixing the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant growth!
                Which supports all animal life including yours!  There is no chemical source of light!  We tend to get light produced from the turbulent flow of steam.  Which also does 1.
                Electrics are a concentrated form of energy that can release light.  Lightning strikes give off light as they do molecular nuclear fusion.
                No clean energy source that turns regular water into oxygen, helium, massive energy and light.
                As your heart beats, your heart and arteries give out X rays!  And you exhale helium.  You are doing molecular nuclear fusion.  The safe clean Energy System!  That does not uses the carbon system.  Or hyper toxic uranium fission.

Jonathan Thomason

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